Quick Healthy Snack Ideas

Hey friends!

Whoa. Monday was crazy crazy. It was a great day, but it was just a “whoa crazy!” day.

Usually it’s not so bad, but for some reason I felt like I was dragging yesterday too–which made it seem longer & more stressful. I really do think the one hour springing forward thing did a number on me & my bod! It’s like, “ummmmm 1 hour IS a big deal yo!”

I was so unmotivated to teach on Monday too. I blame it on the darker morning. ugh.

Enough complaining, yah?! hah


Quick Healthy Snack Ideas

For whatever reason, I’ve decided to get creative with my snacks lately. Not so much my meals (still failing at that. sorry hubby. I don’t love cooking. someone send me their motivation to get in the kitchen!!), but my snacks are pretty rockin’ lately.

I thought I’d share!

Protein Spinach Smoothie

quick healthy snack ideas


Pear ‘n’ Almonds

quick healthy snack ideas


Quinoa/Black Bean Nachos

quick healthy snack ideas

{note: black bean quinoa tortilla chips are from Trader Joe’s. and their freaking delicious. so beware. 😉 }


Cheese ‘n’ Almonds

quick healthy snack ideas


Kale ‘n’ Hummus

quick healthy snack ideas


Grapes + Cheese + Chips

quick healthy snack ideas


Tuna Fish ‘n’ Bell Pepper w/Pop Chips

quick healthy snack ideas


other Quick, Healthy Snack Ideas that didn’t make the picture category:

  • apples ‘n’ carrots
  • bell peppers + hummus
  • apples dipped in nut butter
  • Greek yogurt + whole grain cereal
  • Egg on toast
  • jam + nut butter on whole wheat tortilla
  • banana bread muffin + hardboiled egg
  • cottage cheese + pineapple

Who said snacks have to be boring & the same ones day in & day out?!

I LOVE eating my snacks, and so I put in a bit of prep time to make ’em, but none of these take more than 5 minutes.

5 minutes, people.

We can eat quick healthy snacks wherever we are–so no excuses!!


I am off to teach early BP & then work! Have a GREAT DAY!! <3

What are some of YOUR go-to quick healthy snack ideas?? Which of these do YOU want to try?? Who else loooovveeesss their snacks too?!?

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  1. The hour change definitely threw me off a bit yesterday! Those nachos look totally delish. My favorite healthy snacks are smoothies, apple & nut butter, veggie & hummus!

  2. Good thinking with the spinach + kale!

  3. And by spinach I mean hummus lol

  4. Amelia says:

    I think I could just eat snacks for all of my meals and be completely happy. There is just something so satisfying about ‘tasting’ rather than one HUGE amount of food. It gives more room for variety and flavors.

    My favorite snack lately is wasabi brown rice crackers with smashed avocado. Yum!

  5. I et an apple with almonds or pistachios for an afternoon snack. I should change it up to having a pear like you suggested. A pear sounds really good right now!

  6. I pretty much need those black bean nachos – cannot go wrong with anything that includes melted cheese!

  7. The hour change is killing me too! I’m loving apples and pears with nut butter, KIND bars, these new greek yogurt bars that i’ve found, edamame and nuts! I’m also loving pears dipped into the raspberry chobani bites. so good!

  8. Trisha says:

    The time change COMPLETELY messed me up. Being wired at 10 pm when I usually go to bed at 8:30 does not bode well! I think everyone was exhausted yesterday!!

    Snacks.. How I love thee! I often think I should just never eat ” meals” and just snack. I tend to like them better than ” real” food.
    — green smoothies, quest bars, mug cakes, siggis yogurt or Greek w homemade banana muffins ,veggies n salsa and black bean hummus, eggs, oats, nuttzo nut butter w fruit or yogurt.

    I am bookmarking this page for the great ideas! I always seem to get ” stuck” in a rut w snacks..

  9. I love fruit + cheese + nuts for a snack, and yogurt! Snacks might be my favorite food of the day. I’m such a snacker!

  10. Oh yes, I’m a big snack person! I love yogurt with fruit, banana or apple with nut butter, smoothies, trail mix, a mug of cereal with milk… the list goes on!

  11. Unfortunately, I tend to reach for unhealthy snacks. BUT one of my favorite semi-not-so-bad snacks is pretzels and almonds. For some strange reason, they taste AMAZING together.

  12. KALE ALL THE WAY! Ha Ha! So flipping healthy! :)

    My favorite go-to snacks are definitely HIGH PROTEIN! Sliced or turkey or chicken breast fit the bill quite nicely!

  13. Gotta love the old stand-by banana and peanut butter! 😉

  14. Those nachos look so delicious, I’m almost too nervous to try out those chips though, I might just get addicted! ha I love a good apple and nut butter combo! I could never get sick of those!

  15. Why have I never paired kale with hummus?? Mmm…
    I have been making oatmeal for a snack lately! I haven’t been eating it for breakfast, so I have it in the middle afternoon sometimes. I add a chopped up apple and some chopped walnuts. SO good.

  16. those chips are the best!

  17. I wish we had those healthy tortilla chips! We haven’t caught up with that trend yet 😉
    Yum, I need to get more creative with my snacks too!
    Although I did have wholegrain toast with vegemite & avo the other night for dinner (I had cooked dinner but my stomach was off). It was so good!

  18. danielle says:

    oh i missed you! i was sick yesterday and honestly, i think i missed your blog more than anything… LOL truth.
    okay, i am horrible at snack ideas and really could use some, so your post is just what i need. currently i am boring and will go for fruit + almonds, and was eating tons of fruit but lately i realized i might have been overdoing it on the fruit so i’ve been making an effort to choose from other food groups. i really love snacks and need more snack ideas, especially quick/easy ones! so yes, i’ll definitely be trying some or all of your ideas 😀
    and that smoothie looks amazingly delish! anything that uses a blender, now that i have one that i really love. i reallllllllly need to expand my snack options. omg, i can’t believe i have been so boring and bland! you lit the fire under my tail that i needed, thank you!


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