Weekend Highlights

Hey friends!

It was a fantastic weekend! But most weekends are….. πŸ˜‰ Did you know it was the shortest one of the year, though?

I am full of random facts.


Weekend Highlights


On Friday I taught Zumba in the morn!

weekend highlights

Gosh I love teaching Zumba!! We got sweaty & had a blast shaking it. It’s mostly women who come, so yah, we definitely celebrate our hips & butts by dancing with ’em!

After work Jared & I went to the temple, ate dinner together in sourdough bread bowls, and watched a movie.

weekend highlights


Or rather, I watched a movie. Jared was out until 2 a.m.!

He was doing homework until then, actually. gag.


Saturday we slept in (!!), and I went to a baby shower after picking up a gift.

Okay fine. I was LATE to the baby shower because I had to get a gift–Target saves the day! Did you know that I am often slightly late to things? I think it’s in my genes, because my entire family can never get anywhere right on time. I guess we like being fashionably late?!

At the shower I ate a lot!! The food spread at the baby shower was so incredible & delicious looking, I had to have everything. HAD TO.

Well, that sort of bit me in the butt, because some of the chocolates that I thought were Cadbury eggs, were filled with PB. UGH!

So, I guess I ate most of the spread. πŸ˜‰

weekend highlights

Above plate x 2.

fruit, veggies, mini chicken salad croissant, spinach dip, pretzel/rolo/chocolate bites. Mmmmmmm!

The rest of the day was spent cleaning, doing laundry, vacuuming, Jared doing homework, and me reading.

And taking pictures of my haircut.

weekend highlights

Then we went to a movie for date night!

We were invited by friends (yay free tickets! thanks guys!) to see Oz The Great and Powerful with them.

It was okay. I thought it was entertaining, but I wouldn’t see it again. Sorry Oz lovers. Just didn’t really do it for me! But the free popcorn did (–it wasn’t normal theatre pc–it was super salty & not buttery, just the way I like it).

And….because we’re cool.

This happened:

weekend highlights


We cooked our crazy selves some pizza & ate it with a side salad once we got home.

weekend highlights

Thanks Trader Joe’s for the awesome pizza! Totally buying it again.


Sunday was church, napping, reading, cooking, and going on a walk.

Oh, and cadbury egg eating. #crushedit

So, yep. Those were the weekend highlights! Pretty great one, ehh?

And no, I didn’t teach any fitness classes on Saturday, so I foam rolled, stretched, and did YOGA.

I know, I amaze myself too! Finally busted out some yoga poses.



I am off to teach BP/CX and then work, work!

Have a FANTASTIC day!! <3

What are some of YOUR weekend highlights?? Does your spouse/sig. other let YOU post crazy photos of them on YOUR blog?? Most delicious thing YOU ate all weekend?? Are YOU ever late to functions??

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  1. I’m usually early to things but lately I’ve been running around like crazy and i’m becoming more of a just on time person! I took Zumba this weekend, too! So fun! And I had a family party/St. Patrick’s day parade so I def ate more than my fair share of spread. What is it with those types of events? haha looks like you had a great weekend :) happy monday!

  2. I’m always late and Jonny is always early – we balance each other out!

  3. Sounds like a pretty fantastic weekend- especially with that sourdough bread bowl- yum!!

    What are some of YOUR weekend highlights?? Taking baby Kay to the beach, a fantastic dinner on Saturday night, time with my parents on Sunday!

    Does your spouse/sig. other let YOU post crazy photos of them on YOUR blog?? What he doesn’t know… πŸ˜‰

    Most delicious thing YOU ate all weekend?? Orange soy brussels sprouts

    Are YOU ever late to functions?? Never. OK…almost never. I’m type A+

  4. Amelia says:

    Weekend highlights? Nothing too crazy. Catered a friends bridal shower (PW’s cinnamon rolls <–holy amazing!, fruit & chocolate ganache, lemon blueberry angel food cake, potato cheese quiche cups, sausage ricotta puff pastry tart, etc). I love cooking, so this was fun.

    Kevin doesn't like crazy pictures taken of himself and since I don't have a blog, there is no worry for him. He is only embarrassed if I text a funny pic to one of his brothers. πŸ˜‰ HA!

    Most delicious thing I ate all weekend? Sushi, most definitely.

    Ever late to functions? I used to NEVER be late, then I got married to Mr. Tomorrow. πŸ˜‰ We show up late for everything now, unless I lie to him about the time. In those instances we are spot on time! This kills my type A personality.

    • HAHA–maybe it’s good for you that he is a bit late?! πŸ˜‰

      I sometimes drive my husband crazy actually, b/c he likes being on time, but I’m the Type A personality. and he’s not. Weird ehh??

  5. I have the same lateness gene…I’m seriously working on it this month, but it always happens. Maybe I just get distracted easily when I should be getting ready to go somewhere?

    I headed home this weekend, which was awesome. I went shopping and out for dinner with my best friend, had burgers with One Healthy Munchkin Chelsea, and out for a dinner/movie date with my mom. So great.

  6. danielle says:

    No wonder the weekend flew by so quickly!!!!! hahaha now that explains it πŸ˜€ i heart random trivia, i’d l ike to think i’m full of useless tidbits, and i’m okay with that. i secretly feel like some trivia gameshow is going to invite me to answer questions any moment… um, yeah. random.
    and by the way, i LOVE your hair!!!!! did i say that? probably.
    well i finally got stung hard by the pesky cold/flu/bronchial bug. boo! i’ve been feeling icky the last couple of weeks and it finally hit hard yesterday – i skipped all my workouts and slept, had hot baths and tea with mom. perfect sick day activities!
    friday was a hard morning session, which i loved, but i was feeling yucky the rest of the day. and then saturday another hard double session, which was probably the last straw between me and the sickness. so it’s no wonder i’m surrounded in tissues here now! the highlights were having lunch with my gal – sashimi bowls, yummy! then seeing my friend and meeting her dogs/cats – i’ll be house sitting for her next week, so super excited! for yummy food, my mom actually cooked on friday night rather than sunday- we had a family night cuz my little brother left for NYC to play rugby on sunday, so we made our sunday supper to be a friday one :) anyway, he requested salmon cakes and mac/cheese, and he recieved! i made the mac, and my mom made the best salmon cakes ever, along with great veggies… mmm. thankfully i still have my taste buds ;p

  7. Sushi dinner on Friday was pretty excellent . . . followed by fro yo for dessert!!! Awesome start to a great weekend. Love crazy pics–they’re just too fun!

  8. Looks like a fun weekend! Mmm that sourdough soup bowl looks amaaazing. I love bread bowls.

  9. Most delicious thing I ate was either frozen pizza or chocolate chip cookies I made last week. I’m easy to please.

  10. I’m always late for everything too! I never used to be, it’s a habit I’ve developed recently as an adult. Not a good habit, I really need to get my act together! Looks like you had a great weekend :)

  11. Sounds like a perfect little weekend!
    It’s funny because my whole entire family is late to everything and it’s my absolutely number one pet peeve. In college, even if I was 1 minute late, I’d rather just not go to class than show up late. Don’t see the logic in that one? Ha, but it just made me so anxious.
    I love bread bowls! They are the best way to eat soup.
    Most delicious thing I ate this weekend. Definitely chocolate dipped in almond butter!

  12. I’m pretty OCD on being punctual, although having to use public transportation makes that difficult! I have a friend that is ALWAYS late, so growing up we’d lie and tell her we were actually picking her up earlier than we were. She was usually ready by the time we showed up…

  13. Your hair looks cute! I ran a 5k this weekend!

  14. That is really cool that you took a picture of your food at the baby shower. =) I’m sure it was flattering to the ladies who laid out the spread. hehe

  15. Love your weekend update! :) Hha my mum use to always be late so now I’m always early or on time πŸ˜‰

  16. What a great weekend! I LOVE your hair!
    Thanks for the tip on the Oz movie. I wanted to see it- but then I heard it’s over 2 hours long. A movie has got to be REALLY special for me to spend that long watching it.



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