I May or May Not Have…..

Hey friends!

Happy FRIDAYYYYYYYY! Gosh, I am glad it’s Friday.

This means it’s practically the weekend, AND it’s one week before we leave to go ski for a week with my family! Oh yessssss.

{p.s. if anyone is interested in writing a guest blog post for this blog, email me! EnjoyYourHealthyLife {at} gmail {dot} com)


I thought it’d be fun to share some things with you on this delightful Friday! But let’s be honest, it’s just a new way of saying, “I have random things floating around in my brain & some pictures to go with it, so here’s a cohesive blog post.” heh.

I May or May Not Have…..

……Kicked my and everyone else in my class’s butt on Monday morning

I may or may not have

30 mins BP + 30 mins CXWORX. holy smokes!

I think it might’ve been the new Ellie outfit…… 😉


……found a new great snack. Hello hb egg atop wholewheat toast with laughing cow cheese + salt/pepper

I may or may not have


……drunk some of my fruits & veggies the other day

I may or may not have

{it was super delicious btw}


…….enjoyed a really beautiful sunset after teaching BP one evening

I may or may not have


……finished another book. #readingmachine or #nerd… you choose.


…….gotten my hair cut (and highlighted)!!!

I may or may not have

{ignore the no makeup & weird expression. I was trying/failing to discreetly take a photo in my car at a stoplight. the dude next to me prob thought I was crazy with a capital C}


……..eaten caprese salad again

I may or may not have


……..literally stopped & smelled my beautiful rose. (thanks, babe!)

I may or may not have


Have a FABULOUS Friday!!

What have YOU may or may not have done lately??? When did YOU last stop & smell the roses or watch the sunset?? Are YOU due for a haircut?? Favorite NEW snack??

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  1. whoooooooop! Isn’t that I just kicked your booties feeling the best? AH! Love love love. Your hair looks fantastic. I wish I looked that good sans makeup :)
    I may have….started taking my daughters gummy vites every day :) They have almost the same stats as my vitamins so I figured, why not 😉

  2. Love the hair!! I may or may not have dug into the cereal box immediately after dinner last night! I took a soon class after school and was ravenous!!

  3. Amelia says:

    Love the hair. Very cute. :) I get mine highlighted and cut next weekend. I’m so excited! And yeah….if I looked that good without makeup I would never waste my time putting it on.

    Whenever you show your calorie burn on your HR monitor, I seriously have no clue how you burn so much. Granted you are teaching, but even as a participant, I am working my ASS off and can’t touch that number for a 30 minute pump/cx combo. Do you include afterburn in that? Maybe your classes are structured a little differently than ours too. One of my peeves is instructors that like to MILK IT between songs and not let them continue to roll. How the heck am I supposed to keep my HR up?! Peeve over.

    Happy Friday!

    • Yay for highlights & cut soon! :)

      You’re right–teaching burns wayyyy more, actually. I’ve tried it (doing it as a participant) & the difference is usually 40-80 cals, depending on the class!

      However, I do move very quickly from track to track. As a participant it drove me crazy when the teachers would stop & just chat forever. I’m all about GET it done & get out of there! hah. So that keeps my HR elevated.

      And lastly, I don’t get a chance to look down at it/snap a pic until about 10-12 minutes after I am done, so yes, a bit of it comes from the beginnings of the EPOC.

      Do not despair, everyone is different! But maybe you could talk to the instructor(s) & see if they could talk a bit less? They’re not supposed to talk that much anyway…. 😉


  4. Love the haircut–very flattering! Holy cow–I think I might have died in your class if I had been there. Way to kick it up!!

  5. danielle says:

    Pretty rose for a pretty lady! lol. love the color, so vibrant. ohhhh my stars i am in dire DIRE need of a haircut. my locks are more like swamp thing, or Loch Ness monster. hahahaha. no for realz, i have not gotten a trim in ages, and i was saying to everyone that i’m purposely trying to grow it out but really i’m just lazy. it’s really bad now though, i need an intervention for my hair!
    i am totally digging breakfast tacos right now – they brought some for us at work and i didn’t realize how much i love a simple bacon/egg/cheese taco made with real eggs, yummy!
    i need a new HM so bad, i love yours! i might have to look around over the weekend :)
    happy friday pretty girl! xoxox

    • You’re so hard core, girl!! I am impressed with all your training. Just wanted to say that :)

      Have a GREAT weekend yourself!

      • danielle says:

        omg thank you!!!! you are seriously MY inspiration, you always give everything you do your 2000 % and just awesome. i really could use 25% of your energy and get everything done, lol.
        sadly i caught a virus, so all this hard training really bugged out my immune system. must do my body some good and just rest! sometimes rest is best, sigh 😀

  6. Love your new hair! I’m actually growing mine out because with my crazy schedule I don’t really have time to style my layers like I used to!

  7. Love this post! :)
    I haven’t had a haircut in an embarrassingly long time…. I should probably work on that :)

  8. Love the haircut and color! I love getting my haircut, but I also love cutting my own hair (which I usually don’t do unless it’s longer). Since my hair is somewhat curly most of the time, I’m pretty low maintenance with it. I’m a big fan of layers though!

  9. Oh your hb egg sammy looks awesome! That will go on my list to try yum

    I may or may not have just ate too many cashews oops. Must return bag to kitchen!

    Definitely due for a color/highlight and trim. Really would like to change it up but so afraid to try something outrageous lol

    • It’s great to change things up….she went a bit lighter on me this time & I LOVE it. Just sayin’ 😉

      have a lovely weekend! <3

  10. I think that egg on toast snack would be better with a runny yolk- my favourite 😉

    I may or may not have stayed up way too late last night, oh and I’m jumping on the dark chocolate bandwagon. My taste buds are so adjusting and I love it. It’s like a game with levels- each time you go a darker type haha. I’m up to 70%- funnest game ever 😉

  11. cute hair cute lady!!! Hurray for Friday is right!! =)

  12. I like your highlights! Pretty!

  13. Love the cut and color! I was able to get mine done this past week as well! Always such a good feeling.
    I sure wish I was in that BP and CXWORX class of yours last week. You’re classes are always killer and I love them!
    As of late, I am loving cinnamon raisin toast with cottage cheese on top. Might sound a bit strange but I dig it!

  14. Your hair looks gorgeous girl! I’m definitely in need of a haircut. I also need to go to the dentist and doctor, but I haven’t had any time for appointments lately! 😛

    Also I love caprese salad – especially in the summer when tomatoes are fresh and local. Mmmm.



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