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Hey friends!

Glad you all enjoyed the pictures of my trip as much as I enjoyed partaking in those activities & delicious delights. :)

And many of you commented how great of a husband I have…..you’re absolutely right. Who knows why I got so lucky?! But yes, it took me a loooooong time to finally meet him. I will write a blog post one day about it. One day…

(Anyone else also have a hundred & one ideas for blog posts but no time to write them?! hah)


Switching gears–I tried out the pv.body outfit back in early January, and as an ambassador I was sent a complimentary outfit for February.

Buuuuuuttt pv.body changed to Ellie.

I know, I was confused too.

And sort of annoyed. I mean why roll out a certain way of doing things just to bait us & then switch to a brand new line (called Ellie)? Seems kind of sketchball to me.

But I always give people chances, so I figured, why not try it out? And not gonna lie, I like free fitness apparel.

However, I will never hide anything from my readers, so know that it’s a newer company and they had a LOT of issues when they first launched. If you want more info, read my post about all that, which I wrote in January.

I chose the Vixen top and the My New Obsession leggings.

vixen top -Ellie

my new obsession leggings -ellie

{apparently I am a terrible cropper. whoops. Images from here}

And here is what it looks like on.

First-the Vixen top.

ellie- vixen top


vixen top -ellie

As you can see, it is LONG & flowy. A lot more flowy then I thought it would be, actually.

Oh, and the bra thing you see? No support whatsoever.

Well, maybe if you’re an A or a -A? But for me & mine? Nope. I had to add another bra–you’ll see that in a sec in a diff pic.

Overall I like the idea of the top, but it is not necessarily crazy flattering. It is cute, yes, but I wouldn’t say it shows off anyone’s shape really well. I actually ordered down (I am either an S or M on top, but this is an S), and I am glad I ordered smaller!

It’s a nice change from most of the tops I own though. Which is why I got it. And probably why I wouldn’t get it in another color.

Now for the pants/leggings.

my new obsession leggings-ellie

They are called “My New Obsession leggings,” and it was aptly named!

These leggings are super soft & really flattering. I like the piping along the sides too-it creates a great, streamlined look!

The material is more like a mix of yoga pants & regular workout pants (think Gap style), but the waist band is, well, a part of the pant. Hard to explain, but there is no squishing or muffin-topping with these bad boys. And so, it creates an overall flattering look. Fan!

They are a bit bigger though–like the more you wear ’em without washing (who would do such a thing?!!? hah), the more they slide down a bit.

For bottoms it is hard to order for me–sometimes I am an M and sometimes an S (and sometimes an L!), but I erred on the larger side (I’ve got a butt!) and got the M. They are a fine for the first hour or so, but I wore them again the next day (uhhhhhh. I am gross), and I had to pull ’em up a bit after I did squats.  So if you want a more snug fit, go with the smaller size. Or just don’t be gross & wash them after each wear.


{P.s. sizes don’t matter to me at all anymore, but I thought it’d be helpful if you all want to order to know for size reference.}

The Ellie logo seems to be peeling off already….so just FYI.


All together now.



ellie collection -february

I obviously wore it to teach-BP & CX– (& realized I had the mic belt on, so that’s why it’s in my hand in the above pic), and everything stayed put! Like I said though, if you’re more well-endowed, you’ll need another bra with this top.

Seriously, if you want a better looking butt or legs real quick (hah), just grab these leggings–they’re so soft & comfy. And they really do look nice.

If you want to order, the March collection is here too! You can also get 20% off your order by using this link!!Save 20% on Ellie!

You’re welcome. 😉


Have a fabulous day! <3

What do YOU appreciate in good fitness wear?? Have YOU tried the Ellie line yet?? What is YOUR favorite fitness wear brand??


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  1. I haven’t tried their pants yet. I’ll be curious to the sizing for pants cuz I too am all over the place! Booty booty haha

  2. I just got my first Ellie shipment, and I was pleased! The tank is so cute! I also got a long sleeves shirt. Both are the same size but I think the tank fits better. But I’m happy with the items, so that’s good!

  3. That whole outfit looks really good on you! :)

  4. I like my workout clothes to be form-fitting yet loose. I have a lot of workout tops that start inching up when I run–it’s annoying. My workout clothes are all different brands. I just buy what I like at random stores. I have a decent amount of Target stuff though if that counts.

  5. I so appreciate your honest review. Lots of things I read have said they just love the new line, but I could already see some of the things I wouldn’t be to into. The tops don’t look very supportive, but I guess you always have to try something out for yourself!
    They look great on you, I’m not a huge fan of those type of tops, but I do like the pants!
    Sucks the logo is peeling already!
    Oh man, I feel like I have so many blog post ideas, but I always neglect certain ones for some reason! Should probably get on some of those;)

    • It’s true–I’ve heard all kinds of things, so I wanted to see for myself. Overall yes, I liked it. But I wouldn’t order the top again. I would get the bottoms again in a diff color, but probably a size smaller.

      have a lovely day, Lisa!! :)

  6. I wanted the vixen but it was sold out! Bummer. It’s super cute! I have no boobs so I bed i’d like it.

  7. The pants look so cute! I’ll definitely have to give this company a try! I’m not sure about the shirt though- I like LOTS of support when working out.

  8. I have two pairs of Ellie capris now and the logo is peeling/cracking off of both of them already too!

  9. You look so great in this outfit! And what a great review. :) I got the same leggings and am wearing them right now! I ordered a medium, and when I pulled them out of package, they looked like they were made for a child- but HOLY HECK do they stretch! I could fit another me into them! Mine seem to shape to my body really well though.
    I got a different top- and I love it. It’s VERY supportive (and clingy all over).
    And yea- my logo is cracking too. I was wondering if that was just me!

  10. Ah I am STILL waiting to get my outfit! It should be here soooon!

  11. I ordered that shirt and made the mistake of ignoring the sizing and getting a medium. Definately too big, but I ordered the black in a small for March. I have been really happy with my Ellie outfits, despite the branding swiches, too. :)

  12. I love that top! Nothing like a cute, comfy workout outfit to make me happy! ha I will definitely have to check out their line, thanks for the savings code! :)

  13. Always looking for new gear, especially for BP. Good review..very helpful!

  14. You make anything look good! =)

  15. That outfit looks so cute on you! I just got an Ellie package in the mail to review and I was not blown away by the quality. For the price I guess it’s good but I just don’t think there’s enough good things about their clothes for me to ever order again.

  16. cute, I love the top! I need some new workout clothes, its all I wear!

  17. I’ve never worn full length workout leggings! Ohhhhhh pretty cool. Lol I’m the same- you’ve got to understand we go through a lot of workout gear and some pants can be reworn- I do the same. Air them out and rewear, as long as they arent too sweaty. Otherwise ud be do endless loads of washing haha.

  18. I just reviewed my Ellie outfit on Monday, I feel like some of their tops would be better as a night out tops – like the one you got and the one I got (which I didn’t order lol) It’d look super cute with jeans and heels, no? lol

    Thanks for an honest review :)



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