Being Slightly Spontaneous Rocked

Hey, hey!

How are you all?! I feel like I haven’t ‘seen’ you in forevs. Anything exciting or new happen? Fill me in in the comments!

For those of you who don’t know, I was away in Colorado for a few days & can I just say that it was just what I needed? (Other than being gone from my husband), it was amazing.

I will recap it, but mostly from a reflective perspective. I am in that kind of mood-so it might be kinda wordy, but there will be pics too! :)

p.s this is why I have not really gotten to any of my emails……so yes, if you emailed me or sent in a consultation, you will get a return reply…… hopefully this year. 😉


Quick back story: read here (and the main reason WHY I went: my sister’s husband was gone for an entire week + Saturday for work, & my sister has 3 boys & is 7 months pregnant with a little girl….so I wanted to come help! I also got to see another sister who lives nearby, her family, and my brother who was in town for an interview. It was perf.)

While there, I had some FOOD & a lot of FUN!

The Food

My sister loves vegetables too (yay!!), so when I stayed with her, we ate realllllll well. She’s the best. She also loves cookies & likes ice cream too. We get along well. 😉

food -soup

{grilled cheese & egg/veggie soup. amazing}


the food-sandwich

{veggie/cheese/poppyseed/mustard sandwich on whole wheat bread my sis makes}


the food-asian

{tofu/egg/veggies in an Asian dressing atop of rice}


the food-corn pops

{my fav childhood ‘treat’ cereal}

My mom didn’t allow sugary cereals when I was little, so whenever I went to sleepovers I would hope my friends had Corn Pops in their pantries!

My sister and I went to the store my first night there & these were on sale….so she bought them for me! Sweet, huh?


the food--cookies

{oatmeal chocolate chip cookies–can’t even explain HOW good these are}


the food-dessert

{Heath ice cream atop those cookies}

I think I ate ice cream every night I was there? Yep. That sounds about right.


the food-salad

{the salad I made for Sunday Family dinner} <–3 siblings were with me + kids & spouses


the food-garlic knots

{garlic buttery knots}


the food-pizza

{homemade pizza–this one was: pineapple, spinach, bell peppers, onion}

I LOVE pizza. It’s my favorite food–esp the homemade kind! And my sister is the master pizza chef.


the food-my plate

{my plate} I WISH you could see how high that salad was piled….I was so hungry. And I ate 2.5 more slices than what you see.


the food-dessert

{Sunday night dessert- caramel nut brownies with Heath ice cream}

Yep, that was a DELICIOUS trip! And that’s only a sampling of what I ate there–I was treated so well. Thanks to my sister, Lara, who hosted me!


The Fun

I had to work on Thursday & Friday, but during breaks & meal times, I was able to hang out with my nephews. And then Friday late afternoon-Sunday evening all bets were off & it was pure play time!

the fun-


the fun-nephew

{we went on a walk. he was sooo cute}

the fun-nephew

{we ate snow. yes, WE}

the fun-snow eating

{he loved the snow’s taste}

the fun-snow man


the fun-green snow

{green jello powder + snow = magical times}

the fun-play


the fun-cute

{on our way to church!}

the fun


the fun-siblings

{my bro, oldest sister, me, and Lara<–the one who hosted me}

What an amazing few days!


And NOW. Let me wax poetic.

By the time I stepped off the airplane at 11:01 p.m. Sunday night, I was shaking & about to puke. There was crazy turbulence & get really bad motion sickness (file that away under “things I never knew about Annette”). The dude next to me saw me with my open barf bag that I was ready to use and was like “if you go, I go.”

Right on.

Luckily I breathed through it & we finally landed in torrential downpour.

My husband was there to pick me up in the pouring rain. He brought me packages that had come, a rose, and pants that had been hemmed for me.

Ummmmm how did I get so lucky?!

Oh it gets better.

I walked in & our apartment was SPARKLING. He had deep cleaned it, vacuumed, and hung up framed photos I’ve been meaning to hang up.

And when I went to brush my teeth a bit later, my RETAINERS WERE SITTING ON THE SINK COUNTER. (read here why that’s a big deal)

He went up to the mountain house (about 1 hr drive) JUST to get me my retainers.

I married an incredible guy. Sorry, he’s mine. 😉

I was just blown away by his thoughtfulness, that I just had to share. Being kind & doing things for others-great or small, MATTERS.

I am also SO glad I was slightly spontaneous to go on this trip -in the fact that I did it on a whim, but it was still put on the calendar- to go visit/help my sister & see some siblings.

It was such a lovely time really knowing what is most important in this life-family, love, kindness, memories.

And no, I hardly cracked open my computer, nor did I read blogs/tweets/instagram/FB hardly at all. And it was super refreshing. Sometimes you just gotta LIVE life & not just write or read about it.



Have a FABULOUS day! <3

When was the last time YOU were spontaneous?? What was the last kind thing someone did for YOU?? Do YOU get motion sickness?? Admit it-WHO else eats snow too?? Who wants to eat these food pictures I just posted about!?!? :) <–I want to relive it again it was all so delicious!

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  1. Ah what an awesome trip!! Love seeing your nephews and fam!! I think my fam will have lots more trips to innsbrook now that we’ve got a house there – especially in the summer!!

  2. Such a great trip, clearly! Your nephews are just too cute.

    And your husband – wow. He’s definitely a keeper!

  3. The trip sounds fantastic, sometimes spontanous trips like those turn out the best! OK those garlic knots look amazing…now im hungry! :-). And you came home to a clean house, flowers, errands ran and your retainers?!?! Amazing hubby you got there Annette!

    xoxo from Houston, this week

  4. That homemade pizza looks absolutely delicious, and cookies and ice cream for dessert? Heck yes. That is all so thoughtful of your husband too! Def a lucky girl :)

  5. Awww . . . your husband sounds like an incredible man. Yay for the return of your retainers!! :)

  6. Good for you! I’m glad you had a great weekend with your family. I’m loving all the good food and cute photos of your nieces and nephews! Awesome job Jared!

  7. What you didn’t tell everyone was that you saved the day and was the best aunt ever! We miss you!!!!

  8. Looks like you have an amazing husband!! :) What a nice relaxation trip for you! I am doing my GRIT taping on Sunday. EEEK!! Any last-minute tips for me? Anything you send me way is greatly appreciated and I will share with the other 5 who are taping!

  9. It looks like you had a lovely week! All of that food looks AMAZING. Plus your husband sounds like the cutest person alive. I hope I find a keeper like that some day 😉

  10. What an amazing trip! All the food looks delicious!

  11. Phoebe says:

    hi annette!! So glad you had a nice time :)

    I missed reading your posts! I’ve visited your site twice every day this weekend hoping for a new post! lol i’m officially your new stalker :)

  12. I love homemade pizza, sometimes even more than store or restaurants! They just don’t ever know the right proportions I like! ha Yours looks so delicious though! My crusts never come out that good!
    Your trip looks so fun though! Glad you had a great time! :)

  13. AWww it looks like you had a great time! All that food looks SO GOOD! And I’ve never heard of mixing Jello and snow?? And I need to find a guy like that :)

  14. What an awesome time! And YES I wanted to eat through all of the food pictures you posted! Ice cream every day on vacation is a must.
    Your husband is the sweetest ever. Mine is pretty great- but man, yours is SUPER thoughtful! Maybe he should teach a workshop…

  15. Awwwww what a great guy- defs showing this email to my boy 😉 Sounds like a well deserved break (sort of?!) and your sister is a doll! You guys ate well :) Loved the piccies!



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