Friday Confessions (#2)

Hey, hey.

Happy Friday! And HAPPY March!!

How are you all doing? Anyone else glad it’s the weekend? Let’s all let out a huge sigh of relief, yah? :)

So being in CO I got to spend some time with one of my sisters & her kids yesterday before & after work, and on breaks. It was wonderful!

friday confessions

{my sister runs a Montessori school in her basement–it’s legit & amazing. wow. Reminds me of my Montessori days!}

In lieu of it being Friday, I thought I’d share a few confessions with you. And like Katie said recently, to also prove to you I am far from perfect & am totally okay with it. I like my imperfections thankyouverymuch.

Friday Confessions (#2)

I almost always order a footlong Subway sandwich & eat the entire thing.

I forgot to mention this the other day, but it was a footlong I got. And it was so tasty I pretty much scarfed it.

friday confessions

Everyone in the airport was staring me down, so I tried (unsuccessfully) to not totally ‘scarf’….

I am notorious in my family for spilling my drink-at the dinner table, on the airplane, etc.

I once spilled a cup of sprite alllll over my sister in an airplane. at the beginning of the flight. She still to this day, brings it up.

Oh and Wednesday night on the plane? When I clicked open my Contigo drinking spout on my water bottle, I had forgotten about pressure….and it went ALLLLLL over me & my diagonal behind me seat mate.


(and because I am two years old, I could not stop laughing about it. Luckily the gal was cool about it. Whew.)

I began the monthly “make a new recipe” by buying a Trader Joe’s amazing Margherita pizza. 

It counts right? It was something I’ve never done before nor baked. I decided to start the challenge out slowly. Real slowly.

Okay, and also, I simply just failed to do it. I admit it okay?! hah.

I geeked out when I saw the author of the book I reviewed yesterday (her name is Sarah Jio), tweeted me! And said xo to me in her tweet!

Friday confessions

Cool, eh??

At the library with my sis & nephews last night I sat down & legit read a short book on Jennifer Lawrence. It was fascinating, actually!

I never knew she was from Kentucky, didn’t attend HS (and instead simply just took the GED & passed), and that she beat out so many hollywood stars for the Katniss role! Reading it made me even more grateful for someone with so much talent yet seems to be so down to earth about all her success. LOVE that.

Why does success with money or fame need to make so many people crazy & think they’re all that?! (cough. lindsay lohan kim kardashian. cough)

I don’t sleep that awesomely when I am away from my husband. sad face.

I made an incredible plate of caprese salad last night, if I do say so myself.

friday confessions

Hey-that sort of counts as something new for dinner?!?

Hah. Can ya tell I am trying reeeeeeeaal hard to find a way to make it so I didn’t totally miserably fail?

Yah. I failed at that challenge & it was the first month! Whoops.

I didn’t work out yesterday at all & it felt amazingly good. I need to take spontaneous rest days more often! (My weekly rest day is always Sundays)

Plus everything was so sore–so it felt really really great.

Speaking of working out, I finally heard back from the CXWORX trainers–I passed that video assessment too!

friday confessions cxworx

I may or may not watch Pitch Perfect again this weekend…..that would be time #4 in about a month. And I am A-OK with that.

We watched it twice last weekend too. Yah, I pretty much know all the lines & they still make me bust up laughing.

Apparently I am easily amused?

I really am having withdrawals of not having my retainers.

Don’t judge, but I get sad every evening when I don’t get to do my 3rd step (1. brush 2. floss 3. put retainers in)….. okay you can laugh now at me

Eating ice cream with a sibling (or siblings) is SO much better than eating it alone. 


Alright, I hope that was fun for you as I shared some of my darkest secrets & confessed it all to ya. 😉


Have a FABULOUS day!! <3

What are some of YOUR confessions?? Come on, I want to hear ’em!! Any weekend plans for YOU?? <–as much sibling time & niece/nephew time as possible for moi! With lots of ice cream, movies, and chatting

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  1. I haven’t had subway in a while…and now I am craving it. What makes the bread smell so crazy good? So glad you get to spend time with your sister and the kiddos- thats just awesome. Congrats on CX!

  2. Congrats on passing the video part!!!!!!!!! Justin is in town this weekend so we have family dinner tomorrow night and tonight is a trivia night at our school! Fun times!

  3. I cannot wait for tomatoes to be back in season just so I can make caprese salads again. So delicious. And yes, it totally counts for a new dinner. :)

    Congrats on passing the video assessment!! Happy Friday!

  4. I’m thinking I need to watch Pitch Perfect again this weekend!

  5. Yay!!! Congrats on passing the video assessment! I had no doubt you would. 😉 This was a fun post to read… I might have to do this myself! Enjoy your time with family! xoxo

  6. Love it! Confession – I rented Pitch Perfect online for 48 hours, so I watched it twice during those 48 hours

  7. love this post! I am obsessed with pitch perfect. Confession: I sing all the songs in the car, and by sing, I mean belt! I secretly wish my life was an episode of glee. Confession: whenever I go to starbucks, I can never order anything but a grande or a vent. I’m addicted to caffeine and my eyes are bigger than my uhm, bladder because I always pay for it later 😉
    Enjoy your time with your family!

  8. Oh I LOVE Pitch Perfect! I could seriously watch it 100 times and never be disappointed it is so funny! Every time one of my friends tell me they haven’t seen it I always offer letting them come over and I’ll watch it with them! ha Confession – I know it’s the weekend but I honestly want to do nothing all night! I’m old at heart! ha

  9. You need a footlong with all those calories you burn, exercise you do and muscles you’ve got 😉 I enjoyed your confessions!

  10. Confession that is not so cute, but one of yours made me think of it: I haaaaate rest days. My appetite gets huge on days I don’t work out, my mood melancholy, my thinking fuzzy. Also, if I have to take one for whatever reason, I will often work out double the next day. Wish I knew how to take one without anxiety :(

  11. Love this post. You are honest and refreshing!

  12. Lol about spilling your drink- that’s SO me! I’ve gotten better with age, but was horrible about it as a kid!
    Very jealous of your Colorado time… :)


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