Sleeping Well Influenced by Diet?

Hey friends!

How’s it going for you all this week?

I woke up yesterday feeling super awake for teaching BP really early. It was uber weird. Who actually jumps up out of bed a bit before 5 a.m. revving to go? This girl does not. Except for yesterday. Weird.

Speaking of sleep (and how much I LOVE it), I came across an interesting post with the question of whether diet influences the way we sleep.

Does Diet Influence the Way we Sleep?

The post about if sleeping well is influenced by diet, had some interesting points that I had to share. Whether or not I am fully convinced doesn’t matter (it’s one study first of all), I just thought it was interesting & wanted to share.  

The post shares about a study that brought about some interesting data:

sleep influenced by diet



Hmmmm. Interesting, yah?

As for me personally, I know that I sleep worse or not very well if I had a late dinner meal that was super filling, or fatty. I also don’t sleep amazing when I eat too much sugar close to bed. And because of my amazingly small bladder, I don’t sleep long or ‘normal’ if I drink too much water or fluids close to bed.

As for overall diet though, I guess I would be put in the ‘normal sleepers’ category’s hypothesis. I eat a varied diet, and yes, I do sleep pretty ‘normal’ I would say–except that I’d be fine to sleep longer than 8 or 9 hours on most nights. 😉 But I don’t drink alcohol so I wouldn’t fit into the ‘long sleepers’ category hypothesis.

Of course this data comes from one population, so it might not transfer to all populations….but it does pose some interesting questions. Like if I tried a different way of eating would I sleep better or worse? Does it matter to my sleep conditions what foods I eat later in the day?

I know that during my binge eating days I had more trouble falling asleep (as compared to now) because I felt so uncomfortable & so very full. As a kid I wouldn’t fall asleep super quick either, but that was probably more because I had two sisters who shared a room with me. 😉 We were talkers, baby.

And now? Well, I sleep like a champ. Whoever said sleep is a waste of time should be silenced. 😉


It’s Wednesday–so I’ve got a full agenda at work, and then off to teach BP & then STRAIGHT to the airport to visit my sisters in Denver! My husband is one lucky man to get to drive me stinky from the gym to the airport. And my seatmates are gonna love me! (I will change into ‘normal’ clothes in the car, and I’ll try to put on extra deodorant. I promise I’m not that gross. Just a little bit.)

Have a FABULOUS day! <3

Do YOU think your diet affects how YOU sleep?? Which category would YOU most likely be placed in??

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  1. Linz @ Itz Linz says:

    The couple times Jonny and I have gone out for Thai good we’ve slept really poorly. We guessed tht maybe they used MSG? That’s the only thing we could think of!

    • HAHA. I don’t know why I think that’s so funny? I love Thai food–that’s probably why 😉

      • I hardly eat at night… or I keep on munching till my tummy is filled up!!

        But, yeah one thing I generally feel is that I sleep on time if I eat less at dinner.. :)

  2. Definitely interesting! I do find that what I eat right before I go to bed seems to impact my sleep. Super spicy=weird dreams.

  3. Interesting study! I get 7-8 hours a night and I fall into that category for the most-part, food wise.
    Unless I eat a really big meal right before bed (like the time I went out for the night and ended up eating poutine at 130 am and crawling into bed an hour later…that did not equal a good night of sleep) I’m usually not affected all that much by what I eat.

  4. I definitely believ my diet influences my sleep! When I went through my disordered eating phase in college, I slept terribly! I was either starving or stuffed, incredibly anxious, and woke up to night sweats regularly. It was awful. The last couple years my sleep has improved SO much and I absolutely love sleeping now. :) I fall into the “normal range” – averaging about 8 hours of sleep per night.

  5. I think diet and exercise affects my sleep, for sure! I sleep much more soundly and fall asleep quicker after a hard workout than I do after I’ve been lazy all day.

  6. Diet definitely affects how I sleep. I sleep best on the days when I eat healthy and stop eating a few hours before bed, but drink wine before bed. I can handle having a glass of wine every night if it means I will sleep better :p

  7. I definitely feel like my diet affects my sleeping habits! Now that I’m eating healthily and exercising normally, I am rearing to go after 8-9 hours of sleep. During my binge eating days, I slept horribly, waking up with cold sweats, not being able to fall asleep, ect. So, I would say I’m in between normal and long, because I do enjoy some alcohol now and then :)

  8. One thing I’ve always wondered is, do most people sleep through the whole night? I ask because I also have a small bladder and I get up at least twice during the 8 hours I’m in bed but I never knew if that was normal or if most people sleep through the whole night? Haha now that is an incredibly rare occasion!

    • I don’t usually sleep through–I get up at least 1x to pee. Stupid annoying little bladder. But that has been almost my entire life–and yes, I was a bed wetter, of course, when I was little. HAHA :)

  9. Interesting study! I definitely agree that the food you put into your body affects the way your body falls and stays asleep. Keeping a food journal and tracking sleep patterns would probably help you figure out how different foods affect YOU, personally. I should try this!

    Thanks for the info –

  10. I’d be in the normal category :) Haha alcohol drinkers are the long sleepers- they are probably passed out or sleeping off a hangover 😛 hehehe!

  11. Danielle says:

    i love this post! i have just recently started – like this week – eating more of my food during hte day and eating less before bed because prior to this week, i was eating my heaviest meal at night, going right to bed and feeling full and uncomfy when i got up early to train before work.
    sooooooooo like i said, this week i started eating more during the day, and when i get home just having some nut butters and yummy snack stuff and not having such a full belly before bed. so far, i like it!
    and so the answer to your question is YES!!!! i totally think my diet affects how i sleep. i know if i eat a lot before bed i won’t sleep as well. also depends on what i eat. if i eat a really heavy meaty meal with lots of heavy starches and sugars before bed, i’ll wake up sweaty and restless all night. if i just have lighter foods i’ll be fine and sleep like a baby :)
    i think i would fall into the short to normal sleeping category – this week i’ve been more on the normal side – go figure! as i’ve changed my eating pattern a bit. it’s all so darn connected and interesting!!!

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