Awards Viewing Party + Bulu Box Review

Hey, hey!

Yesterday was fantastic in soooo many ways.

I just had a great day-so I thought I’d share a few fun things :)

1. I got to teach BodyPUMP & CXWORX.


2. I got to eat a yummy meal at Zupa’s with a friend out-during my lunch hour.


{lobster thai curry with mango salad. delish!}

3. I crushed the bag of peas from Trader Joe’s.

trader joe's

‘Twas a lovely day indeed!


Viewing Party

I hosted that giveaway for a viewing party gift basket & I too got one (sweet!), so I had a little fun with my in-law family.

We ate popcorn chips (the kids especially loved ’em), and we cast our votes on our individual pages. I think I got like 6 right? Hah.

Thanks Special K!

viewing party special k

viewing party

viewing party

p.s. I am SO glad Jennifer Lawrence won. She is a fantastic actress & so down to earth. Thank goodness not all people in hollywood act like doofuses.

p.p.s I loved that she called herself out on tripping! Gosh I love people who can laugh at themselves a bit too!



Bulu Box Review

I was sent a Bulu Box to review a few weeks ago.

bulu box review

It is an interesting concept–you’re sent a bunch of different health and wellness products/vitamins & supplements, each month that you’ve probably never tried before–so I was intrigued….

To be honest though, I was more turned off by the products I got, and only ended up trying a few.

However I really liked the gum! (I am a gum chewer anyways, so that was ‘more normal’).

Not gonna lie-Bulu Box has a great idea, but it would not be something I’d spend my money on-and thought my readers should know. Opinions are good, so I encourage you to form your own! Not all reviews are necessarily going to be super positive & something I think you should buy. just FYI. I’m super honest about what I like & don’t like. And this was not something I’d ever spend my money on for a monthly thing.

*I was given the products to review. All opinions are my own.


Have a FABULOUS day!! <3

Anything FUN happen to YOU yesterday?? Did YOU watch the Academy Awards–who was YOUR favorite winner?? Have YOU tried Bulu Box before??

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  1. Linz @ Itz Linz says:

    Like you, I think the concept is cool, but not one I’d spend money on. Cool to sample new products but not in pill forms…

  2. Yayyy for teaching! I haven’t received my special k package yet, but I can’t wait! I only watched a few minutes of the Oscars, but definitely checked out all of the awesome dresses

  3. Thanks for the honest review of Bulu…I was wondering about it. I’m not sure that I want to experiment with lots of supplements anyways. Have a great day!

  4. I didn’t watch the Oscars (no TV) but I saw an interview with Jennifer Lawrence afterwards that had me laughing so hard! She was great in the silver lining playbook and I’m so glad she won!

  5. Im gettin certified in CXworx next and am pumped :)

  6. I didn’t watch the Oscars (damn lack of cable) but i was so happy when I heard that Jennifer Lawrence won. She’s a fantastic actress, but she also just seems so much more REAL than the rest of Hollywood. So down to earth and cool!

  7. Amelia says:

    I only watched the opening segment of the Oscars. I’m not really into listening to all of the acceptance speeches. Plus, I had way more important things to do that needed my attention/focus. Glad you had fun though.

    Just out of curiosity…do you teach at a 24-hour fitness? I only ask this because your group fitness room/open windows/yellow colors in the background remind me of the group fitness room out in Denver at the 24hr I used to belong to. Ah, memories. :)

  8. This was the first time I’ve ever really focused on watching the Oscars (I know, it’s sort of in-American) and I really enjoyed them! Jennifer Lawrence was gorgeous and I really like her personality. Have a great Tuesday!

  9. I am so glad Jennifer Lawrence won! I just want to be her best friend.

  10. Tos stupid dryed peas from Trader Joe’s! I am soooooooo addicted to them! I can finish a bag in a sitting!!!

  11. I have the Oscars recorded so hopefully I can catch up sometime tonight!
    Jennifer Lawrence is amazing, I love her.
    Bulu box sounds interesting, but yah probably wouldn’t spend money on it. I’d rather buy coconut butter;)

  12. I am OBSESSED with Jennifer Lawrence. She’s my ultimate girl crush 😉 I just did a post on how she’s one of the few celebs in hollywood with a positive body image attitude. I’m glad she can be a role model for the younger generation 😉

  13. Your party is awesome! So fun!
    And, this reminded me that BuluBox emailed me a while ago to review their products and I forgot about it. Seeing what you got, I won’t bother now. :)

  14. I loved the Oscars! I think Jennifer Lawrence recovered so well from such an embarrassing moment.

  15. I was sent that same box to review. I wasn’t too fond of it either. I haven’t came around to writing my review yet though

  16. Just discovered your blog and looking forward to reading more! :)

  17. I love Jen too! The awards was just a big cry fest for mum and I haah!



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