One Word Monday

Hey friends!

How are you all doing? Did you have a blast of a weekend?

We had a great time for sure. And we got dumped on with snow-all weekend long!

Weekend Recap / One Word Monday

I decided I would just share a few pics from our weekend in 1 word (for each pic). I know that Lindsay does this, and I think it’s a fun way to share our few days with ya all.

one word monday



one word monday



one word monday



one word monday



one word monday



one word monday



one word monday



one word monday



one word monday



one word monday

kindness (a few more words: Katie is an absolute sweetheart!)



Awesome weekend.

However, I had a few unfortunate happenings that must be explained in more than 1 word–the most unfortunate of ALL being that I FORGOT my retainers up at the mountain house.

Major UGH. I LOVE my retainers & feel honestly naked if I don’t have them in before hopping into bed.

Yes, I have had them for like 10 years & I still wear ’em every night.

Looks like I won’t be having them for the next 3 weeks….. (we’re going back for my fam’s ski vacay then).

And I may or may not have been completely beside myself when I realized once we got home on Saturday night.


My husband made me feel better & eventually drifted off to sleep, but I when I awoke on Sunday the horror of it all came crashing back upon me. Such sadness.

So if I have crooked teeth in my pictures in the next little while, that’s why. 😉


Well, off to teach & then work. Have a FABULOUS Monday!

What are a few words to describe YOUR weekend?? Do YOU wear retainers?? Have YOU ever forgotten something important somewhere??

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  1. Have you tried the coconut flavor int he sparkling ice? We got it yesterday- SO good! Glad you had a fun weekend! You and the man are so cute! Whatcha teaching this morning? I have step and maybe pump on tap (if one of our other instructors gets delayed on her flight!)

    • Because of your comment, I had to go get some! I will let you know it goes! 😉

      I did PUMP & CX! Hope your classes went great!

  2. Aww I’m glad you liked the hair ties! I saw them and thought the colors just screamed Annette! Especially the pink :)

  3. Oh goodness, i spot Sunchips. Those things are amazing.
    Almost every time I go on any sort of vacation, I forget to pack something. Usually my glasses, or my toothbrush, or my contact solution…something pretty essential. I usually make do though!

  4. Awesome weekend! And oh my gosh, you still wear your retainers? You must be the poster child for orthodontics! I stopped wearing my retainers basically immediately haha.

  5. Oh my gosh–you are awesome for still wearing your retainers at night. If only I had created a good habit with mine, my teeth would look so much better! Good for you!

  6. Looks like a great weekend! Ahh sorry about your retainers, but seriously, props to you for still wearing them. 😉 I have a permanent one on my bottom teeth, but I lost my top one years ago. Oops.

  7. FUN! 4 day weekend here and we went to my parents’ new place which was totally awesome! And that’s funny about you and your retainers… i wore mine up until a few years ago… and my teeth are still straight! So I don’t think a few weeks will hurt your pretty pearly whites! :) :)

  8. Looks like you had fun playing in the snow we got!

  9. retainers huh.,?well I’m glad it wasn’t anything worse!! love your pictures!

  10. We got to celebrate our little girl’s fourth birthday this weekend and it was a blast! I used to have retainers but stopped wearing them for a while and then every time I put them back in I thought I wanted to rip my teeth out from the pain. Eventually I just got rid of them. I left my gym water bottle at my in-laws house. You would think it would be easy to get back but it has been over a week now and I am still getting by with a dinky little thing. Ugh!

  11. HAHA…I still wear my retainers every night, too! (I brought them on our honeymoon–how romantic!) I worked too hard for my teeth to be straight to ruin it by not wearing them religiously!

  12. Danielle says:

    lovely, what a fun fun weekend! sorry about your lost treasure, totally understand. i lost my ipod once and didn’t find out till i arrived at the gym and was almost at panic attack status.. it really messed me up, sadly, but i managed to survive, lol. i’m still traumatized though!
    my awesome saturday: rodeo run – fun! the actual run – ouch! celebration lunch afterwards – yummy! massage later on – epic!
    😀 xoxox

    • Ohhhh SOUNDS SO lovely!!! How did the run go?! :)

      • Danielle says:

        Oh ya know, it was ok despite the fact that I totally spaced out right before, lol. I forgot my ipod and was totally out of it before the run, forgot my jacket and was freezing, had to carry my keys in my hand like a dork – guess that’s what happens when i don’t race for eons? heeehee. in the end i did okay, but the highlight was when this coworker, who beat me by 30 seconds, totally hurled at the finish line. LOL he ran on a full belly and kept talking smack at me during the run and before, then he got sick right after. karma is a youknowwhat! 😀

  13. Teddy says:

    I wear my retainers daily too! I think this spring will be my 11th year of wearing them every day. Mine is even so cool it has Harry Potter on it. You know, because Harry Potter retainers were cool when I was 15 and they’re even cooler now. :)

    Glad you got a fun getaway!!!!

  14. Anne Marie says:

    This might sound kind of random but I Remeber when you did your guest post and aired some of your fitness instructor annoyances and one of them was people who ‘did their own thing’ and I was at a group exercise class tonight and sometime tried to do that but my instructor (love her) was all over it within a minute lol basically telling him to leave… But rightfully so in some ways because 1) the class was full 2) it was body combat where we do punching and kicking and move around a lot. I just wanted to post this because At first I had never seen people actually do that before haha and that would get on my nerves!

  15. haha your teeth will be fine- it’s almost like a security blanket for you hay? Just think after 3 weeks you won;t be dependant on them anymore. I reckon it’s more the break in routine that has you sad and anxious- which is probably in your personality like it is in mine. In no time you’ll be use to it dw :)

  16. I am the SAME WAY with my retainers! It really has been 10 years and I can count on one hand the times I haven’t worn them since I’ve had them. I too would be devastated! Cannot believe all that snow! That is such a foreign thing to me right now- looks like fun though (Very cold fun!)



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