Friday Thoughts

Hey, hey!

How are you all doing today?! I hope great–since it’s FRIDAY!! :)

I honestly had no better title for today’s blog post–sometimes I go through spells where I don’t have much to say (which is weird because I like to talk), so I am borrowing the idea from Ashley & Katie.

So, in list form, here are some of my thoughts. Enjoy!

Friday Thoughts

1. Hiccups are not very fun. Especially when you talk to people on the phone a lot-which is obviously a requirement in my job (I’m a health coach)!!

2. It felt like my birthday on Wednesday…..check out what came:

friday thoughts -les mills

oh yessssssss

Lots of learning now (I got GRIT Cardio, GRIT Strength, GRIT Plyo, CXWORX, and BodyPUMP), but who cares? New stuff & I am stoked. GRIT starts up again on Monday!

3. I know that unsalted almonds are better for you (as are unroasted ones), but I love my salted/roasted almonds just as much as ‘regular’ almonds.

friday thoughts - salted almonds

Sometimes a girl needs some extra salt in her life!

Especially the way I sweat in classes…..ewwwww

4. Speaking of that–does anyone else’s sweat drip off their elbows? When I am doing the squat track during BP, it’s guaranteed there’s some drippage….

5. Changing subjects now! I didn’t have GRIT early in the a.m. this week so I slept longer than usual–it felt uber nice!

6. Kiwi is my new favorite fruit. I bought a huge bucket of ’em this past weekend & have gone to town on them. They’re so juicy and delicious!

friday thoughts -kiwi

friday thoughts

7. My husband made a copycat Cafe Rio dressing the other day (I was impressed too!!) and it tasted great!

We disagree on what it needs more or less of, but I think I am right. 😉 It needs more jalapenos, more lime, and less mayo.

friday thoughts

But boy was it tasty with salsa, chicken, cilantro, cheese, and Chobani Greek yogurt. Mmmmmm!

8. I am SO glad it’s the weekend.

’nuff said.


p.s. Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law!

Have a GREAT day, my friends!! <3

What are some packages YOU’ve been excited about lately?? Anyone else sweat off their elbows?? Kiwi lovers?? Weekend plans?? 

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  1. I just read on someone’s blog that she sautees kiwi in coconut oil! Never tried it before but that’s delicious with bananas so I imagine kiwi may be the same!

  2. Dasha says:

    I sweat from the elbows too! Always think it’s weird, but I guess I am not the only one 😉 Thanks for reminding me about kiwi, I’ve miss that fruit :)
    Talking about sweat – I have days that I sweat a lot during a workout, and some days that I don’t sweat at all. Can you do a quick “sweat lesson” here?! :) Should one always be sweating to count as a good workout, or is everyone just different? (I am assuming the latter)
    Happy Friday!

    • That is a great question–it actually depends on the person and his/her sweat glands! As well as other external factors such as temperature, time of day, what exercise, etc. So there are a lot of factors. Some people just sweat more than others! And sometimes, the more trained you are, the quicker you’ll begin to sweat–it’s a physiological response.

      Have a nice Friday too!

  3. I love me some salted roasted almonds too! Kiwi is one of my favorite fruits too, but sometimes I totally forget about them. I like them chopped up in yogurt!

  4. Hahaha sweat drips off my elbows too in my strength training class and it feels so weird!!!

  5. I received my new HRM in the mail yesterday! I’m so excited to set it up this weekend and begin using it! :) Have a great weekend!

  6. Megan O says:

    I just got a brand new Kitchen Aid food processor delivered yesterday that will probably take up the bulk of my weekend! 😉

  7. Have a great weekend! xoxo

  8. Nicole says:

    I sweat off my elbows during BP…..when I’m doing anything “hinged forward” at my hips (like the tricep kickback row, etc.), I’m always noticing sweat all over my legs!

  9. I get the elbow sweat so bad when I teach the squat track during BP also! I received BP 85 in the mail last week. It ROCKS! So excited for my clubs re-launch! It truly feels like Christmas morning when I get my new release!

  10. Marielle says:

    I just bought salted roasted almonds this week and am trying them in my lunch this week. Easy snack!

  11. In BP I sweat off the elbows in that squat track and sometimes I feel a trickle of sweat run down my back haha. Can’t wait to get our new releases in March! My last package was my dress I wore for V day dinner

  12. Sweat DRIPPIN’ off the elbows in the squat track… awwww yeah! I don’t worry about my sodium intake much due to the massive amount that I sweat teaching classes, (but my mom will STILL bug me about it constantly!).
    I was really excited about the music for 85, and LOVE the song by Muse that’s on there (Uprising- chest track) but the cover is HORRIBLE. Ugh, I can’t even listen to it! I’m hoping it will grow on me…
    I’m taking my 2nd trip to Cafe Rio ever this week (we just got one). I got the pork last time and wasn’t a fan. I’m sure the other proteins will be good… (I hope!)

  13. Stumbled upon your blog while reading up on becoming a body pump instructor. Love hearing about all your fitness and teaching adventures. I can DEFINITELY relate when it comes to the sweat of the elbows. Happens to me every time during squats, it’s like my body telling me “Okay here we go”. haha.



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