Pizza Fail in the Kitchen

Hey, hey!

How are you all? Apparently you’re fine, but with really tight calves. πŸ˜‰

Who knew so many of us had tight calves?! I thought I’d just be sharing some insights & people would be like “yah yah that’s nice.” Imagine my surprise when so many of you were like “ugh my calves are so tight too”! Yay for misery loving company!!


I foam rolled & stretched yesterday after work–and it felt great! I will definitely keep this up because I don’t want any extra issues.

I’ve already got enough issues going on for 10 of us in the kitchen…..

Pizza Fail in the Kitchen

Yes, I failed in the kitchen on Sunday & I just have to share.

I made pizza (and was so proud that I actually made a nice dinner–remember how I don’t cook that often?), and was so excited to eat it. I LOVE pizza. Love it. I love homemade the best, and my whole wheat crust is to die for.


{cheese/spinach/bell pepper/onion/sauce/egg/crust}

Well. It would’ve been if it actually came off the pan.

You see, I forgot to SPRAY the pan with olive oil.

UGH! #pizzafail

pizza fail in the kitchen

{poor, poor crust. all left behind. sniff.}

Sometimes I am a total disaster when it comes to the kitchen. Here are a just a few examples:

  • I once forgot the eggs in the crescent roll dough. That was 18 eggs I forgot since the batch was tripled. Saddest day ever! Did I mention it was on Thanksgiving? Haven’t lived that one down yet.
  • I also forgot the chocolate chips for (chocolate CHIP) cookies once too. (How you do that, I am not sure?)
  • I made a blue angel food cake in honor of our winning a big game (go BYU!) for my husband, brother, and me, except it exploded ALL over the oven instead. Happy blue oven to you too.
  • A few weeks ago (and several weeks ago AND a few months ago) I turned on the wrong burner & didn’t realize it. Until I went to get the “done” pasta. WHOOPS.
  • I turned on the blendtec with the water/soap in it to clean it (you can do that), and well, the lid flew right off…..We cleaned our entire kitchen with just that little amount of soap! You’re welcome, husband.
  • I’ve dropped too much food or pans of food to count.
  • And I’ve cracked too many eggs on the floor to count too. NOT on purpose.

It’s amazing we actually get food from the oven/stove to our plates around here! πŸ˜‰

But for reals, please tell me I am not the only one who’s had epic fails in the kitchen?

This pizza fail in the kitchen actually made me more bummed than mad or sad. I was SO looking forward to the crust–I LOVE pizza crust. (You & me both Janetha!) So yah. I might’ve pouted for a few minutes at dinner.

pizza fail in the kitchen

Yes, pouted. For reals. Like I stuck out my lower lip & everything.

I guess you can’t win ’em all right? Or else people would get jealous of you. πŸ˜‰


Well, I am off to teach some BodyPUMP, then work all day, then teach some more BP. And then hopefully not fail in the kitchen at dinner time. But who knows, right?! :)

Have a FABULOUS day! <3

Please share–what are YOUR recent fails in the kitchen?? <—make a girl feel better would ya? Have YOU ever forgotten to spray the pan?? Any fun highlights of YOUR week so far??

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  1. I forget to spray the pan all the time! I usually end up with halfs of sweet potato fries or roasted potatoes on my plate.

  2. haha i just had a kitchen fail – tried to make a smoothie with the pulp from my juice from yesterday.. also wanted/needed protein so used chocolate raspberry protein powder. terrible combination! couldnt even choke it down!

  3. Trisha says:

    I make these banana oat muffins about weekly… the first time I ever made them, I put 3/4 cup of baking powder in the batter. Um . yea. I thought it seemed like alot but I was reading the recipe. . . so I thought. Obviously very wrong. The recipe called for 1 3/4 TEASPOONS of baking powder. I’m still wondering how the heck I screwed that one up!!

  4. I definitely fail in the kitchen too sometimes…my worst thing is leaving the burner on, but removing the pan. Thank God I have a roommate who walks into the kitchen and goes “uh, Meg, did you mean to leave this on?” … “Leave what on?!?” The place would probably be burned down by now.

  5. Forgetting to spray the pan can be the worst! I did that when making a banana bread, and when I flipped over the pan after cooking, it completely broke. Half was in big chunks on the plate, and half was still stuck in the pan. :( It didn’t keep me from eating it though. :)

  6. My Vitamix has a thing that you use to push down what’s in the blender while it’s going, and I accidentally stuck it in the blender without the lid on (the lid keeps it from going down all the way) and it hit the blade and got all chopped up! Haha good thing it was only $15 to replace from Amazon.

  7. haha OOPS! Still looks delicious! Whenever I make meatza, I ALWAYS forget to put the sauce on first. Every single time! It’s ridiculous. Also, I made cauliflower crust pizza a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to cook it first. You’re supposed to cook it and then take it out, put toppings on and then put back in the oven. FAIL. It was a little mushy, but still tasted good!

  8. Haha, oh man I’ve had far too many kitchen blunders to count. Like using cumin instead of cinnamon!!!! Bad! Salt instead of sugar before. Ick.
    Some other dumb mistakes. Sometimes I’m not too bright, especially when I’m trying to make something fast. Oh and lots of vegan baking fails, yah let’s not even chat about those ones.

  9. Amelia says:

    I have always used the following method:
    Preheat oven WITH pizza stone to 450. Meanwhile, pat pizza dough onto parchment that is lightly prepped with nonstick spray and/or cornmeal (to prevent sticking). Stuff my crust with cheese (or braid), add sauce, then desired toppings. Carefully slide the parchment paper onto a pizza board OR inverted baking sheet. Slide entire parchment/pizza directly onto hot pizza stone (keep the parchment on your pizza). Bake 12-18 minutes or until hot, bubbly, and golden brown.

    The only blogger I have ever seen do something similar with step by step photos is Annie at:

    Kitchen disasters are usually me either burning myself or cutting myself since I usually move too fast for my hands to keep up. πŸ˜‰ However, just last week I was making a smoothie in a hurry while running out the door. I turned on the vitamix only to discover that I forgot to turn off the MAX speed and the whole GREEN smoothie shot over my cabinets, shirt, hair, you name it. It was bad and I was late. :(

  10. Sorry about the flop! I actually burned a whole batch of popcorn on sunday in my le crueset.. and then when i went to dump it out in the trash, the hot pot touched a plastic target bag and melted all over the outside of it. i was one pissed bitch.. so grumpy after that!

  11. AHHH HA HA HA! That has happened to me a multitude of times!!! And it’s funny because I actually really do get upset! I hate when I screw up dinner!! :(

    PS: I fail in the kitchen EVERY DAY! Thank goodness I live alone… I’d have a very unhappy significant other! LOL!!!

  12. I fail at pizza crust 50% of the time (it falls apart). I just scoop it all up and eat it anyway. It still tastes just as good!

  13. Jessica says:

    We use a pizza stone, so there is no need to spray! You should try it, it’s amazing. We’re all about homemade (whole wheat) pizza crust here! Good luck!

  14. julia says:

    i have too many to count. i was baking to mail my boyfriend cookies two years ago, and i warmed the butter in the microwave, and then forgot about it. i knew somehting was wrong when the batter was DRY, but instead i just added water. the cookies were edible, but ugly, and WAY too sweet. my mom then remade a batch to send to him.

    I also tried making cupcakes (from a sprinkles brand mix) last winter. i took out all the ingredients for the frosting and the cupcakes at once. too bad i forgot to separate them because i ended up putting in the butter for the cupcakes AND the frosting into the cupcake batter. did NOT taste good!

  15. Danielle says:

    oh boy have i had a “great” kitchen fail recently! just last friday i was trying to be little miss over-achiever: did grocery shopping, food prep, worked out, errands, and cooked some pot roast. to get some extra (invisible!) bonus points i thought, “hey, why not try making easy blender aoli (mayo) and have some yummy salmon salad with my homeade mayo later?!!!” yeahhhhhh…. well, i got all my stuff in my blender in a frenzy, didn’t bother to check a recipe of course because… well, i just figured anything named “easy blender mayo/aoli” meant no direction required but a blender. i have made mayo by hand before and knew the basic jist, so i just popped my egg, oil, lemon, mustard and seasonings into my blender, turned it on… and ended up with curdly dressing! OMG i was sooo beyond sad. then i spent an hour trying to figure out what i did wrong… anyhow, my little 5 minute bonus activity ended up taking an hour of my life, lol. i still used it as dressing, but it is NOTHING like aoli/mayo.. not. even. close. so there ya go. kitchen fail #8482 πŸ˜€

    • oh so sorry honey! ugh. hate when that stuff happens! But NOW that is sort of funny. πŸ˜‰ xo

      • Danielle says:

        LOL but guess what it tastes really good on? sweet potato fries!!! hahaha last night – because i am SO stubborn – it was mocking me and was determined to use it. so since i had just made some sweet potato fries, i tried dipping one in the “wannabe mayo” and it was delish! i had seasoned it with plenty of yummy herbs and stuff, so honestly it was a great combo with my s.p.fries πŸ˜€ i guess i’m just like my great-granny – never waste anything, lol

  16. Haha you’re hilarious! My kitchen fails include trying to make ‘healther’ baked goods or desserts and sometimes they turn out like absolute crap haha.

  17. Love all the kitchen fails. I know I’ve done a million things like that, but I can’t think of anything too significant at the moment. My sister, on the other hand, once made a recipe that called for several egg whites (almost a whole carton I think), so she threw all the egg yolks away. As she read further along in the recipe, she noticed she needed all those egg yolks after all. Twas a day of wasting eggs that we won’t let her live down.



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