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Happy President’s Day! (to U.S. people) I am not off work–unfortunately–so those of you who are off, enjoy it extra for me, mmmmkay?!


First off, thanks so much for all your thoughts & ideas in regards to the cruise question I had! You all were SO helpful! Hopefully we’ll figure out what we want & when we want to go, and I’ll keep you posted.

As for now though, doesn’t look like I’ll choose Carnival line anytime soon….{shudder}


Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend–but I hardly snapped any pictures….


But seriously, life still is wonderful even if you don’t snap photos every 10 seconds of what you do.  😉

weekend recap food

weekend recap- body pump cxworx food



pizza weekend recap

We/I watched a movie, ate some good food, taught 2 classes (BodyPUMP & CXWORX), read, worked a bit, ate more good food, went to church, and a super big highlight….


Yes, 2 hours.

My husband is a gem. And he knows the way to my heart! Hah :)

He sent me to get a 2-hour deep tissue massage (for a late birthday gift) and it was awesome! She worked with essential oils and in all the right places that needed it (apparently my traps on my right side were ‘a mess’ in her words), & my calves were insanely tight.

My bad.

Tight Calves 

While she was working on them (it was quite painful actually), I asked her if tight calf muscles was a normal thing for her to see?

She said for people who work out regularly and run, it is a very common issue….they (we/I) don’t stretch that area enough. It’s sort of a place in the body that oft gets forgotten……

Uhhh yes. She nailed it! I hardly ever stretch or foam roll my calves (and the surrounding tissues & muscles)!!

I just got schooled.

Tight calves can actually lead to a myriad of other issues, check ’em out:

  • tendonitis in the feet
  • plantar fasciitis
  • strained achilles tendons (or tendonitis of the achilles tendon)
  • bunions
  • cramping

(see more)

Hmmmm. I definitely don’t want any of that!

The best way to reduce the tightness in the calf muscles is to stretch them after any sort of physical activity, and to foam roll like it’s your job.

tight calves

{I guess I should be foam rolling right after class instead of picture taking, ehhh? Can’t you just SEE how tight my calves are?!}

I also can’t even describe to you how much better I felt after that massage–my body needed it in a bad way, and I am so grateful for good masseuses  out there!

She also did a technique on me called Cupping. Have you ever heard of it? She used a plastic (?) cup type thing to pull on the skin/muscles/fascia/tissues to help draw more blood to the area & speed healing and reduce the tension. It helped a ton too–especially in my quads and on my back/shoulder area that had been ‘really bad’ as she called it.

I don’t foam roll enough apparently, so I am recommitting to foam rolling more often!! And stretching more. Who’s with me?!


I am off to teach BP/CXWORX & then work. (No GRIT this week as we’re taking a week break before beginning the next 6-week sessions. If you’re in the SLC area, let me know if you want in on the sessions!)

Have a FABULOUS day! <3

What is an area that is often tight for YOU?? Have YOU experienced tight calves or issues with your trap muscles?? How often do YOU stretch or foam roll??

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  1. I’ve been dealing with tight calves during/after my long runs now which is totally new for me. I’m stretching them a lot but when I foam roll I usually skip over that area. Won’t be doing that anymore!

  2. Oh goodness, I get the tightest calves! It’s painful to walk sometimes in the morning, especially if I’m working out more! I stretch them and I have a little ball I roll my heel on to help avoid getting plantar fascitis again!

  3. Owww- 2 hours? How awesome is that?! My hamstrings are super tight from the same problem…running/teaching and not enough stretching

  4. Fun weekend! I am awful at remembering to stretch! However, I did foam roll for the first time Friday night. hurt so good.

    Whatever you out on your pasta looks light, yet creamy and delicious.

    I took Step and pump on Saturday. Fun times!! Yesterday we saw Identity Thief as an afternoon matinee and came home to make homemade pizzas. All I missed was dessert. :( maybe ill whip something up today!

  5. Linz @ Itz Linz says:

    My hamstrings are always super tight – I don’t foam roll near enough. I was better when I was running but now I guess bikram suffices!

  6. I asked for a foam roller for my birthday next month. Hopefully my brother picks out a fun color! I really liked the pink one you showed a little while back.

  7. Ahhh massages are an incredible thing. Glad you got to enjoy one – a TWO HOUR one nonetheless! Lucky you! Where did you go?! I get sore calves really easily too, so this is a good reminder to stretch them out more often. I always seem to remember to stretch my hamstrings and hips, but my calves are usually put on the back burner. I suppose that makes sense as to why I get some foot problems sometimes, eh? 😉

    • I went here: http://www.knead2relax.massagetherapy.com

      My husband bought it off of groupon & she rocked! (so check there first) She was sort of not super friendly at first, but I think she had had a bad morning & then as we got going, she was great. She did some awesome work & worked extra hard into areas that were super tight!! I will go back!

  8. Cupping is great! It worked wonders on my tight IT Bands a couple of years ago.

    I stretch and foam roll like it’s my job. For whatever reason, my muscles can get all out of whack, making sure to keep them loose is very important. It also seems to help with recovery. Also, I’ll use a tennis ball to get into some really specific spots–like gluts and calves.

  9. When I am training the Foam Roller is my BFF! And a massage sounds even better :)

  10. I foam rolled my calves for the first time a few weeks ago and wanted to cry. SO tight. Ouch.

  11. 2 hour massage?! Wow, that sounds incredible. The boy and I have a 60 minute couples massage gift card that I gave him for Christmas, which we will hopefully use next weekend.

    My hips and my hamstrings tend to be the worst for me – I have been focusing on stretching them out more after workouts though!

  12. I went and got fitted for orthotics and she was in shock at how tight my calves were. She told me I need to stretch them for 30 seconds 3-5 sets, twice a day. It’s been helping…when I remember to do it! She says that’s probably causing a lot of my pain in my foot/heal etc. I should foam roll them too!

  13. Yay for massages! Where did you go?

  14. Danielle says:

    Whoohooo for long massages, lucky girl! 2 hours sounds like bliss indeed. Funny cuz my mom took my brother for his first massage last night – he plays rugby and begged for someone to massage him, so since none of us wanted to touch his smelly feet she took him to our favorite place and she and i shopped while he passed out, in heaven, lol.
    I just bought a roller-stick that is my new best friend… omg. it’s amayz! i roll my calves all the time, and also my hip/IT band area. I have been recovering from calve and achilles and plantars foot issues for several months, so i gotta roll. i don’t have time some days, and then i notice. the rolling stick is seriously a muscle saver! my hips are always tight, and on days i run my heels, calves and everything 😀

  15. 2 hours in a massage FLIES by! But SO needed when you do as much exercise as you do. I rarely get tight calves. Hamstrings and quads? That’s a different story. By Tuesday, I’ve taught spin 3 days in a row and my quads are DONE.
    I had my regular deep tissue last week and my SHINS were crazy sore. And it wasn’t from running- it was from wearing boots all day a few days before and walking several miles in them. Really dumb.
    Hooray for myofascial release!!

  16. my calves are always tight! I guess I really don’t stretch enough. Thanks for this post though, I’m really going to have to take up foam rolling!

  17. My calves are often tight and for Body steppers calf injuries are a big thing- cause of the step and all that jazz. They were insanely tight yesterday and I foam rolled like nobodies business and got my bf to try and get the knots out. I foam roll every day at least once a day after my classes- but it’s only for ten or so minutes. I try to stretch as often as I can.

    I also have quite a tight chest too at times which can impact my arm movements in class so I need to remember to stretch that out.

    OH and my quads and hammys are tight- let’s just say I’m tight everywhere hahaha

    I have massage envy :(

  18. Belinda says:

    Wow, what an aptly timed post! Just recovering this week from a compressed tendon in the arch of my foot from running.

    My physiotherapist said it was mainly an issue with my orthotics. But he also said my calf muscles on the side of the affected foot were unusually tight and he’s certain from the feel of the calf tissue that this is a longstanding problem that predisposed me to having the tendon injury.

    He’s given me some special calf stretches to do twice a day. I’d like to get a foam roller too!

  19. I tore my right hamstring last year and it’s STILL healing. So, for the past 11 months since my injury, I’ve been so focused on my hamstrings that I forget about calves! But my calves are sore about 100% of the time. I don’t really realize it until I wear heels or get charlie horses in my calves.

    I’ve never ever had a massage! My birthday is next week and I am going to request that as a gift. I can’t wait!



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