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Hey friends!

Happy Weekend :)

So you all know I’ve never been on a cruise before, right? And I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go. I love the sun, I love swimming, I love laying out, I love eating all-you-can eat ice cream (and if the other food is good too, then bring it on), I love dancing, etc. A cruise sounds magical to me.


Well, after reading a bit about the cruise ship (Carnival Triumph) that ummmm, well, STANK, I honestly have no idea how I feel now. My friend’s sister-in-law was on the ill-fated ship & shared how truly disgusting & horrendous the experience was.


My question to you is this: Would you still go on a cruise now that this has happened????

{I really want to know, because I’ve never been, so this obviously scares me to pieces–and we’ve considered going some time in the near future….sooo…..}

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Have a fabulous weekend! <3

Would YOU still go on a cruise?? Why or why not??

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  1. I’ve never been, but am curious what others say! My parents went on thei first cruise recently and LOVED it. They felt very pampered, enjoyed going to activities and thought the food was divine.

  2. Yes, I would! I’ve been on a cruise before and I loved it. In fact, we’re going on one in April. It is a Carnival cruise and was booked long before this incident happened so I’d be going anyway. That being said, I think about how many cruise ships depart a week and no this is just one of the many and the rest are all OK and nothing happens. I think the odds of things like that happening are rare, so when they do, they make headlines. That being said, if I was one of the ones on that cruise, I don’t know if I’d ever wnt to go one again though.

  3. Caroline says:

    I would still go on a cruise! I’ve been and they are fun. Any trip you take has risks- I would just stay away from that cruise line. Royal Caribbean was really nice and my inlaws rave about princess cruises. And that name just seems up your ally too!

    I couldn’t imagine how awful those conditions must have been but talk about having a story to tell for the rest of your life! Those people will trump all “worst vacation ever” stories.

  4. I would definitely still go on a cruise, I went on one in college for spring break! This isn’t the first time this has happened, I remember it happening in the Pacific a couple years back. Planes crash, cars crash, and cruise ships… break? Lol, everything in life has a risk, you just have to outweigh the benefits!

  5. I would definitely still go on a cruise! I mean, avoiding cruises because of what happened to this ship is like avoiding planes because one crashed – the vast, vast majority of the time, nothing happens and everyone has a great time (I’m speaking through experiences of others, because I’ve never been on a cruise before either).

    My parents are going on a Mediterranean cruise next fall, and I’m definitely jealous!

  6. I definitely agree with Sam above, we can’t avoid things because of what happened to one ship, butttt… I’ve been on a cruise and hated it. Bleh, the rooms were TINY, you spend such a short amount of time in each area, definitely not worth it to me. Just not my cup of tea. I’d rather take a vacation to one certain place. Just my opinion;)

  7. I’ve been on four cruises and loved three of them. The last one, a Carnival cruise, I did not love. Even after all that happened, I would still go on a cruise but I wouldn’t go back on Carnival because I just fee like they are the “cheap” way of cruising. They cost less, yes, but the last time we went there was next to nothing to do on the boat. We read a lot and watched football- fortunately it was football season. But geez, we could have saved our money and driving and read and watched football at home a lot cheaper! I also did not feel like the food was good or offered many healthy options.

    If you cruise I would recommend Royal Caribbean. They have healthier foods, healthier activities, and a lot more to do. Since we’ve done 4 cruises we will probably do a land vacation this year and cruise again in a few years, but not Carnival :(. Seems like all the problems happen with their ships too!

  8. I went on a cruise in the 8th grade, so forever ago…I really didnt have a desire to go on another one at all, and I def dont now lol.. All those poor people :(

  9. I do think that this is a very rare occurrence. That being said, it would still be a bit unsettling. A cruise doesn’t really appeal to Jonny or me though – we’ve both been with our families, but agreed we wouldn’t want to feel rushed when we got off the crew ship and explored new places and had to be back by a certain time. We’re very much satisfied with a beach and warm weather anywhere :)

  10. Most definitely! Cruises seriously are the best vacations ever! And like others said; for one to sink is the exception, not the rule. You will love it!

  11. What happened? I’m going to read that now. But first the week we went on our family P & O cruise was the best week of my life. I was 16 at the time and made amazing friends, I loved the whole experience. But let’s see if this article changes my mind should we..

  12. I did one cruise once with my family, but it was small (16 people on the boat, and we were 6 of them) plus staff. it was great because we got a hands-on experience, but i would never want to go on a larger cruise. my sister went with my grandma and had a bad experience too! the idea of being at the whim of the boat/company just scares me too much!!

  13. I”ve been on three cruises and loved everyone of them! I would still go on one after this incident. There is always going to be some risk involved, whether it be on a boat or plane!

    I would definitely recommend Royal Caribbean. It was the best cruise line of the three cruises I went on. So much fun!

  14. Definitely still go on one! I’ve been on 3 and nothing went wrong on those and they are so much fun! It’s great to visit so many places in on vacation plus its soooo relaxing to layout on the deck during sea days and do nothing! Book one and go!!

  15. I would definitely go on another cruise. The chances of that sort of thing happening are so slim! Cruises are so much fun! Royal Caribbean is amazing! Carnival is more family oriented, lots of kids.

  16. I’ve been on 2 cruises. One in 2007 and one last November. Both were amazing! Both were to Mexico. I think this is one of those freak accidents (even though it’s happened twice that I know of). But when you add up how many cruises go out everyday, this is really very unlikely.

    Cruises are amazing. You get to relax, meet new and very interesting people – from all over the world! You get to try new foods that are too expensive/weird/hard to find anywhere else – i.e. alligator fritters, escargot, etc. There are lots more healthy choices of food than you’d think too.

    And most of all, you get time to relax (most people sleep AMAZINGLY on cruise ships), and you get to see a new part of the world. That incident does suckkkkkkkkkkkk but it wouldn’t stop me from going on a cruise. That’s like saying I’d never fly to a new place because one plane crashed on its way there one time.


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