Round-Up of this Week’s Eats (Pictures)



We had a lovely Valentine’s Day– low key & romantic. Perfect! Jared left hearts on my computer, a message with heart candies, sent me sweet texts, let me sleep in, & gave me a nice massage in the evening. I am a lucky girl!

v day 2013

To be honest, none of those things are ‘that’ crazy or different from most days, but I think I’d probably make ya all roll your eyes with how sweet/thoughtful he can be every other ‘normal’ day. Hah. I just lucked out, that’s all!


Moving on.

So I haven’t shared much food talk with you lately, so I figured I’d do another round-up type post of a bunch of different things I’ve eaten lately. This is NOT all I ate this week (duh), but it’s a nice show of what things I’ve been eating often!

I eat a pretty varied diet because I like a bunch of different things, so I EAT them–lots of veggies, complex carbs, protein, and I drink a lot of water, but of course I’ve got some sprinkling of treats in there too.

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying lately (past week):

Round Up of this Week’s Eats (week of February 10)


food -eggs kale

{Eggs/kale/cheddar on homemade whole wheat bread}



{popcorn!! with parmesan/salt/garlic}


cocoa peppermint smoothie

{AMAZING smoothie: kale/spinach/berries/milk/peppermint essential oil/fitmixer protein powder/honey/ice . It legit tasted like melted peppermint ice cream!! SO good}



{boca burger/cheddar/spinach/ketchup atop whole wheat bun with bell pepper}


trader joe's chocolate

{I dominated this. SO good}



{My V-Day breakfast–Chobani Strawberry yogurt with fitmixer protein banana bread & a hardboiled egg}



{whole wheat garlic toast/whole wheat spaghetti/red sauce/salad/caesar dressing/parmesan}


fro yo

{fitmixer protein banana bread/chocolate chips/fro yo}


Mmmmm. Checking out these photos makes me (almost) want to re-live the entire week again!

Almost. 😉

Have a GREAT Friday!! <3

What delicious foods have YOU been eating this week?? What is YOUR go-to baked good?? Fun weekend plans??

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  1. Deliciousness! I love eggs too- such a great food to eat any time of the day. The smoothie sounds and looks just awesome. Weekend plans: teaching attack tonight and going to dinner with Josh and the peanut. Tomorrow=teaching step, coffee with a friend, and a party at night!

  2. Linz @ Itz Linz says:

    Ice cream doesn’t count as a baked good does it? Haha your smoothie looks awesome!!

  3. Kinda have me wanting to break out the popcorn :-p
    I usually make muffins when I want a baked good, but lately I’ve feeling like I need some banana bread in my life. Hopefully I’ll make some up this weekend!

  4. Everything looks delicious! I’ve been eating leftover veggie & black bean burritos for lunch almost everyday this week. I made a bunch extra earlier this week, and they’re so easy to just pack & go, not to mention yummy! Breakfasts have just been super easy and quick – toast w/ PB & banana, overnight oats, cereal with fruit & milk, etc. I’ve been lazy in the mornings 😉

  5. I bake a lot of goods with protein powder, oatmeal loaf, carrot cake bars, protein balls, and your banana bread looks awesome. Im also loving the looks of your egg sandwich. I think I go through like 18-24 eggs in a week or two’s time.

  6. I don’t have any go-to baked goods, haha they’re dangerous around me! I want to make my own “bars” again, but I got a groupon for KIND bars so now I have an insane amount to get through… haha.

  7. The protein banana bread looks so good! I love that you eat it for breakfast and for dessert with some froyo, great idea!

  8. Danielle says:

    Yummmm it all looks so good, and what a lovely Valentines day! This week has been all about pumpkin, coconut curry chicken… Made it last Sunday and loved it alllllll week. So easy and comforting. I am just hooked on anything pumpkin and coconut! Happy Friday.xoxo :-)

  9. Yup- everything looks delicious- as always!
    Jared is such a sweetie! It’s the little things, I tell ya!

  10. I made some stuffed peppers this week that were really tasty! The peppermint smoothie sounds good–especially when you describe it as melted peppermint ice cream! Would you mind posting a recipe for it? Sometimes the quantities of each of the ingredients can make a difference in taste and texture. :) Happy Friday!

    • I will try and measure the stuff out & post a recipe soon. Promise. I’m totally “that” girl that never follows a recipe or measurements. HAH! :)

  11. I’ve been eating a crazy amount of candy lately. It’s becoming a problem…A delicious problem. My go-to baked good is always cookies though. I love making/eating chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. PS your food pictures look so good! Mine always look horrible and don’t do the food justice. You’ve made me want some eggs.

  12. Amelia says:

    I made the best pb/banana/coconut milk protein smoothie last night. I then topped it off melted coconut butter, chocolate chips, and peanut butter. It was the best bedtime snack ever. :)

    Other deliciousness includes: ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast smeared with coconut butter, fish tacos, mahi burgers, crabcake benedict (minus the hollandaise, but plus avocado).

    I don’t think I have a ‘go to’ baked good. Weekend plans include a movie out tonight with the hubby, taking Step in the morning, coffee with a friend, church, lift day on Sunday and relaxing. I can’t wait!

  13. Isn’t popcorn the best? I am convinced that it is one of the greatest snacks ever! :)

  14. You know I have fun plans 😉 Your eats looks yum! Hmm I’m so jealous that you get fresh homemade bread! I want! haha.



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