Friday Truths (#2)

Hey, hey!

{insert obligatory “Happy Friday!”} :)

I’m not gonna lie, I’m totally happy & so okay with it being the weekend already–this week flew by for me!


Today I am sharing some truths about me & what’s been going on. Enjoy! 😉

Friday Truths (#2)

1. I am a pinterest pinner who pins a lot of fun things—and am SO determined to make a few of them for Jared for V-day.

Can anybody somehow give me motivation to actually DO it?! What do you do when you have a project you know you’re not good at doing (I am not crafty whatsoever), but also really want to do?


I seriously need help on this one. Where’s the mojo to actually make these cute things I find?!

help? 😉

2. I am going to turn INTO a sweet potato chip.

I ate a huge bag of sweet potato chips (from SAMs) in 7 days. That is ONE week people. I think there were 15 servings in the bag??

friday truths

And guess what? I enjoyed every bite & don’t regret it. In fact, I went looking for them & almost cried when they weren’t on the shelves anymore.

Major boo.

I sort of wanted to see what I’d look like as a sweet potato chip!

{p.s. I then found some pretty good ones at TJ’s, so we know the world didn’t end…..and you just might see me turn orange!}

trader joe's sweet potato chips




3. I’ve faced major dilemmas at night my entire life.

Feel hydrated? Or get up often to pee a lot?

Anyone else have to ask themselves that every evening?! #smallestbladderintheworld and well, #firstworldproblems

4. I am so sick of sitting at a desk or in a chair.

Anyone else so not okay with how we all sit so freaking much!?

I often take my computer & work on the floor on my stomach—this week it happened

I am miss antsy pants to a tee.

And hence why I LOVE working out & teaching fitness–I get to burn up so much energy that I have!

GRIT -friday truths

{coached GRIT on Wed}

5. I am a HUGE sucker for a really good sale. (I am my father’s daughter)

1 week ago I checked my email in bed (this is not uncommon), before turning off the light. I yelped pretty loud (which made my husband come running into the room…..) and when he was like “what’s going on?” and I was like “there is a HUGE sale on swimsuits!” he was rendered speechless.

So naturally I bought a swimsuit. In the dead of Winter. (it was 70% off! hello?!)

{Even Jared thought it was a fantastic idea<–he said, “you should probably buy 3 since it’s such a good deal!” hah. Love that man.}

And the best part? My sisters & sister-in-law all got the same alert and we ALL bought swimsuits!! HAHAHA

The email stream the next day was priceless.

{p.s. one sister bought hers at 3 a.m. –oh the joys of Internet shopping!}

And, just a few days ago there was a pretty great sale for Southwest Airlines (the best airline), & after my sister texted me to tell me to come visit her (and I have another sister who lives nearby & a brother who will be there for that weekend I’ll be there!!!), I hopped on and BOUGHT a round trip ticket.

friday truths

Yes, I am a sucker for good sales. I hate buying things at the regular price, but if it’s on SALE (for more than 40%) then I’ve already started considering it…..

6. My assessment videos have both been uploaded!

As I’ve mentioned before, to be an ‘official’ Les Mills instructor, you have to videotape yourself teaching the class & upload it for assessment within 60 days of your training period. Today was that day  (60 days from training) for CXWORX (and last week for GRIT)!

They are both turned in! (I ended up filming both twice, and using the first videos for both. HAH!) That felt SO good to have that done.

Les Mills -friday truths

We have to wait 4-6 weeks for the results, but to be honest, I’m just glad that is over with.

Can you tell I like checking things off of a to-do list?


Have a FANTASTIC Friday! <3

What are some of YOUR Friday Truths?? What Pinterest craft are YOU eyeing?? <–can anyone please help me get motivated to do one for V-day?! Favorite snack food YOU’re loving on lately?? And does ANYONE else buy stuff just because it’s on crazy sale??

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  1. I actually did a V-day Pinterest craft for the boy last year! I was pretty proud of myself, because I’m definitely missing the craftiness gene. It was a “52 reasons why I love you” – deck of cards. Basically, a deck of cards with each one decorated with a different reason. It was pretty cute!

  2. Ok I need to find a good V-day gift for Jonny! Since we booked a Spring Break trip we decided to make it a challenge to only spend $20 for v-day gifts this year! Hello, Pinterest!

  3. Oh my gosh….I have that same nightly water question!!! Such a dilemma! Love the Valentine’s math problem (my husband and I are math teachers!). Too cute.

  4. Here is the worst about drinking/ peeing: when you can’t sleep in contacts, you have to pee really bad and think its the middle of the night only to find out your alarm will go off in 30 minutes but since you can’t see the clock, you get up anyway. It sucks!

    I am miss antsy pants too. To the pint that I can barely sit still to watch a movie. It is bad! What can I say, I like to move. :)

    Yay for Friday. This week flew by for me too. Favorite snack food right now is: bananas & strawberries drizzled with Artisana coconut butter. And as far as sales go, I used to hit them up but right now student loans and house payment get precedence.

  5. Haha #3 is totally me lately… I’m always thirsty, but then I have to pee every five seconds. It makes the nights interesting, that’s for sure! 😉 I’m all about a good sale too! That’s awesome you scored a couple great deals! Happy Friday!

  6. Haha thanks for the reminder – I forgot I needed to book flights for CO for spring break and my cousin’s wedding in June!

  7. I’m totally the antsy pants type, too bad I can’t move my computer at my day job. The best I can do is sit on my balance ball. :)

    Good luck with the crafting and congrats on getting your videos in! Hopefully you hear back sooner rather than later. When my best friend and I did the video submissions online (vs old school DVD) we both got word in three weeks.

  8. Alexandra says:

    Ahh I LOVE sweet potato chips! They are SO addicting!! Question…I am SURE that you have talked about this before so I am sorry if I am making you repeat yourself but which model of Polar HRM do you have? And would you recommend it? I have finally decided to bite the bullet and get one – I really think that it will help me make the most of my workouts and really push myself to my max! Thanks so much! Happy Friday!

    • no prob– it’s the Polar FT4, I really like it b/c it’s super easy to use. Just know that it comes with a strap that you wear right under your bra line <--some people don't know that that comes with it. hope that helps!

  9. I love that cute algebra problem! How fun! I am the math nerd though, he’d wouldn’t find any fun in finding out the answer and probably make me do it for him anyway! ha
    I am the same way when it comes to a good deal, I love sales and just can’t resist them!

  10. Yay for filming! I know you’ll be fine :) Um and yes I have the peeing problem! HAha, first world problems 😛

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