Ways to Lose Belly Fat

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How’s it going mid-week?

Real quick, I agree with a lot of you who mentioned this in your comments on yesterday’s post: to be a great fitness instructor, you MUST be passionate, friendly, and energetic. Amen.

You can always become those things, but having those qualities will definitely ensure a great experience for all involved. Not gonna lie though, being energetic in the 5 o’clock hour is always a bit tough…..

(right, Lauren?!)

Once I get going though, I am fine. :)

That was a fun series to write about, actually–and I appreciated the comments!


Moving on. Let’s talk about fat-and more specifically, belly fat.


Ways to Lose Belly Fat

I get a lot of questions/emails about belly fat–and more specifically, how to lose it. To make this very clear–this post is meant not just for those who have cosmetic reasons, but also for all, for a myriad of health reasons. Research points to the fact that having fat around the middle can be very dangerous, especially because it is situated next to/by/on top of very vital organs.

It is a matter of life and death, in fact!

And yes, for others, reading this post will be more about cosmetic reasons–how to look a little flatter in the middle, etc. Nothing wrong with that, unless it’s unhealthy for that person’s size and/or is done in an unhealthy way.


{I don’t do my hair for cosmetic reasons either…..oh wait…..}


I should know just a bit about this topic–I went from having practically no belly fat (in an unhealthy way: anorexia), to having a lot more than I’ve ever had (binge/emotional eating stages) to now, being the fittest (and dare I say, healthiest?) I’ve ever been. Not to mention my years studying nutrient metabolism, exercise physiology, advanced weight management & obesity, and more in college & grad school.


So pretty much I wanted to share some of my thoughts along with an article I stumbled upon. It’s a pretty great article onΒ 33 ways to lose belly fatΒ (some points are, admittedly, a bit silly)-but I thought I’d share a few points from it. Feel free to just read the article too!

Keep this hormone low (cortisol)

Don’t just diet (exercise too!)

Add muscle

Exercise at a high intensity (like GRIT πŸ˜‰ )

EAT post-exercise (!!!)

Use a stability ball for greater abdominal work

Some of these I am sure you’ve heard before, but it’s never a bad thing to check in on how we’re doing, especially if we have goals in this area.

An interesting one they mentioned in the article, I have to share:

ways to lose belly fat


I thought that was very interesting, and to be honest, had never thought of it that way? I would say I am a mix of body types though….

ways to lose belly fat

{goes along with tip #1 below….}


And, my top 4 ways to lose belly fat (in addition to what I’ve written before) would be:

  1. Find healthy ways to de-stress. Being stressed out constantly WILL keep stress hormones (like cortisol) elevated, which is a surefire way to add fat to your midsection. Trust me–this was me to a T. Also, to keep cortisol lower after a workout (it’s naturally high then), EAT protein & complex carbs SOON after.Β 
  2. Lift weights. Lift weights. Lift weights. Lift weights. Don’t just do cardio! (Think I’ve said that enough around here?! hah)
  3. Exercise at high intensities a few times (2-3x) per week for short amounts of time (30 mins or less). Obviously, check with a doc if needed, but if you can, DO the HIIT work. Your body (& belly) will thank you.
  4. Do not ‘go’ on a diet-just consume lots of really good-for-you foods, with a nice sprinkling of the rest mixed in.Β This too I’ve made very clear, diets do not work. Ever. They’re set up to fail, so instead, eat to succeed, yah?!

I followed the 4 listed above in the weeks/months/years during my recovery from all my crazy disordered eating habits, and I have to say–they work! So these are tried & true, people.

p.s. don’t compare yourself to others’ stomachs/ bellies. We all have different bellies/genes/etc. And just FYI, many who post pics on instagram often use filters (not a bad thing, just sayin’ it often makes people look better).

ways to lose belly fat

{see? I used a filter-it makes me look even more sculpted. don’t compare YOU to anyone else!!}

Do YOUR best, don’t get discouraged!


Well, I am off to coach GRIT & then go to work….

And I’ll probably eat this lunch again because it’s so freaking good!!

ways to lose belly fat

Have a GREAT day my friends! <3

Have YOU noticed any difference if YOU’ve adopted different habits?? What do YOU think about the 3 body-types thing?? What would be some of YOUR tips for belly fat loss?

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  1. I’m definitely the body type that carries belly fat (I don’t know where I fit on the ecto/meso/endomorph thing though…a mix of a couple?) which, I have learned to accept. But since I started focusing on weights over distance running, my stomach has definitely flattened out a little bit! I’ve also been doing HIIT or plyo circuits about 3 times a week, which I think is contributing a lot as well. I’ve learned that a flat stomach isn’t vital to my happiness but….if it happens, I’m sure as hell not going to complain :-p

  2. I do thinking eating clean makes the biggest difference ever!! A million crunches won’t get ya anywhere if you’re eating like crap!! And dare I say…. #reasonsiloveinstagram haha

  3. I dont know if I am an ectomorph or mesomorph but this is very interesting info!! I def agree that you NEED to lift weights..I actually like lifting weights better than cardio :)

  4. Christi says:

    This is great! I’ve been exercising faithfully since the beginning of January by doing cardio and BodyPUMP and I’m loving it! What foods do you suggest eating before and after a workout? I know you said you should eat protein and complex carbs after a workout, but do you have any examples? Sorry, my brain works best with specifics… πŸ˜‰ I really appreciate your help!

  5. Great tips! Especially the nudge to LIFT WEIGHTS! And decrease stress–that’s more powerful than people might think.

  6. I am most definitely an endomorph! I’m also in the state of life you were describing with high belly fat from emotional and binge eating. Not my highest ever (since I used to barely work out and eats tons of sugary and processed foods), but not where I want to be! I think my number one goal is more strength training!!!

    • Strength training, HIIT workouts, and eating more clean were huge for me. Which I know you’re doing! yay!

      But the biggest? REDUCTION of stress. I will write a post about it soon, actually :)


  7. Oooh that lunch DOES look good!!
    I was SO TIRED yesterday before teaching my crazy early morning classes. By the time I got to the gym, the heat in my car was JUST right and all I wanted to do was sit there and fall back asleep… but I didn’t. Amazingly enough (as always) I was completely awake within moments of starting class, and that energy continued! But it definitely means that I am ready for bed at 8:00pm!

  8. Any actual scientific basis for the three body types?

    • Not that I’ve found or heard! It was just in that article–hence why I said, “I’ve never thought of it that way.” Truly I think it might just be a way to say “genes matter a bit” in the whole picture. Which I think is true to an extent.

      Hope that helps! :)

  9. I loved this post girl! So incredibly factual and important to know! I was trying to figure out what body type I have, but I think I am a mix like you mentioned. I struggle with belly fat, but can easily gain muscles everywhere else, especially my arms and chest. I think the biggest thing for me is the areas (cortisol)! I am doing better at controlling it, but I used to struggle a lot! I think if I can reduce the stress, eat more, and lift weights more I would be good to go! :)

  10. I know you said don’t compare yourself but damn girl your tummy is ROCKIN’! Jealous!
    Great tips. :)

  11. janice says:

    Do you know the science behind the connection between post-workout fuel and diminshed belly fat? I’d never heard/read that one

    • hi.

      After a workout is the most crucial time to get in the proper fuel/refuel –such as protein/complex carbs. What you do in a workout is break down the muscle cells & essentially rebuild them (in sleep/via hormones/eating/etc), so the cells are constantly progressing–getting stronger, etc.

      If you want to build a house, you’d use the best materials in the right places–kind of like how this is. You want the fuel to go to the right places, and thus not only speeding up the metabolism (muscle burns!!), but also putting the fuel where it should go. After a workout cortisol is high < --belly-fat storing hormone (also comes from stress), and thus eating it appears, seems to help control that if done immediately after a workout. Hope that helps! :)

  12. I definitely have a mix of body types! And I definitely have the I’ve-been-pregnant-with-two-babies belly. It is the rock-hard six-pack I had 10 years and two kids ago? NO! Would I trade that belly for my awesome kids? NEVER! Yeah, a flat stomach is awesome but my kids are better :-) I think I look pretty good for being a mom!

  13. Hmm, I don’t know what body type I’d be- see I think back to how my body has changed and that’s because of what I’ve DONE to change it. Like when I was young young I was slim and strong because I danced a lot. As I got older I ate more and more and got chubbier. Then I dieted and developed an ED and got really skinny. Now I’ve worked towards getting a strong and healthier (yet hopefully still slim) body.

    So not sure where I fit in here haha.

    I definitely notice the difference after doing HIIT. Doing 7 sessions in 3 weeks, made me see a big diff in my stomach. Problem is I don’t have time to make the Grit classes, with all the classes I teach. I could train in it haha, but then the trainers don’t always do all the moves and it no longer becomes my workout.

    Ps. I;ve started eating immediately post workout- first time today! wooo.

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  16. Robyn says:

    I find it rather disturbing that person who says they are “recovered” from their eating disorder is taking selfies of their midsection and then underneath it saying not to compare themselves with others- hypocritical?

    • Bridie says:

      Unless you have been through it you won’t understand. I’ve had anorexia now clean eating 6 times a day and spend a lot of time in the gym. She should be proud and no she’s right I won’t be comparing myself to her but I do find her information useful. as for the picture what relevance would a picture of her arse of been . Chill out, (cortisol :)


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    Ways to Lose Belly Fat | Shrinking The Mid Section | Exercise | HIIT | GRIT | Eat Well | Enjoy Your Healthy Life



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