Getaway Break + Thoughts

Hey friends!

How are you?!

I had an incredible weekend. I needed that break for just a shortsecond.

Here’s why I really needed the break: these past 2 weeks have been crazy at work, I subbed for friends (so extra teaching & thus extra tired), and we had a huge event at our church that I was a part of. Not to mention the unexpected (but fun!!) visit from my dad & my husband going to help his dad last weekend<–which led to less ‘downtime’ & sleeping time.

I was ummm, well, beat by Friday.

Oh, and then as I was leaving to go teach Zumba Friday morning, I checked on the post I wrote as a guest for Janetha while she is away, and was utterly flabbergasted by some of the comments. I got some pretty unkind comments that I felt were a bit out of nowhere (I wrote the post as a funny note about some things I’ve seen as an instructor!), to say the least.

I had a mix of emotions–I was sad, angry, confused, annoyed, and upset. And well, hello feeling even more beat up at this point! It was all sort of laughable at one point though….

I realize that many might not’ve seen the funny side, but to come after me as a person? Sort of uncalled for.

Ahh well, it is what it is. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so hilarious?!

heh. 😉

Real quick just some thoughts about it all:

First of all, it’s a BLOG post, not a document that will be filed away as truth. Nor is it a public forum. My goodness, it’s my thoughts!

Second of all, when did we stop being nice to each other?! And we wonder why there’s a bullying problem in the schools…. Seriously there are ways to state opinions in a constructive way in blogpost comments. And one of them is not being cruel to the person who wrote the post.

Third of all, why do we all take ourselves -and others-so freaking seriously? I had written the post as sort of a funny way of saying ‘these are some things I see as an instructor–isn’t that kinda funny, haha’ (maybe I should’ve used that as the post title?!) & whoa, apparently that didn’t jive with a bunch of readers?! I need to work on my sarcasm/humor, I guess! 😉

I ended up talking to the amazing Ashley & Lindsay, and both of them made me feel so much better. As did my sisters!! Great people who helped me see how quite funny this all was. :) (p.s. they all thought it was hilarious–both the blog post & how people take themselves/blog posts wayyyy too seriously)

I have an amazing support system (& thank you all for being such awesome readers!), and when the world wants to judge me & say rude things about me, there will always be those who truly know me that will support me & love me.


**p.s., I was planning on doing another post (here) about pet peeves group fitness members have about instructors (I really would love to know!! plus I think this is all sort of hilarious), so please, in the comments, tell me some pet peeves you have/see with your group fitness instructors. And then I’ll do a post about that soon. Hopefully it will be a bit more funny? :)


anyways. moving on! I had an incredible weekend. It was amazing!

Getaway Break

As you can imagine, I’ve NEVER been more excited to just enjoy our getaway break! And enjoy we did!

{fitmixer aminos go everywhere with me!}

Once we got there to the mountain house (my parents bought it), Jared snowplowed the driveway, I made dinner, and then we ate & watched a movie.

{pesto/parmesan/chicken/w.w. pasta/bell peppers}

And I ate ice cream later on too.

Who’s genius idea was it to put the Speculous Cookie Butter atop ice cream?!

Mmmm. divine.

Saturday we slept in (yay!), worked out together (well, he stayed for like 10 minutes. hah), and I made sure to stretch a bunch after….

I love feeling like a dancer again!

Trying to keep up my flexibility & I always have way too much fun. Linz does headstands, I do crazy stretches.

And then we ate:

We chilled, napped, read, rode ATvs, made almond butter (!!) and had such a nice time in the mountains.

Thanks mom & dad for having such a great house that we can enjoy semi-nearby (1 hr away)! My parents are the bomb–both so loving, kind, & generous. I got real lucky in that department!

{we had ice cream together before we left Saturday night. Jared wants to make it known that he just ate the end of the carton-and not the whole thing. haha}

Sunday was enjoyed at church. and naptime. and at Jared’s parents’ house.

Lovely, eh?! :)

Sometimes it’s so refreshing & needed to just take a short getaway break. We had an incredible weekend, and I am excited & rejuvenated for the week ahead!


Have an awesome Monday! <3

Like I asked above–for a future post–what are some of YOUR pet peeves about group fitness instructors — i.e. things that drive you bonkers?? How was YOUR weekend?? Last time YOU ‘got away’ for a bit?? 

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    I think in those situations you end up either laughing or crying about it hahahah or at least I think that would be my reaction! I agree with you that people can be really harsh on the Internet because they have that computer screen to hind behind and do not take into consideration what they are saying and how it is hurtful for someone:( some of t pet peeves in group fitness is showing up late! I just feel like yes everyone has emergencies at some point and that’s okay but if your coming in after 15 minutes it just seems like they consider there time more valuable! Also when I go to spin classes there is always this one woman who is on her cellphone texting! Seriously! And sometimes she answers calls ugh:( haha there was my mini rant:) btw I bet you were an awesome dancer:D!

  2. I read that post and I thought it was hilarious! I feel like people complain about fitness instructors/classes all the time, so I thought it was interesting to see the other side of the coin. I’m glad you were able to shrug off the comments though.

    I had ice cream last night…but now I wish there was cookie butter in there too :-p

    • it was awesome with cookie butter 😉

      I’m going to do the flip side this week–hopefully tomorrow. heh. hopefully it’ll be more hilarious 😉 xo

  3. Pet peeves from fitness instructors: when they don’t do the workout too!! Now I totally understand if they have to scale back (I can’t imagine yelling out cues AND working out!) or walk around a bit to ensure form, but I want to know/see that they can do the workout too!! I don’t like when they just stand up there… uhhh hello do something lol

  4. janice says:

    I am enjoying your blog, thanks! My first reply but I just HAD to address this one…I’m a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. It never ceases to amaze me how clients behave about getting “their” bike for spin or “their” spot for step or THEIR weights for bootcamp. Omg they are intense and I always try to tell them that worst case scenario…THE. WORST (and I’ll try not to let this happen) is that you come back tomorrow. Worst. Case. Scenario

    Wish I had your problems if you’re blowing up over a spin bike. Sheesh

    I have concluded that this exercise thing (and I’m the biggest offender, too) is like a drug. We can be like drug addicts getting their fix removed. Not pretty. I can only control my own reactions and hope that I never, ever act like that. Or post like that. Please God give me other, more important things to worrry about than an what an instructor blogs on her site. Lordy!
    Sorry they were rude and inexusable (my opinion) to your post. For pete’s sake, it’s a BLOG people.

    • Janice, that’s so true! There are some women who get downright VICIOUS if “their” spot at Zumba is occupied by an unassuming “newbie”. It’s a spot, people! You don’t own it! :-)
      You’re right… it’s a blog. Get over it.

      • Haha. You’re both so right–it’s pretty funny when there’s a fight about ‘spots. I once had an instructor friend tell me that in her class a lady actually hit another lady b/c she wouldn’t move out of ‘her spot.’ HAH 😉

        thanks for the smiles ladies!!

  5. While everyone is absolutely entitled to their own opinions (that’s what makes the world go ’round, after all) some people take it waaaay too far. Your post was funny and lighthearted so I feel bad that it wasn’t interpreted that way by everyone. (You’re ALWAYS such a negative person, right?!) Glad you had a great weekend!

  6. Dasha says:

    There will always be someone that dislikes or disagrees with something, and it’s great that you took it for what it is and didn’t get too upset! :)

    All of your comments about what people do in group classes are very true, and not just from the instructor’s point of view, but from the fellows gym-go’ers point of view. One more thing to add to the list – is that when you arrive couple of minutes earlier to make yourself a spot in a busy class, and then someone walking in late trying to SQUEEZE in where there is no more room! Soo annoying!!!

    As far as instructors pet peeves – when they don’t correct your bad form, or not giving enough pointers for doing the exercise right. We all come there for a reason – to have a good workout, to learn the proper form, etc. I can count in my own head … pLEASE give some pointers.

  7. I started reading because of Janetha’s blog and I (obviously) didn’t think your post was offensive. I can see where some of the polite dissenters were coming from, but.. yeah. Some people seem to think that they are the end all, be all on what is okay on the internet, and if it’s not their way they’re allowed to call you every name in the book and it’s justified. So dumb.

    As a newb to fitness classes it makes it hard one me when instructors don’t seem to have a lot of situational awareness. That is, they are going too fast for the class, or I am trying to ask for help and they seem to be “scanning” right over me or whatever. I also had a yoga teacher once who would forcefully shove students into place, and if you said it was painful she would insist that no, that was just stretching or whatever. The best part about it was that was a class I took in COLLEGE so I couldn’t just stop going. :/

  8. I’m sorry to hear that people were rude with their comments. It’s so uncalled for! But it sounds like you were able to work through the hard feelings–which means that you’ll come out on top in the end! :)

  9. Love you lady! :)

    Hmm fitness instructor pet peeves… When they’re LATE! I understand it happens occasionally, but if it happens repeatedly, it drives me nuts. I came to get in and get my workout done – not sit around and wait! Also, when they just start talking to other members while we’re all busting our butts with the workout, and they totally lose track of how long we’ve been doing something. And lastly, as much as I like some encouragement and motivation, I don’t need the instructor yelling at me constantly. Thanks, but no thanks.

  10. oh no! I can’t believe all those comments (I just went and looked – I LOVED the post!). I know how that feels, I’m the kind of person who likes to be liked! I hate it when I find out someone doesn’t like me or feels offended by something I said, it really eats at me inside. I hope you were able to brush this off and move past it, there are so many of us who LOVE you!

  11. Jessie says:

    I think people need to chill out! All of those things annoy me too- and things about the instructor annoy me too. We are all allowed to be annoyed. It’s not like you were personally attacking them!

    In body pump i HATE it when the instructor groans loudly into their microphone. Or when they repeat one phrase over and over.

    Brush the haters off girl, I think you are one of the most positive bloggers out there!

  12. I’m glad you had a nice break for the weekend! You’ve been crazy busy.
    Well, I thought your post was funny, but I guess people just didn’t know you were trying to be funny? I don’t know…that’s bizarre haha. Some people don’t get sarcasm. I guess over the internet it’s hard to tell? Way to keep your head up and talk to friends about how you were feeling! No one deserves mean or rude comments!

  13. Taylor says:

    I started reading your blog because of your guest post on fitness instructor pet peeves! I loved reading it and thought it was hillarious! The points you made are very true–not just from the instructors point of view.

  14. Nicole says:

    I was going to comment on the post in Janetha’s blog but I might as well here! I loved the honesty mixed with humor in that post; everything was so true! People talking is by far the most distracting thing to me in a fitness class; I can’t even imagine how hard it is for the instructors to focus! I also always make a point to let the instructor either know why I was later after the class or let them know ahead of time that I will be leaving early and set up my equipment towards the back. Courtesy and respect are always appreciated from either side!
    That post actually led me to your blog and into my bookmarks tab! I enjoy reading your posts already as becoming a group fitness instructor is definitely a goal for myself and it helps to know what you’re getting yourself into.
    As for exercise class participant pet peeves, I really do not like when the instructor is struggling through the choreography, doesn’t preview combinations before we are supposed to perform them, or not on the right time with the music. Instead of focusing on the moves, I am just trying to figure out where he/she is going next and am unable to put forth my full effort.
    I understand everyone makes mistakes and needs practice but if I can’t understand what they want the participants to do, I feel so frustrated!

    • Thanks so SO much!!

      I agree with the choreo thing– instructors should know it 100% before teaching. If they mess up once or twice, fine-we’re humans, but really all the time?! Heh 😉 I’ll include that in my list!

  15. Alicia says:

    Annette! I just read that post, and want you to know it was hilarious and so true! All of it. People that are looking for the negative can find it in anything and anyone, I am sorry those people just happened upon your well written, spunky, and light-hearted little post! They need something better to do. The post wasn’t what brought negativity into that blog, it was clearly the people reading it and searching for something to complain about. They probably did that in about 25 other places they went that day…other blogs, the drive through window, the mall, there kids, there neighbor, etc!
    You just keep being YOU! Your honesty is refreshing. Your opinion matters, and there are hundreds of people out there who love the way your write! And I love you! Have a wonderful day, and wear your beautiful smile! You are brave for sharing like you do, and don’t change a thing!

  16. I hope you saw my comment- it was at the way bottom. I was also flabbergasted when I read some of the comments from others, because I just thought they were SO RIDICULOUS.
    You just have to brush it off an not let it bother you (though I know that’s easier said than done!!) because YOU are pretty GREAT.
    And yes- do a post on your own blog about the same thing! We all know your sense of humor and would get a good laugh from it! You were not intending to be insensitive or discouraging- I think many people just took it the wrong way (and I don’t know why).
    LOVE YOU GIRL!!! :)

    • I did–thank YOU Lauren!! You’re so kind, and I really appreciate both comments –there & here :) You’re the bomb diggity!

  17. KarenG in France says:

    Hey Annette ! You are one of the most positive bloggers I read. Don’t let them get you down. You have alot of supporters out there! Keep up what you are doing.

    My biggest pet peeve is starting late, I find it’s a lack of respect for those attending. I also have a hard time with very loud music and screaming instructors (army boot camp anyone) ?

  18. I’m so sorry to hear that you got such negative feedback from your guestpost…I not only loved it and though it was hilarious, but I also ADDED YOUR BLOG TO MY GOOGLE READER because of it! Don’t let the haters get you down. I saw the humor in it, and I know others did as well. Best wishes!

  19. I read your post and loved it! I got your humor and thought it was an awesome post. I too couldn’t believe the negativity that was coming from some of those comments. I can see how you felt the way you did but in the end don’t let those people bring you down! You are always so positive and upbeat on you blog posts.
    My pet peeves are when they start late. Also when they think they don’t have to do the workout, and just walk around. I understand for a couple minutes to check for form! Don’t worry you don’t do any of those! You’re awesome girl 😉

  20. Deborah says:

    I read your post and found it to be honest and funny. Along with the benefits of technology we have realized some hazzards. The annonymity of the internet has provided some with an outlet for hateful comments that they would not dare to speak on the phone or to someone’s face. I also fear that the generation raised without these “in-person” filters has contributed to the increase in bullying. But, I do believe in the ultimate goodness of human kind. Stay strong…

  21. That’s so rude of them! Just think of it in an instructor context- you were a new poster to that blog…and people don’t like change. Like at classes, when you fill in or takeover a new class, participants can be a bit grumpy because they dont like people messing with their usual routines. Don’t take it to heart, you’re amazing!

    Looks like you had a well deserved break.

    Oh in regards to your instructor post, I did a similar one- feel free to peruse and see what I thought :)

  22. Just so you know…I read your post on Janetha’s blog and found it so entertaining I felt the need to come check out your blog (and subscribe). Your comments were funny and true!


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