Five Things for a Friday

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First of all, I have a (fun) guest post on Janetha’s blog today! Check out some choice words I have about being a fitness instructor….. 😉 {After you read it, come back here too–I’ve got some good pics! hehe}

And now, for today, just some randomness I’d thought I’d share.

Five Things For a Friday

5 things about me from this past week….

1. My husband bakes whole wheat bread. Is this real life?!

Here’s the secret: buy your guy a bread maker for Christmas, and he just might be tempted to bust out some baking skillz.

My man doesn’t really cook (sorry sweetie), but he sure can bake! Wow. I’m one lucky girl.

2. I bought this on a whim last week at TJ’s. One word: DELICIOUS

And sort of dangerous…. 😉

3. I randomly wanted pink lemonade the other day–in the middle of winter?

I was just working & felt thirsty and as I got up to get some water I realized I really wanted pink lemonade!

I loooooveee pink lemonade, so this isn’t too weird, but it was just hilarious since it’s freezing outside.

And I drank it before foam rolling during a quick work break–good times.

4. I enjoy (w.w.) pasta!

I personally think pasta gets a bad rap in general–in the blog world I hardly ever see it (even w.w.<–which is all I eat), and most of my clients in the insurance company tell me they ‘stay’ away from it. And I used to be scared of it. Uhhh.

Ummmm I’m telling ya, whole wheat fettucine is where it’s at!

{Instagram photo–I had taught BP beforehand<–ps follow meeeeee @fitnessperks}

Add some pesto, cheese & spinach and you’ve got yourself a meal. An easy, delicious meal at that. BOOM.

5. I live what I preach/blog about.

The other night I ate some casein protein (that recipe I shared). With fro yo. Duh.

People, I am a real person, and this blog definitely will be just that–no faking, lying, or pretending. If I want protein powder I will eat it. If I want ice cream, I will eat it.

And I will probably blog about both. 😉

{And if I want ice cream AND fro yo, I will have both <—proof}

You CAN live a balanced lifestyle that includes lots of fitness & healthy foods, but that also has some really delicious treats & indulgences too.

And that’s all I’ve got….

Have a great start to your weekend!!


This evening after work we’re headed to the mountain house to relax—I am SO excited!!

What are 5 things YOU want to share?? What are YOU doing this weekend?? 

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  1. 1- i’m going to bikram tomorrow. 2- and sunday. 3- jonny’s making me going to the billiken basketball game on saturday. 4- we are dog sitting this weekend. 5- TGIF!

  2. I agree, Amen to that! I make so many desserts with my protein powder!

  3. I think I’m going to add pasta to my recipe list for next week :-p I don’t eat it too often, but I do agree that it seems to have gotten a bad rap on blogs/healthy living spheres in general. Do not fear the carbs people!

  4. I eat Pasta several times a week!

  5. Sienna says:

    I meant to share the other day but I think you should make this vegetable beef and barley soup:

    It’s delicious, easy, full of veggies and protein. I’m sure it would be good with ground turkey or kidney beans instead of the ground beef. If you buy the mirepoix mix at trader joes you don’t have to chop the onion, carrot, and celery making it even easier.

    Also, I love pasta! Spaghetti is my favorite food so I just try to keep the pasta whole wheat and a reasonable portion size. Whole wheat thin spaghetti with marinara and TJ turkey meatballs is a great easy meal.

  6. Ohhh, that cookie butter is so good. Love. I bet it would be good with ice cream too!

  7. I love pasta too and I make it for myself multiple times per month! If you’re eating the whole wheat kind, I honestly don’t see how it’s any less healthy than other whole grains.

    This weekend I’m going to the indoor farmer’s market, having a movie night with friends, going into work for a few hours, and relaxing! 😀

  8. where did you get your watch/what is it called? I always see it in your pictures and I want it so badly! I’m always curious as to how many calories I’m burning throughout my day/workout!

    • It’s a Polar FT4 HR monitor with watch (so you where the strap/monitor under your chest & wear the watch on your wrist). I was sent it for review, but you can find them pretty much anywhere!

  9. I’m running my first marathon this weekened! If I end up surviving it, my boyfriend (who’s going with me) tells me we should get froyo. Helloooo more motivation.

    • p.s. HOW was your first marathon?!?!? :)

      • It was really good! I ran the whole thing (which was my main goal) and even ended up finishing in a much better time than expected. I’m beyond sore still, but it was a great experience. I’m thinking there will be another one in my future. :)

  10. Teddy says:

    Just want you to know that Kourtney Kardashian put a pic of that crunchy cookie butter on Instagram yesterday. haha please don’t ask me why I know. But its the exact same stuff! Sounds soooo good.

  11. Anne Marie says:

    I read your guest post and man you had some harsh critics there! (a little to harsh in my opinion) I think people were a tad way to jugemental! I found myself nodding with everything you were saying and I go to group excersie 3 times a week:) I hope you don’t take those comments to heart! The regular readers of your blog know your personality:)!

  12. [email protected] says:

    Hey I found your blog from Janethas! Yay for blog sharing!
    1. Gym hunting this weekend
    2. I have a love hate relationship w/foam rolling
    3. I love pasta and try to squeeze in WW whenever my kids & hubs aren’t looking
    4. I love skipping rope
    5. I want to try Sunflower butter but its spendy, what if I don’t like it!?

  13. Omg I LOVE pasta, it was by far my favorite food growing up. But I definitely shied away from it for the past couple of years. Thank goodness for marathon training, I would get gluten free pasta at this great Italian restaurant before big races and it reminded me how much I love it!

  14. Missy says:

    I REFUSE to buy the cookie butter or Nutella because I know how that story is going to end!

  15. Jennyb says:

    Also stopping by after your guest post over at Janetha’s :)

    Saw some awful pump technique today that made me thing of your post. lol! She went far too heavy on biceps and was swinging backwards and forwards, despite the instructor starting the track off say “Brace your core, keep your chest still and no swinging!” AAGGGHHHH!

    five things? five things i need to do this weekend perhaps
    1-Gym. Today was x-biking, CX, Attack & Pump then tomorrow is either swim (should really so swimathon training) or combat (depending if i get off the waiting list), Body Step & Body Balance
    2-Study!! this should be number one (but gym always wins) i have too many assignments
    3-Order more protein powder
    4-Rest. thats how i should really spend my weekend, but i just don’t seem to find the time.
    5-Fix my polar – although i think i will have to send it off, hoping all it needs is a new battery but its not connecting with the strap although it did pick up my friends HR strap lol!

    • Yep–I see that alot for biceps track too. I actually really worked hard on that for myself so I would really nail the ‘no swinging’ thing. It’s so much easier to do that! hah. Thanks for being nice to me, I appreciate it :)

      Attack & cx & pump?! Whoa girl!!

      Hope you enjoyed your rest!

  16. Yay always feel so good reading your blog posts :)
    That whole wheat bread- om nom nom, freshly baked is where it’s at! Ship me some? Baking bread is on my baking list haha, must invest in a breadmaker first though 😛

    Oh and I did a similar post to the guest post you did! Haha, sounds fun- checking it out now 😉


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