Change of Plans

Hey, hey!

How are you all doing? I am great!

Weekend Recap

Friday morning you already saw <—bonus: Dark Chocolate Almond Butter No-Bake Cookies recipe in that post!

Friday night we….

Oh my gosh. Hilarious!

My sister texted me last weekend and told me we had to see Pitch Perfect, so that was first on our agenda for the weekend.

It was definitely worth it–p.s. my husband is a really good singer, so he enjoyed the movie. And we laughed throughout the whole thing.

Saturday morning, really early, I coached GRIT:

30 minutes. BOOM.

Those awesome people rocked it and totally pushed their limits. I love being able to be a part of that!

Now, as for the rest of the weekend, remember how I wanted to do absolutely nothing because I was pretty beat?

Yah. Well….First, a story.

Change of Plans

As a dancer, and former gymnast (okay fine, I took gymnastics for like 1 year and then broke my toe & quit), I am pretty physically flexible. I can do the splits, I can touch my toes & beyond, I always set the records for sit & reach, etc.

In real life though, I am not super flexible. I like to plan. I like to know what’s going to happen in advance, etc. etc.

I used to be pretty bad, like in tears & crying & screaming bad if plans were changed last minute.

{And no, I am not super spontaneous. Thank goodness for a husband who is!}

Nowadays, I am definitely more flexible, but it takes me longer than probably most people to be okay with a sudden change of plans.  Now it’s more just like a few tears.

Heh. Sort of kidding.

I like to know what I’m going to do, okay?!

So I had Saturday all ‘planned’ –like I was going to lay around, nap, read, declutter, and maybe watch a movie.

Well, after 2 calls in the morning, all of that changed!

Jared’s dad broke his ankle (sad!!), so Jared left to go help him out with moving some stuff (there went our lazy morning), and about 10 minutes later, my dad called & said he would be stranded in SLC in the early afternoon because of bad weather (he was flying from Cali to StL). Yep. Plans majorly changed.

We love both our fathers, so of course we were totally happy to help, but like I said above, it took me a few minutes to wrap my head around what would need to happen…. and change.

It was all good, seriously, but it meant that I pretty much needed to clean the apartment, and get stuff done quicker than I thought (I had also wanted to spend a lot of time decluttering).

However, it all was awesome. I got to see my dad unexpectedly (!!!), and he is my hero, so that was super fun. He even showed us some new photography skills he learned (he does photography as a hobby; his profession is Neurosurgeon-so yah, super smart). And then he took us out to dinner and ice cream! Nice, huh?

Cafe Rio two weekends in a row??

I’ll take it!

I got both fro yo and ice cream.

Pretty sure that is a record?? :) I wanted fro yo, and the men (Jared & my dad) wanted ice cream. And then as I was eating my fro yo (from Menchie’s <–pretty good) in line for ColdStone, my dad told me to get some ice cream too.

I don’t back down from a challenge. ever.

I finished the fro yo in line, and then ate like 6 bites of the ice cream, I was stuffed. But then I put it in the freezer to enjoy later. Actually, I am currently eating it as I type (thanks daddy!)<–I typed this last night p.s.

So moral of the story: a change in plans usually turns out just fine, if not better than what you had planned before. The experience is just determined by your attitude! Glad I changed my ‘tude, because it was a blast of a day!

{My dad left early Sunday morning–my gem of a husband took him before church.We miss ya daddy!}

Sunday we went to church & I took an epic nap after.

I awoke at 4:20 p.m. Whoops.

We ate dinner sponsored by Trader Joe’s (all goodies pictured on Saturday’s post)

{spinach tortellini with marinara & pesto chicken sausage with parmesan}

{spinach, carrots, and the new-delicious-dressing!}

Easy & delicious.


Well, I am off to coach GRIT & then teach BodyPUMP & film CXWORX. Wish me luck!

Have a GREAT day!

Are YOU physically and/or mentally flexible?? What do YOU do with a change of plans?? What did YOU eat that is delicious?? Someone please tell me I’m not crazy for getting both fro yo & ice cream in one night?!?! :)

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  1. Dang girl you teach alot too!! Is that your full time job or do you have another? Im impressed if so!

    • I do teach a lot 😉 I love it, as I am sure you do too!

      I have a full-time job-I’m a health coach for an insurance company. However, I do work from home, so I don’t have to travel for that, which is uber nice!

  2. yum, I could go for some cold stone any day now!

  3. I’m not particularly flexible in any sense of the word! Physically, my flexibility is terrible – I’ve never once come even close to touching my toes, despite dance and gymnastics as a kid! And mentally, I’m definitely a planner and I tend to feel thrown off if plans changed last minute. I am getting better about just going with the flow though!

    Froyo and ice cream? Best of both worlds!

  4. I’m very flexible because I hate making plans lol Jonny is total opposite and wants to plan EVERYTHING! We find a nice balance that works for both of us :) And YES to froyo and ice cream!!!

  5. I would eat 2 (dairy free) ice creams if I taught as much as you did. However, I would probably need to be super active or skip a meal to justify the excess fat and calories, if I did this on a regular basis. (Special occasions are the exceptions!!)

    Wish our gym offered GRIT. :) happy Monday!!!!

    • I wish every gym offered GRIT, it’s soooo good!

      I like ice cream, but this cold stone one was super rich! I haven’t even finished off that whole cup yet–but then again, I got a pretty big one. My dad made me. Haha 😉

  6. I am SO with you… As a former gymnast (for longer than a year though… haha) I am physically flexible, but life-flexible? Notsomuch. Having two kids has DEFINITELY helped me ease up (a little) but I, too, get very cranky when plans change or I have to do something spontaneously. Luckily my husband is understanding of this and helps me when I’m freaking out, but it’s still a struggle. I hope my kids are more flexible than I am! :-)

  7. Hmm I feel like I could’ve written this post… 😉 I am definitely not the most spontaneous person out there either. I’m glad you ended up having a great time with your dad! He seems like such a great man. And ummm, you know I’d be all about fro yo AND ice cream! I’m proud!

  8. A sudden change in plans can definitely make me anxious and upset too, I totally understand where you’re coming from! But adapting and being flexible is part of life sometimes, so glad you adjusted quickly and ended up having a great weekend!

  9. Caroline says:

    Such a funny movie!!! Glad to hear the hubby enjoyed it too. Cafe rio again? Jealous !!

  10. Fro yo and ice cream in one night sounds like perfection in the dessert world!! :) Sounds like a great weekend–Pitch Perfect was awesome, wasn’t it?!!

  11. Happy Monday! Okay, now I definitely have to rent that movie!! I’ve heard such awesome things about it! This weekend it’s on the agenda for sure. Whooo that GRIT burn is intense for 30 minutes! Love it. Okay, twins I used to be in gymnastics but had to quit because I broke my foot haha not fun. Aw, no sorry about Jared’s Dad. That definitely is a painful break!Um, for sure I’m not very flexible haha. Like at all, I’m working on it!

  12. I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of eating froyo and ice cream in the same night! Although honestly it would probably make me feel ill… haha. I use to be pretty bad about change but I’m getting much better with it!

  13. Sienna says:

    I’m a total planner. If I don’t have real plans (dinner with friends, a date, etc.) I still plan how I’ll spend the evening (working out, cooking, relaxing) a day or two beforehand. Sometimes non planners have had trouble understanding that even without real plans I still have things I was intending to do and so I don’t like a last minute change. A little advance notice goes a long way! Now that I’m more aware of it I’ll try to be more flexible or hold time for someone but pick the actual activity spontaneously.

  14. I love that WHILE IN LINE to get ice cream you were eating fro-yo. You might be my new hero 😉

    I think I’ve loosened up a lot these past few years but I too am not a spontaneous or flexible person. Jeff on the other hand is completely the opposite so he’s a really good balancer for me.

  15. Goodluck filming CX! Is it for your certification?
    Damn, I’m sorry your chilled out weekend got ‘rearranged’ and so proud of you for fighting through it and then realising it turned out great, even if it wasn’t what you planned. Lucky you got that huge nap in Sunday!

    Froyo & Ice-cream! Woohoo. I wouldn’t back from that challenge either 😉 I wish I could be carefree to do that, but at this stage I’d still get guilty, beat myself up over it, worry about weight gain, feel judge etc etc. But it just shows that your mentality is rly as healthy as you are physically! Yay for leftover ice-cream 😛

  16. I was super sick into the weekend with a very sore, swollen throat. Before I caved and went into a walk-in clinic on Saturday to get some heavy duty drugs (better now!), I could eat pretty much NOTHING but ice cream, fro yo, sherbet, and popsicles without pain. So two servings of frozen goodies in one day is sounding like chump change at this point! Ha, then, once recovered, was sick of it for about a day before I wanted more.

    Favorite flavors right now: Colbert’s Americone Dream and Edy’s Slow Churned Samoa Flavored. Oh, and rainbow sherbet – oldie but a goodie. Glad you had such fun, Annette!

  17. Corey @ Learning Patience says:

    it’s funny….I am extremely spontaneous when it comes to some things – random vacations, changing jobs, cutting my hair. However, when it comes to changing plans – I’m NOT at all flexible… It’s weird. It’s definitely something I need to work on. :-)

    xoxo from Trinidad

  18. I am still trying to be better about going with the flow when things change. I’m a big planner. Much better than I used to be though. And I think I would be okay with some fro yo and ice cream to soothe the frustrations. Haha! 😉


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