Eats on Days I Teach Fitness Classes

Hey friends!

Guess what??

Happy 1,000 days of marriage to us!! <3 Yay!

We celebrate the small things & markers in our marriage–and I have a calendar count on my computer (never took it down when I had it up, counting the days until our wedding, so then it just counted days we’ve been married)-so today is 1000!

We always have special notes, food, dates, or ‘time together’ (wink wink) marking those special dates to us. And we have a bunch!

Such as (to name a few):

  • first time we met {9/20/09}
  • first date {10/6/09}
  • first kiss {10/18/09}
  • day he proposed {2/12/10}
  • wedding date {4/30/10} <–when it’s right it’s right, so we got married!
  • 1,000 days {aka TODAY!!!} :)

I love the man I married. Jared is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Love you, babe <3


Alright, now after we’ve all awwwwedd & oooohhhed & gotten mushy, time to bring on the food pictures.

You’re favorite, I know.

I had a reader request to post about my food on days I teach so much, and well, I aim to please, so here ya go!

*Note: I tried my best to document everything I ate, but I am pretty sure there were some nibbles here & there. And please do not judge yourself against me. This is why I tend to avoid posting things like this, but another fitness instructor (hi Bek!) wanted to know about how much I eat to fuel such intense days. And like I said, I always answer readers’ requests!*

Eats on Days I Teach Fitness Classes

{this is from last Tuesday}

5:00 a.m. -ish:

*I prepped my drinks:

  • 1 water bottle (drunk during class)
  • 1 cup of fitmixer aminos (drunk right before leaving to go teach)
  • 1 bottle with 4 ounces milk (1%) and 1 scoop whey protein powder mixed in (drunk right after teaching)

{love me some aminos}

After I taught 1 hr BodyPUMP class:

-Then I drank more water & that milk/whey protein combo seen above.

-Came home, showered, and went back to bed for an hour. Or I read & eat right away–this day I went back to bed for 1 hour. <–still back up by 8!


{salted/peppered egg, spinach-berry-protein smoothie <–there was more of it that I drank too-I made a LOT, huge slice homeamde whole wheat bread with salted almond butter}


Sort of depends on how I feel. I forgot what I ate that day, but it was probably cheese & carrots. I loooovve cheese.


{looks gross-tastes delicious. I ate 1 veggie burger with blue cheese, 1 sweet potato with ketchup}


{hot cocoa & cinnamon}

{TJ’s sunflower seed butter usually paired with an apple. and then I eat it straight out of the jar when the apple is gone. probably a few small spoonfuls? Depends on how hungry I am}

I taught BodyPUMP again (drink water before) in the early evening.

After BodyPUMP:

-I refuel with my 4 ounces of milk (1%) & scoop of whey protein powder.

{except the dessert shown is eaten about 1 hour after dinner. More on that in a sec.}

-I then shower & prep dinner right after coming home.


{sweet potato fries, sugar snap peas, hummus, ketchup, turkey burger with blue cheese}

-Then I usually read, blog, hang out with my husband, and eat another snack or dessert.


I have either:

  • protein ‘pudding’ or protein ‘chocolate sauce’ (use Casein protein)
  • fro yo with nuts (or I add this to my above pudding!)
  • cookie with ice cream
  • Greek yogurt with cereal
  • a few pieces of chocolates

It just depends on my mood!

Throughout the day I drink tons of water and, yes I go to the bathroom a lot. I have THE smallest bladder in the world. Ask anyone who knows me.

I eat to live & to be able to do what I do–so the choices I make usually go hand in hand with that. I also know how to listen to my body really well, and I’ll eat what I want.

As you can see, I try to eat a good amount of salt–my body needs that, and it’s all I crave, especially after teaching & losing so much sweat! Those smoothies in the morning have been amazing (LOVE my blendtec), and I pack in several cups of veggies & fruits first thing. Needless to say, I’m super regular & feel amazing!

As for day in & out, every day my eats look similar to this but different-lunch is usually a random mishmash or leftovers, and dinner, when I cook, is usually ample protein, some fats, lots’o’veggies, and a complex carb.


Happy eating!

Have a GREAT day! <3

What are some of YOUR eats on days you work out more?? Do YOU crave salty foods too?? What is YOUR favorite bed-time snack or dessert lately??

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  1. It all looks delicious! I can’t imagine burning through that many calories a day and not having a few spoonfuls of PB straight from the jar.

    • That afternoon snack is where that happens 😉 And sometimes in the morning too. Each day is different–some days I eat more than this, some days less, but I am always satisfied!

  2. I have been digging sweet potatoes lately. I have 1-2 a day right now :)

  3. If I was teaching like you do, I’m pretty sure I’d have the nut butter jar permanently attached to my hand! Lately, I’ve been having casein protein mixed with either Greek yogurt or pumpkin with some sort of nut butter before bed, but you kinda have me thinking that I need to break out the ice cream soon!

    • Hah 😉 Yep, that afternoon snack usually has those spoonfuls like I mentioned. So good!

      Ice cream is the bomb. It’s a must!! hehe

  4. I didn’t know you were a casein fan… Will you talk more about that sometime? I’ve heard a lot about that, but didn’t know if it was just hype or if it really is something I should invest in!

  5. Awwww congrats on 1,000 days! And I always craved salty foods when I was marathon training, especially when it was hot out and I was sweating a LOT.

  6. Yum! I love you and how you fuel your body! You’re awesome. I have the tiniest bladder in the world too… Cody tells me I have a “gerbil bladder”, and of course it’s gotten even worse since being pregnant. 😉

  7. WOW! You truly rock that wedding dress! I don’t normally like wedding gowns with sleeves but holy moly, you do it!! I think you might be the only person in the world who can!!! :)

  8. Eats look awesome! I totally agree on the salt. I only teach three zumba classes a week, but on the days I teach, I make sure to eat more salt, which is hard for me since I really don’t like it. That’s probably why I order meals out so I have no idea the salt being added. You rock! I used to teach two back to back zumba classes and it started to become wayyyyy too much on my body! Body pump is definitely awesome!

  9. I loved this post! It is interesting to see how someone truly eats to fuel as opposed to eat to lose weight, or just eat for fun. I have never seen it from your perspective before :) I am curious, did someone show you how to eat when you first started training, or did you find what was right for you by trial and error?

    • I eat to fuel for sure :) And sometimes, I just eat something simply because I want it.

      I studied nutrition science in college–I got my Minor in it, actually, so I took biochemistry & nutrient metabolism & classes like that, so I understand what happens to food & why. I also took sports nutrition, so from a training perspective, I’d say my education helped a ton. I also knows what works for me, and I try to read up on it & stay on top of the research. I do NOT like regimented plans though, so I don’t really follow a plan. So I’d say mostly by trial & error I’ve found what works best to help me stay on top of my game? For example, a lot of people can eat breakfast before a long run, I CAN NOT. I cramp badly. Whereas the science says you prob should have something. I can only eat toast or fitmixer, or else I cramp bad.

      Hope that helps!! :)

  10. Great post! I think it’s really interesting to see how you fuel your workouts and long days. And cramming lots of veggies and fruits into a smoothie is the best way to eat them if you ask me!

  11. I have to refuel with protein!

  12. Phoebe says:

    whoa, annette! i’m amazed by how quickly things go between u and Jared!! engaged after dating for 5 months, then married 2 months later? It’s unbelievable that u got married within a year of knowing each other, yet WAY more unbelievable that everything turns out sooooo great between u two!! so happy for you! 😀

    wondering though – hv u ever hesitate for marrying so early in a relationship? Weren’t u afraid that the relationship is still in the honeymoon period where both parties r blind to each other’s shortcomings? (but of cos, u proved it wrong! u two are totally adorable ;))

    • Phoebe says:

      PS. I am kind of curious – have you ever wore ur polar watch for a whole day to check how much you burn in a whole day?
      PSS. I’ve a smallll bladder too! n i love water :p my family curses me on a road trip hahaha

    • Yep, we KNEW it was right pretty quickly. Probably after 2 months or so. I had dated a TON & had come close to marrying a guy before Jared, so I knew what felt right & what didn’t. What I loved about Jared was that a lot of things he is & does for me wasn’t necessarily what I thought I needed, UNTIL I had the major breakup before. I’d say that breakup totally prepared me to meet Jared & to be able to share a life with someone who loved me.

      In my experience, most great relationships & marriages come from a man loving the woman a bit more–simply because women were born to love, and men, it is harder for them. So if you’re in a relationship where the woman is totally head over heels & the man is not, there will probably be some issues and/or a breakup….just from what I’ve seen & experienced.

      I’d say I was a bit nervous, but not scared, no. I felt a lot of peace & just KNEW he was right for me. I also have sisters who had this happened to them too –so I was able to talk to them about what they felt. It helps to have someone who’s been through it before :)

      And no, I’ve never worn the polar all day. I don’t really care too much? I think it’s fun to wear it, yes, but I’m not dependant on it, per say? I’d guess that with the exercise, I burn anywhere from 2600-2800 per day? And without exercise –so on rest days, prob 1900-ish?

  13. I love being able to see what other fitness gurus are eating on a daily basis! My doctor told me that I need to increase my salt intake too because of how much sweat I lose when working out. I also love protein smoothies after workouts! yumm

  14. happy 1000! is that the btown temple? if so.. it’s practically next door to my parents’ casa. if no.. disregard. haha

    • StL temple :) I’m from there, so we got married there. It’s gorg! p.s. they live by b-town temple?!? Thats such a pretty area!! xo

  15. Haha! Hi Annette! Thanks for this :) I think it’s just good to see to make sure some of us are eating enough- because unfortunately a lot of ‘healthy’ people undereat.

    Haha, I do the ‘try and get another hr of sleep’…sometimes it works and other days I’m lying there being like ughh so tired but can’t sleep!

    I can’t drink water while teaching Step- I drink before but can’t drink during cause without a doubt I’ll need to go to the toilet and all that jumping is no good with a full bladder. I usually chug a bottle right after though, and have ample water before (in the morning this is usually 2 full bottles).

    Hmm, I don’t take any protein but I really should. I guess it’s just finding one I like and can afford- plus trying to get past that point of I’m drinking 300 calories or what not. I feel it’s a waste (yep something I’m working on). I guess I just really need to educate myself on how important it is post-workout.

    Thanks for doing this post :)

    Ps. Nawww! So cute- congrats guys :)

    • I can see your point–I was totally there too at one point. But I slowly realized that I was only doing my body a disservice by not feeding it what it needed in a quick form right away. i’ve only gotten stronger & fitter–and leaner, since doing that! But I do GET the whole issue of ‘extra calories’ and being worried. That is something, like you said, YOU must decide upon & what’s best for your bod.

      And I agree-I totally eat to be healthy, and I eat what I want. Those who say they eat ‘healthy’ and then hardly eat…..yah. I don’t read those blogs anymore. xo

  16. On days I work out more, I allow myself a little dairy (which I almost never eat) and maybe I’ll bake great gluten-free quick brownies if I’m really feeling like I pushed it hard! I try not to cheat too too much, because this is the year I’m going to reach my fitness goals!!

    Also–I love a great spinach smoothie. I love to make mine with kiwi fruit and almond milk…so delicious.

  17. Love the way you fuel your body girl! And so happy for you and the hubby, congrats!! 😀

  18. Your wedding photos are beautiful! Congrats on 100 days :)
    Awesome post, especially for us group fitness gals. I was teaching Zumba 7-8 times a week a couple years ago and was running myself ragged and getting burned out bad. I probably didn’t fuel up as well as I should have!

  19. Danielle says:

    ohhhh your wedding pics are just simply divine and beeee-eautiful! so lovely and sublime :)
    i love your food posts because first of all, they make me hungry and excited, and second of all because they are such fun! i wish i could carry around my blender with me all the time now, i am in love with it. really, love! i am totally adoring my morning smoothies after my workouts, and i throw in everything green and growing, so who knows what i’m having anymore?! on my heavier days i am always eating… almonds are constantly on hand, and of course my smoothie, and lots and lots of beans, nut butters of different kinds now since one is never enough, and protein. my favorite tasty treat right now is homeade apricot butter. YES!!!! omg girlie you would melt at how easy and yummy this stuff is. alls i did was take some all natural dried apricots from Trader Joe’s, dump a bit of boiling water on them to soften, wait 2 hours till really soft, and blend up in my blender with some sea salt to taste and a squirt of lime juice. i use less liquid, and then afterwards it turns into this amazing delish apricot butter. i eat that with some homeade coconut butter and nuts and banana and i’m HEAVEN!!!!!!
    okay now i’m really hungry and i just ate a lamb shank LOL.



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