Sparkly + Awesome + Things to Avoid

Hey, hey!

Last night was pretty great–I actually cooked (I made my homemade pizza crust for pizza<–easiest & most delicious crust out there. promise.), I watched the latest Once Upon a Time episode (yessssss), and spent some nice relaxing time with Jared.

Ahhhh. Seriously, as much as I love teaching fitness, I do enjoy the nights ‘off’ at home too. 😉 (I teach Tue/Wed/Thur nights)

I also read a few things, and I just MUST share with you all.

Awesome + Things to Avoid

First of all, check out this great read about Drops of AWESOME . I love the points she makes! Why can’t we just be okay with the fact that we are pretty awesome & stop beating ourselves up so much?? Love her point of looking for the great/good that we each do–although it be simple. When we focus on positive, our lives are better. period.

Second, I read a great article (I saw it on FB, thanks to amazing reader Danielle– Hi Danielle!) about  8 dangerous things we teach each other and MUST avoid.

My favorite? ALL 8. Seriously. It’s a short read (so go read it!), but here are 2 that I loved:

3.  You need more to be happy.

You are doing just fine.  You don’t need any more or any less to be happy.

Life would be so different if you stopped allowing other people to dilute or poison your perception with their words and opinions.  Happiness is derived from the way you see your own life; it depends on your thoughts, not on what you have or what you do not have, or what other people think about what you have.

6.  Big opportunities only come to a lucky few.

Big opportunities come to those who make the most of little opportunities.  Little opportunities are present in each moment and in every situation.

Today is filled with little opportunities.  Everywhere you look, there are small ways for you to make a positive difference.  In little bits of time that might otherwise be wasted, there is a piece of something larger waiting to be created.  String enough of these pieces together, and absolutely anything is within your reach.  You just need to decide what it is you want to achieve.


Sparkly Sparkly Headbands (review)

You know that time when a want becomes a NEED??

It was crazy, I’d see these awesome headbands (sweaty bands! BIC bands! sparklysoul! etc!) ALL over the place–mostly on people’s heads, but ya know…..

Anyways. I’d see them all over social media sites and thought yes, those look nice, and I think I want a few.

And then ALL of a sudden, nearing Christmas time, that want became a NEED. In a bad way.

How do you explain that phenomena?!? <—anyone have great experience with that in terms of telling the husband how that just happens? I need a really great template…. 😉

Anyway. I digress.

So Jared knew I wanted a few for Christmas, but because we got a few other larger presents, he held off & told me to just go buy a few after the holiday dust settled. (We’re super practical when it comes to gifts, and it’s something I love about him.)

Fine by me!

So one day, I looked up tons of info about various types of headbands & chose to buy from 2 different sources.

I bought 3 from BIC Bands and 1 from Sparkly Soul in various colors. All are bright & all are sparkly–imagine that?? (I already had 1 from a boutique where a lady made her own & sold them).

{the orange-thin one- is from Sparkly Soul, red/blue/pink from BIC Bands, & Silver from a random boutique}

I’ve worn all of them nonstop since.

I feel super cool & actually kinda, well sparkly, during my workouts! A little glitter and sparkle never killed anyone right?!

And man, I love me some glitter & sparkles!!

{I get reaaaaallly nasty in Zumba & the BIC Band didn’t move at all! Score.}

Both were true to what the website(s) promised–

  • neither the BIC Band or the Sparkly Soul slipped around when I was sweating (and I sweat a loooooottttt)
  • neither one gave me a headache per say (my head naturally gets headaches from anything on my head after a few hours, so both did kinda bother me after a few hours)
  • both shipped really quickly (BIC Bands was slightly faster….)
  • both are pretty comparable in price, but BIC Bands was having a major sale, hence the 3 at once purchase(!)
  • both look awesome on me. Oh wait…. was that a part of the website??

I bought them with my own money, and I am so glad I got some! They amp up my workout outfits, and dare I say I work harder when I look cuter? Heh.

So if you’re looking for sparkly (or otherwise) headbands, I’d recommend both BIC Bands & Sparkly Soul.

{Sparkly Soul}

{BIC Bands}

Annnnnnddd now I bet the marketing managers from both companies love me right now. 😉 hehe. <–p.s. I wrote this review b/c I felt like it, I have no incentive whatsoever from these companies, nor was I gifted these or asked to write a review. When I like something, I just SHARE it with you!!

And now I bet you’re sick of seeing me in headbands. Well, it’s over, you’re welcome.


And a special shout-out –my little sister is 19 today!

Happy Birthday to you, Sara!! Sara loves all things Justin Bieber, High School Musical, Zumba, and she even owns her own bread-making business that is booming in StL. She’s amazing.

{the cake my sister and I made for her b-day last year. we were pretty proud}

I love you, Sara! Happy BIRTHDAY to the sweetest & prettiest girl I know!


Have a LOVELY day ya all <3

Do YOU have Sparkly Soul or BIC Bands?? If so which ones do YOU have?? What went from a WANT to a NEED recently for YOU??

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sis!!!

    I too cannot get enough of Once Upon a Time…Do you watch Grimm? If not, check it out!!!

    And finally, those headbands are super cute! I never have any luck with headbands…The annoy me because they constantly move around! By the sounds of it, these don’t!

    • I don’t watch Grimm, no? Maybe I should!

      These don’t move–as long as you don’t push them back too far–that creates a funky angle on any headband and then yes, that would make it move. But nope–these didn’t move as I taught all my classes!

  2. Happy birthday to your sister!!
    I don’t usually wear headbands when I work out, but do love anything sparkly!

  3. happy birthday, sara!! xoxo i love love love my sweaty bands!! the only thing that will stay on my head and my sparkly silver and pink ones are my favorite!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your sis! :)
    I love the headbands- my friend Dani wears them and has about a million pairs! So, do they stay in place while wearing a headset while you’re teaching? That would be amazing…

  5. Loved that you shared your thoughts and experience with the BIC Bands and Sparkly Soul headbands… I’ve actually been feeling the same way lately. I keep seeing them all over, thinking how cute they are, and wanting them big time! I’m glad to hear they’re all that they’re cracked up to be. Now I am thinking I definitely NEED some! 😉

  6. Happy birthday to your Sister!!! I have sparkly soul bands and I really love them because like you, I lvoe glitter and sparkles:) At least they make me feel a little cooler at 5 AM when I don’t look the best working out. And I looove that article on being awesome! Yes, focus on the positives we have to give! We are enough as we are!

  7. i would like to dive head first into that pizza.

    also.. emailing you back soon. this is exciting!

  8. I want some sparkly Bic Bands! So cute

  9. Danielle says:

    Thanks for the shout out girly, I love Mark and Angel! They always make me smile :)
    and Happy Birthday to Sara, what a fabulously awesome cake from last year!!! can’t wait to see this year’s. AND I can see that awesomeness totally runs in the family, she is clearly Awesome and then some! like sister like sister 😀
    Okay, you are killin me… first ya got me hooked on the Fitmixer Aminos, and now I just placed my order for a BIC Bling Band… LOL. wow, before you know it I’ll be taking flying around town all sparkly and amino-ed up! but, at least i’ll be sparkly, right? right! I don’t just want sparkles in my life, I think I need em.
    xoxox hugs!

    • hahah :) You make me laugh! You won’t regret ’em. I’ve practically lived in them since I bought them. Gym people are probably like, Ummmm is she gonna keep on wearing sparkles?? Uhh YES, yes I am. :) xo

  10. Happy Birthday to your sister! Oh to be 19 again…. I’ve always wanted a sparkly headband, but at the same time I feel like it may be too much, you just proved me wrong!

  11. I ama Sparkly Soul gal. The Bic Bands do slip on me. Happy Birthday to your sister!

  12. Happy Birthday to your sister! And she already has a bread business and she’s so young?! Awesome!

  13. I NEED this. I’ve always looked for a good headband and they always slip off- what can I say I work hard 😉 It’s pretty embarrassing though when it does while you’re teaching a class and you don’t realise it ha! LOVE the sparkles! I wonder if they ship to Aus- for a premium I’m sure. I might have to look for an equivalent over here. Some of them are ridiculously priced, for what? A piece of material!

  14. Jolynn says:

    So glad I found this review. Can’t wait to try them. One question- are you ever too old to wear sparkle? I’ll be 40 soon and wonder if I’m too old:-(. They are so cute though!



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