Simply Weekendesque

Heyyyyyy! Happy Monday!

Gah. It was such a good weekend, I did NOT want it to end! I love that time to recharge, get some things done, spend extra time doing nothing, and enjoy quality experiences with my husband and friends.

This weekend was all of that and more!

I spent time with:

  • fitness
  • cleaning
  • food
  • errands
  • friends
  • relaxation
  • and, family!


Simply Weekendesque

And here’s what is simply weekendesque to me….

Friday :

I taught Zumba, and babysat my friend’s kiddo. Super fun!

(My husband had gone camping, and yes, he said it was verrrrry cold. But he had a blast. Weird?!?!)


I led a GRIT session –and it was pretty packed! Love.

{what I burned in 30 mins}

p.s. One of the guys who participated in GRIT told me afterwards (in between trying to catch his breath), that he does CrossFit Monday-Friday religiously (and has been for the past year or so), and he said GRIT kicks his butt more than anything he’s ever done at CF…..

Kinda neat, eh?

I guess that can give you an idea? (I’ve never done CF, it doesn’t really appeal to me, but I have had questions about comparisons–but couldn’t ever give an answer seeing as though I’ve never tried CF).

Afterwards I walked on the TM for a bit & read a magazine, then I went on a shopping extravaganza (we had like noooo food at the house) to SAM’s & Walmart, and then I (by myself!) trucked everything back up to our apartment.

I felt pretty awesome after getting that all done (& put away) before 10:15 a.m.!

{I had forgotten to take my watch off, so GRIT’s 400 + all the errands equaled 803, if you care.}

I showered, ate a green smoothie, and then left again to make returns to Old Navy.

I of course couldn’t ‘just return‘ stuff. Duh.

I left with 5 things. 😉 But because I had returned stuff, it all cancelled out.

Duh. (My husband loves this when I explain my reasoning. Hah)

Then I:

  • cleaned
  • helped my husband put stuff away from his trip
  • did laundry
  • ate an amazing lunch


  • read
  • took a nap
  • and got dressed <—wellllll technically I changed. hehe

Saturday evening was soooo fun! Guess what we did for our date night??

We went out with Ashley & her husband, Cody to Cafe Rio! Delicious & fun.

We then came back to our place & ate dessert:

(warning: looks like poo, but tastes delicious –they’re no-bake cookies made with almond butter & dark chocolate cocoa….mmmmmm)

We talked, laughed, and well, had some crazy moments for several hours.

I think they think we’re weirdos??

But at least our husbands had so much fun they begged to take a photo together!



Ashley is seriously even more gorgeous & wonderful in person. Ya all should meet her! And she is the most adorable pregnant lady. Plus she is so fun to be around.

Major winner night!


We ate some quick fitmixer protein French Toast and green smoothies & then hightailed it to church at 9 a.m.

Church was fueled well. 😉

After church we ate (another amazing lunch<–I had to recreate it again!!), and napped. <—I love sleep.

We then headed to Jared’s parents to hang out & eat.

Guess it’s a litttttttttlllleee bit cold here??


Such a wonderful simply weekendesque 2-ish days. What I mean is that most of the stuff I did wasn’t stuff I’d normally do during the week (except for maybe GRIT), so it feels nice to have a huge change of pace.

And I gotta admit, I love reliving it here. Now you see that I live what I preach & teach–yes DO the workouts (and push it while there!), but live it up too. Must have that nice sprinkling of fun!


Well, I am off to coach GRIT, teach BP & CXWORX & then work. Love me some Monday time!

Hope you all have a GREAT day! <3

What would be simply weekendesque to YOU?? What favorite eat did YOU have this weekend?? Do YOU clean on weekends??

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  1. new to your blog and I love it. adding it to my reading list :) you sound like me with your busy life of teaching 3 classes a day :)

  2. Looks like you had a really awesome weekend! I went out for dinner Saturday night and had a turkey and black burger with onion rings. It was pretty fabulous :-)

  3. i love low key weekends, having time to do what i want (wake up sans alarm, cook a tasty breakfast, and head to the gym). i usually do a ton of laundry on the weekends.

  4. Blogger double dates are the best. It gets even better with the more bloggers and spouses you add!

    Those chips look seriously delicious – can I ask what brand/flavor they are?

  5. Yayyy! I love our photos, and I love you! We had such a fun night with you guys! And trust me, we’re weirdos right along with ya, so no judgments there. 😉
    Those icicles off of Jared’s parents roof are insane! Glad you had such a great weekend!

  6. Mmmm.. rio.. it’s been too long. And I think I have a gift card, I better get on that! Looks like a great weekend! xoxo

  7. sounds like a wonderful weekend! jealous of your meetup!

  8. That sandwich looks great. What all did you put on it?

    • It was SOOO good!

      It was a whole grain ciabatta & in it was pesto, laughing cow & cheddar cheese & pepper jack, turkey, bell peppers, and spinach. I put it in our panini maker so it made it all toasted & melty. I kinda want another one now….. 😉

  9. I can visit you for the next weekend? Except….I’ll have to sit and watch and cheer you on for the grit part. =) The rest sounded fan-tabulous!

  10. Wow! Who knew errands burned SO much! Puts things in perspective doesn’t it that we have to fuel ourselves properly! Looks like you had a great weekend :) And yes, your reasoning defs makes sense 😉

  11. I wanna come hang out with you and Ashley!!! :) She is adorable! (So are you, duh!)
    I love that someone said GRIT was tougher than Crossfit! I am so sick of people bashing Les Mills classes and thinking that Crossfit is the ONLY workout in the world. Rant over. :)

    • duh. come to BLEND & then you will!!

      I agree with you. When he said that, I thought that was very innnnntteeeerrreessting. As a person who appreciates anything fitness related, I don’t really agree with some of CF’s tactics –such as price, their design, safety,etc. And yes, CF is not the only way to get fit. AMEN. Thankyou. rant over too. hah. But kudos to those who work hard in CF & get results from it!

  12. melissa says:

    thanks again for watching blake! i’m surprised it made it on your blog given the fact that he probably wasn’t the greatest. all the food looks delicious. i’m thinking i should hire you as my chef.

  13. Sprinkling of fun – couldn’t have said it better. I think I have told you this a million and 12 times but I love your approach to life, fitness, and balance. You rock lady!



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