Focus On: Sumo Plyo Squat


It’s the weekend, oh yes. SO glad about that.

Zumba was crazzzzzy yesterday. I love teaching that class on Fridays!

Last night was fun–my friend brought over her baby, and I babysat while she & her hubs went on a date. Awwwww.

I also scarfed a bag of popcorn all by myself–gosh I love that stuff.

{it’s the 94% fat free kind, then I add spritzes of olive oil, parmesan, salt, and a bit of garlic. YUMMO}

My husband was gone camping (in this weather?!?! I was like, uhhhh have fun freezing….)<–he loves to camp & do that manly stuff, so I was on my own. Kinda fun, kinda sad. But the little kiddo kept me company. P.s. I am glad I am married–what did I ever do about the monsters under the bed when I was single?!

Heh. 😉

Anyways. This morning I’m running an early a.m. GRIT session–it’s called “Max Out” because it’s half Strength & half Plyo. And it’s freaking insane. I don’t even do it all (since I’m the coach, I get in their faces too<—and often I drop down & do whatever it is WITH them, but I don’t always do every rep, seeing as I need to move to diff spots), and it’s stillllll crazy tough for me.

Pushing limits? My kind of fun.


Speaking of, I’m going to share a move we do in the GRIT Strength section.

The Sumo Plyo Squat.

Focus On: Sumo Plyo Squat

You’ll need:

  • a bench top
  • risers
  • your body
  • serious game face

I love this move because it combines a strength move (sumo squat) with a plyo move (jumping). Oh yessss.

Doing that will burn serious calories & can even stimulate more human growth hormone -which blasts fat & builds lean muscle. Hello?! Who wants in?!

To do a Sumo Plyo Squat correctly:

  1. Place the bench top on top of the risers–2 or 3 on each side is fine.
  2. Straddle the bench with toes slightly turned out.
  3. Jump onto the bench (soft knee landing)…
  4. Then jump again–exploding– off the bench and land in a sumo squat (toes slightly out, butt down, chest up), so you’re straddling the bench.
  5. Repeat at least 10 reps in a row. Use arms to help propel  yourself up throughout the reps!

the squat looks sort of like this (below), but butt a bit lower, and obv pretend she’s straddling a bench:

and the jump, go onto a bench that is wide enough for both feet (you don’t need that many risers, p.s.):

NOTE: For this move you want to go for depth in the squat & height in the jump.

In GRIT, we do this move about 50 times, and in between each set we do heavy-barbell weighted back squats.

Oh yesssssss.

I am off to both enjoy that kind of torture myself & help others enjoy this too….

Aren’t I lucky?!


Have a GREAT weekend! <3

What is YOUR workout going to be today?? What is YOUR favorite plyo move?? Have YOU tried the sumo plyo squat before??

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  1. i did 30 mins on the stair beast woot woot!

  2. Jared is indeed a crazy one. 😉 I can barely stand it for 5 minutes outside my front door!

    I absolutely love plyo exercises. I think their level of intensity and constant movement is super motivating and just FUN.

  3. I love plyo workouts! They always go so much faster

  4. Breanne says:

    I slept thru my alarm and missed pump this morning :( Trying to regroup and figure out my new workout plan of attack…

    Those squats sound terrifying(ly awesome).

  5. Haha I have a field hockey stick by my bed for the monsters!

  6. I like that move! We also do it in Body Step 90 in track 10, except we start on the step and explode off, jump on etc etc.

  7. AHH! You look so happy in that workout pic! LOVE it 😀

    And plyo sumo squat SS w heavy bb squats? Yes. Please.




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