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Hey friends!

Happy FRIDAY! :)

I am glad it’s the weekend. Like I said yesterday, this week was sort of crazy. I can’t wait (for this weekend) to get some extra sleep, have a dance party at Zumba today, do some GRIT, and see Ashley & her husband!


We all love hearing about others–it’s like we know each other in real life. I’m all about being buddies on the internet! (And hopefully one day we’ll all meet for reals).

So I got this survey from Janetha who got it from Lauren–and I am game for surveys. I thought this was a fun one!

{I wrote this last night, so keep that in mind}


Current book(s): I just finished What Alice Forgot and The Happiness Project. Both really great reads! Def recommend. I am about to start The Street Sweeper. Anyone else reading something good I should know about? I am a book nerd & LOVE reading.


Current music: CXWORX release #9. Perfecting the moves in my head as I listen!



Current guilty pleasure: Sleep. Here’s the thing, when you move around A LOT in workouts, your body wants to be as lazy as possible after. I need that right now in a bad way; but who doesn’t love to sleep?! I seriously LOVE it. I would marry it if I could….

Current nail color: Chipped. Some nails have some red on them though….. Whoopsies. Gotta get on that!

Current drink: Water. I love that stuff–but it’s best with some lime or lemon (essential oils) in it. Also, recently, since it’s been SO freaking cold, hot cocoa.


Current food: Green smoothies. Can’t get enough. Thanks blendtec for the obsession!


Current favorite show: Once Upon a Time. Soooo good! I’m liking Biggest Loser too, actually.

Current wish list: 1. To go to Trader Joe’s in SLC & buy pretty much everything there 2. to fly to see my sister and her new baby 3. we need frames for a bunch of pictures I have had for ummm, 2 years….just call me domestic procrastinator

Current needs: Someone to please come & cook us dinner. I’m failing in that department in a bad way this week. Ugh. (We have had a bunch of sweet potatoes & paninis instead.)


Current bane of my existence: Headaches that keep coming from not sleeping enough. Can ya tell I didn’t have enough this week? Hah.

Current celebrity crush: Hmmmm…I think Ryan Reynolds is nice to look at.

Current indulgence: Wearing my new sparkly headbands everywhere (more on that next week).

{wearing my pv.body outfit again. score}


Current blessing: Having a heater that works, enough hot water for long showers, and having a husband who appreciates me! I feel super blessed.

Current slang: legit. fab. gorg. tight. awesomesauce.

Current outfit: pajamas. My wardrobe during the week consists of either fitness clothes, jeans with a top, or pjs. I am not complicated at all–and often I re-wear outfits. Hah. <–I work from the computer and at home, so I can get away with it. 😉 I do get ‘dressed up’ slightly when we go out & of course, to church.

Current excitement: That it’s the weekend! I’ve got some fun activities planned-can’t wait!

Current mood: Happy & exhausted.

Current link: I have a spinach pancakes recipe,, and pandora all as links on my browser.

That was fun!


Have a GREAT day, people! <3

What is something on YOUR wish list today?? Current bane of YOUR existence?? Current nail color??

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  1. I have a dark purple on my nails now (shellac – i love it! it stays on forever!) current bane of my existence? almond butter! haha

  2. Caroline says:

    I wish oh how I wish you could fly out here to meet Joshua!!!! And then I’d make you be my personal trainer and teach body pump and your other classes. I love you!! :)

  3. I LOVE Biggest Loser! And I’ve read some good books lately, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls was really good (not a beach read though). I’m currently reading Matched, which I’m loving if you like young adult dystopias like I do… haha.

    • Matched sounds good, let me know if you liked-I also want to check into the Mazer Runner series. Did you read those? Did you like?

      • I did! I reviewed them on my blog, you can see it on the reviews tab. I liked them, they were interesting especially since the main character was a boy and I’m so used to girl main characters. It wasn’t my absolute favorite series, but I enjoyed it, especially the first one in the series.

  4. I love the PV body outfit…and my nails, chipped too :)

  5. I read What Alice Forgot a couple of months ago and really liked it. It’s weird because I read two books about losing memory kind of close to each other (in time) and I keep forgetting which ones which but anothe book I read that deals with memory loss is called “before I fall asleep” and is a realllllly good book, it’s a thriller. I recommend it.

    I’m currently reading “Haven” ts about psychic investigators. It’s pretty good too, definitely sucked me in.

  6. I’ve been all about the hot chocolate lately, too! 😀 Something on my wish list today is a cute little doggie – my husband and I are starting to look into adopting a small dog and I’m so excited and impatient. Hehe.

  7. Yup. I hear ya on the daily wardrobe. BUT- I’m okay with that! Getting “dressed up” for me is now anything to has buttons or a zipper. :)
    I looooove your sparkly headband!

  8. Woo! Love getting to know you better :) Oh no, I hope you can catch up on sleep this weekend. Hopefully, your teaching schedule gets less busy or you just get more use to it this week. Get hubby to do dinner 😛 Oh and I recommend Jodi Picoult novels! Her books are slightly depressing at times, but the emotional pull keeps you wanting more. She’s a fab writer! Start with The Pact. My fav so far.

  9. Fun survey! Your wardrobe sounds a lot like mine! I never want to “dress up” for classes. I think dressy in college is jeans and a t-shirt nowadays and I’m 100% ok with that

  10. it. is. so. cold.


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