Health Nut? Or Not?

Hey, hey!

First off, thanks for all being glad I am safe. It was reassuring to know you all were scared for me too! 😉 You guys are great–thanks for reading & commenting. I always read each & every comment, FYI <–even if I don’t get around to answering……

Yes, I am a slacker in the blog world & I totally know it. :( I write this blog for fun & to share educational info & my insights on such topics, and thus am not in it to try to WIN people’s popularity. At all.

I used to care ‘how many comments’ I got, and it used to make me feel bad or good depending on the number…..but now? I think that’s lamesauce to determine your worth or ‘status’ on such a silly thing. Honestly, why would that even matter?! And even if I don’t comment on a blog, doesn’t mean I don’t read it. And just because I don’t visit a blog doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you or don’t want to read your blog. I simply do not have time right now.

I try to live my life without as much judgement as possible –on myself & on others, but it’s tough. Still working on it!

Alright, wow, that was a tangent. Apparently I had to get that off my chest?!

Moving on.


The other day a lady I was getting to know better (she’s a sweetheart by the way!), found out what I did as a career & what I studied in school. This naturally led to her asking me “so are you a health nut then?”

I actually giggled.

And then I stumbled over my words.


Well, am I health nut? Or not?

Health Nut? Or Not?

First of all, I dislike labels. Labeling your food as good or bad or putting a label on yourself for the way you eat (unless a doctor said you need to or something makes your body hurt), is possibly destructive & quite frankly, it limits you.

I get the fact that some people choose to eat certain ways. Sweet. Go for it (unless it’s unhealthy).

However, as for me— I am no health nut. I am no vegetarian. I am no vegan. I am no ovolactovegatarian. I am no junk food addict. I am no dieter.

I just EAT!

p.s. When did eating become so complicated anyways?!

{and p.p.s. this is not an attack on anyone or how they eat, I just get a lot of questions about how I eat. So this is my response & how I feel. If you’re offended, that is not my intention.}

I live a very healthy & pretty active lifestyle, so I need food to fuel those activities. My days of denying myself of what I (& my body wants) is loooong over.

So NO, I am not a health nut per say, but YES I do love eating healthy. No, I do not only eat bowls of vegetables & pretend that keeps me full day after day. No I do not consume dessert after every meal-nor do I want to. But yes, I do enjoy a decadent dessert on occasions that aren’t No, I do not eat just the egg whites. And no, I definitely do not care that people judge that I ketchup.

I am just a fitness fanatic who eats what she wants, when she wants it, and how she wants it. Thankyouverymuch.

A glimpse of me as an eater follows–no labels involved

  • Most of my diet consists of vegetables, fruits, nuts/nut butter, Greek yogurt, protein powder, almond milk, fitmixer, cheese and eggs
  • I also enjoy in generous amounts: quinoa, sweet potatoes, black beans (my fav kind of bean), hummus, whole wheat bread/bagels, salsa, olive oil, milk, chicken & turkey (burgers, slices, sausages,etc.), veggie/fruit smoothies (see above), cottage cheese,
  • In my normal week-to-week I tend to have a nice sprinkling of: chocolate, ketchup, added salt, frozen yogurt or ice cream, cereal, pretzels, hot cocoa, sweet breads, nutritional yeast, refried beans, & tortilla/lime chips
  • As of late I haven’t eaten much of: oatmeal, cereal, bagels & cream cheese (I need to buy some though)

We all go through phases of eating, and right now I am at a place where I seriously eat what I want. Most of it is super healthy & great for me, and some of it, admittedly is not.

And guess what? I haven’t keeled over. Nor have I gained a pound (?! crazy?!) Not that I care, but my clothes are actually getting a bit looser. Weird?!

I think not. I believe that when we strip ourselves of labels & restrictions, we often are much closer to knowing ourselves & knowing what our body needs to be nourished. We become more balanced, and thus less out of whack & our body settles at a happy place. 

Just a few of my thoughts.

And now can you see why I sort of stumbled over my words when I answered my new friend’s question?


I ended up telling her I love eating green smoothies and such, & those foods make me feel awesome, but no, I was no health nut nazi, and secretly my favorite food is caramel.

Okay that is not so secret.

But my response sufficed, I think. :)


p.s. Yesterday’s 3 classes I taught almost did me in. They went pretty well (more on that later), and were super fun to teach, but I was smashed by the end of the day.

I hung out on the couch (after foam rolling) all evening after work. It was kinda glorious.

Well, have a GREAT day :)

Are YOU a health nut?? Or not so much?? Do YOU tend to label yourself?? What are some foods YOU’ve been loving lately??

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  1. Great post sweetie! I, too, dislike labels, but it just so happens that the majority of things I LOVE are, in fact, healthy! However, I wouldn’t say “health nut’ there is something about a label that I really don’t like! It confines you!

    Have a great day babes

  2. I’d say I am a health nut, but not in a labeling myself I only eat “healthy” foods kind of way. More along what you’re saying… I eat what I want and, frankly, healthy foods make me FEEL and LOOK good! Plus, I absolutely love to eat so I can eat way more when I’m eating healthier. (Backwards? I think not!) Just because I do consider myself a “health nut” doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy many, many, many indulgences! Ice cream and fro yo?! YES because I believe in BALANCE! :) :) Great post, girl! Love the honesty and truth! Awesomesauce.

  3. I think I fall into a similar description as you explained for yourself. I know what makes me feel best, and love studying nutrition and wellness, but I’m also okay with having a treat! It’s all about balance!!

  4. I always think this is an interesting question! I’m known as the “healthy one” in my family, just because I try to eat veggies with every lunch and dinner and buy brown rice and pasta as opposed to white. But at the same point, I’m also known for having the biggest sweet tooth! I don’t consider myself a health nut, but I try to eat what makes me feel good. Right now, that’s a lot of oatmeal, eggs/egg whites, chicken and turkey, spinach, protein powder, peanut butter, brocolli and green beans, but there’s also chocolate almost daily, some added sugars and salt and the ocassional ice cream/froyo/massive piece of cake thrown in the there. I find I tend to look/feel my best when I’m eating for happiness, which involves all of the above.

    And no shame on the caramel thing…my favourite food is buttercream frosting :-p

  5. Totally agree with all you’re saying here! I’m not a fan of the labels either, but I DO like to eat healthy the majority of the time. I also do love the occasional fro-yo trip or brownie sundae. 😉 I definitely go in food phases too. For awhile I was LOVING cottage cheese, like couldn’t get enough. Lately? Ehh not so much. I know it’ll come back though. Same thing with cereal…for the past couple months I haven’t really wanted it, but this week I’ve had multiple cereal cravings. I just go with it!

  6. I completely, totally agree! Once I stopped thinking SO MUCH about what I was eating (HUGE waste of time) I felt better, had more energy, and actually lost weight. I just try and figure out what my body wants and needs and go from there. Lately I’ve been SO hungry ALL the time, and all I want is protein! Hmmm…. (and I’m NOT pregnant! :-) )

    • Have you upped your workout intensity? That might be why you’re feeling more hungry?

      Have a great day, Sue!!

      • My husband and I have been doing P90X for about a month. Plus I coach gymnastics 4-5 days a week. All of that, running, & my other workouts have made me HUNGRY!!!

  7. I totally agree with not putting a label on what type of eater you are. I have been free from an ED for over ten years now and remember those awful days of “good” and “bad” food. “Allowed” and “not allowed” foods. Also, I was stuck in a cycle of only allowing myself “bad” foods when I exercised. YUCK! So glad this is no longer my relationship with food and exercise and allow myself ALL FOOD and REST.

  8. Jessie says:

    This is why I love this blog! I agree with you labels are bogus, plus “health nut” has such a negative connotation. Yes, I want to be HEALTHY, but I’m not crazy. I still enjoy my life and eat what I want to. When you feed yourself well, your body tends to crave the healthy stuff anyways :)

  9. This. Every. Word. I strive to eat healthfully *most* of the time, but when I’m out and I just really want the jalapeno and cream cheese stuffed tater tots? Mmmmmmm.

    Can’t wait to hear your reviews of 84 and 9 (Did you get trained on 8 or were they using 9 for your training?)! I haven’t done the new CX in full yet, can’t wait! Your evening sounds like mine though – team taught Flow in the early AM, worked all day, went to my bestie’s Pump class and then came home and RELAXED… and went to bed early. Yay! :)

  10. Danielle says:

    Soooo refreshing, this post is just a breath of clean, happy, energizing fresh air! Bravo and high fives :) Yep, I love your attitude. I admit I’m not totally free of my food nazi freak out moments or nerves 100% of the time, but I do know that what you said is so true, and that when you let go of the fearful reins magical things can happen. for example, i just spent 2 weeks abroad and ate everything, and left all my food worries pretty much at home, and came back not only happier, but lighter! yet when i’m here in my routine, i feel more concious of what i’m eating.. i really want to adopt my “vacation brain” to make it my full-time brain, because my thinking and feelings were so much better! yeah… so basically i think you’re totally on target with what you’re saying, and the reality is that it can be possible: we can be free and healthy and happy. the hardest part is letting go :)
    amen and hugs to you girly, you rock! xoxox

  11. That was a lot of words, good words… People ask me that a lot too! They tell me they just want me to go drink beer and eat wings, and I tell them I will when I want to :)

  12. I get that question all the time as well. Love your response-I just eat. Exactly!

  13. Nooooo health nut over here…..LOVE all food and I wouldn’t be able to NOT enjoy those foods by restricting myself.

  14. AHHH! LOVE. THIS. POST. Love your approach, love your thought process, love it all. You are wonderful and I’m SO happy you’re in such a good place. Keep rockin’ girl! 😀

  15. Phoebe says:

    Love the post!
    and dropping by to say that i read all ur posts (but was too lazy to comment) :) so u’r right, number of comments definitely isn’t proportionate to popularity!

  16. I was browsing the net and I found your site, I enjoyed reading every lines of your review. This is very informative.

  17. Love this post, I’m pinning it :)

    I am in the same boat as you or want to be. You are an amazing inspiration, do you know that? That’s exactly what I’m hoping to attain and I’m well on my way to getting there :)

    Teaching three classes is hard work! I remember doing three step classes- zomg sore body alert! Will that be your usual thing each week? Make sure you get sympathy massages from the man 😉 haha!

  18. I agree, I hate labeling myself. I enjoy food and try not to put it into good or bad categories or say I don’t eat that, or only eat this. Too much pressure!

  19. Part of why I read your blog is your balanced, unpretentious attitude about food and fitness. I fully agree that regarding now foods as “bad” or “off-limits” is HUGE in cultivating a healthy relationship with food. I’ve struggled with disordered eating as well, and setting huge restrictions on myself that I have to punish myself for violating pretty much guarantees that I’ll feel crummy every moment, even if I’m meeting my short-term goals. Now I focus not on deprivation, but on trying to get enough of the really healthy things I know my body needs – and enough things I love to stay happy and satisfied. If I know I can have a big scoop of chocolate almond butter or a bowl of ice cream again tomorrow, why overdo it with them today and make myself feel sick?

  20. Such a great post Annette! I love your approach on this. It’s all about balance and not about the labels. I love reading your blog for those reasons :)

  21. Just came across your blog and after reading this post I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on you for so long! ha I love this topic! I completely agree with the no labels! I hate when you order a salad at lunch/dinner with people and there will always be someone to make comments about “health-nut” or “are you on a diet” or something along those lines. Why can’t people just like to eat healthy, no labels no questions! Great post! I will definitely be subscribing, can’t wait to read more from you! :)


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