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Hey friends!

Wow, is it already Monday?! That weekend FLEW by. Which is semi-sad because it was an AMAZING one!

The title of this post pretty much covers our weekend, actually. So I wanted to hit ’em all–for me to remember, mostly. Heh 😉

Most of it really was awesomesauce, and some of it……. not so much.

Let’s start with the semi-crappy. Ya know, bad first, then the good & great.


Our car was ‘not fine’ as I previously stated. I was apparently SUPER lucky that when I drove the car on Friday morning & Saturday morning (on the freaking highway!!), that I didn’t end up dying. Or in a really bad accident.


So rewind–on Friday morning my husband was driving us in the car (we have 1 car) and we were driving to take him to school & then I would take the car to drive to go teach my Zumba class. It was SNOWY, icey, cold, and stilllll snowing when we left our apartment.

We slid into a snowy embankment that was covering a lower median when my husband took a left (our tires must have hit an icy patch) turn. That’s it, a measly LEFT turn! gah. We banged right into it, but when we stopped to check it out a few moments later, my husband said everything looked fine as he could see.

He’s not a mechanic, but he knew it wasn’t the axle (whatever that is, but apparently it’s a good thing it wasn’t that).

I drove to Zumba, taught, & drove home. Mind you, it was stilllll snowing & so I drove pretty slowly. (Seeing cars smashed all over the highway proves for reallllllyyy careful driving, p.s.).

I drove to relaunch BodyPUMP 84 (more on that later) on Saturday, and drove home.

When I got home though, Jared felt like he needed to have a mechanic check it out, so he took it to a mechanic.

Sure enough, it was a HUGE deal. Luckily it wasn’t too costly, but we had to get a pretty big part fixed (we payed extra to get it fixed right away). Not sure exactly what happened but it seems as this ‘long steel bar’ that attaches the car to the tires, was crushed/snapped in half because of the small hit. {I am not a mechanic, so my husband sort of explained it in easy terms to me. Hahah}

{we snapped it right in half}

I had been driving a car that was resting most of the frame’s weight on a small bolt. At any moment the car could’ve totally veered off course……


So yep. Glad I am alive! We got our car back after a few hours at the mechanic’s, and for that I am so grateful! Snow storms are no joke. So if you’re going to have bad weather, beeeeeee careful!


Moving on to the awesomeness! Which was the rest of the weekend, mind you.


I got to relaunch (meaning bringing a new release to a gym who already has the BP format) release 84 with another instructor at a huge gym. {See my review of the last one, 83 here!} It was packed, full of energy, and super fun. And I only messed up once. <–pretty much a guaranteed on relaunch day, there are a lot of nerves!

I was decked out in red & black too. BP colors, baby.

I will share more in detail in another post, but I realllly like this release. I will first teach it completely through (she did half & I did half on Saturday) before I write my review for 84.

But man, I freaking love that class. Love teaching it. Just love it.

I wore my Polar, and this is what I burned (1 hr & 15 mins teaching + technique, & 40 or so mins chatting)

That late afternoon/evening we went on a date night that we I had been looking forward to since, well, forever I think?!

Les Miserables

Yep, we went & saw Les Miserables. FINALLY!

Oh my goodness. Loved it. You have to know that I practically grew up on Les Miserables–I know all the music practically by heart (it’s my dad’s favorite musical, so he always had it playing), I’ve seen it live (AMAZING), and I’ve read the unabridged version. <—it’s over 1000 pages long, and it’s verrrrry detailed. I would not really suggest it, some parts got quite boring.


I had (obviously) HIGH expectations for this film. They could NOT mess this up or else I’d have been livid. It’s such a beautiful musical with so much feeling, emotion, and well, beauty, that if Hollywood messed up, I would’ve done something about it.

Note the sarcasm.

So of course I was dying to see it even since the day they announced they’d be making it into a movie.

Yes, I am a nerd. Why do you ask?

So we SAW IT. And I bawled. And I laughed. And I was entranced. And I loved everysinglesecondofit.

Oh it was so beautiful.

I would say that some sang better than others (I think Russell Crowe still needed a few more singing lessons; but Anne Hathaway & the girl who played Eponine did not), and yes, some of the scenes are quite intense, but the film makers made the musical come alive as a movie.

Well done!

It is a long one (duh), so if you’re not familiar with Les Miserables, know that in advance.

I left the theatre teary-eyed, and so moved. Gosh it was beautiful


And so was the food that followed. 😉

{uhhhh this is MY tray. Mine only. I got 2 salads at once. I know, I am a genius}

We went to Sweet Tomatoes –the salad buffet restaurant– and it was all very delicious.

We stuffed ourselves silly.

I mean, it is a buffet. Duh.

I actually wished I hadn’t stuffed myself with so much salads, some breads, and a bit of turkey veggie soup…..Or else I would’ve had more room for the above dessert.

So good. {Choc lava cake below, vanilla soft serve, caramel, and toffee bits. It was amazing as it sounds.}

And my husband and I had a total blast during dinner–I am a lucky girl that he’s okay with us being totally nutso in public! Actually, he goes along with it & sometimes initiates it. Hah.


Finally, this whole weekend I just felt LOVE.

For my husband, for my Savior, for those I work with at church, for the beautiful musical, for being alive, and I felt loved during it all.

It sounds kinda nerdy, but it really was a neat feeling to feel SO alive the whole weekend. It’s hard to put into words…..

It was a magical weekend, and one I never want to forget–especially since I was here to experience it.


p.s. HAPPY Birthday to my little bro!!

{the one in the yellow tie. SO sad it’s blurry–but it’s my most recent pic of him}

I am 99.99% positive he won’t read this, but it’s the thought that counts. :) He is a stellar guy, and working hard to get into dental school. Woot!


Well…..I am off to

  • coach (& film–ahhhhh!!!) a GRIT session early this morning,
  • then BodyPUMP (30 mins) & CXWORX
  • & then go to work.

Geesh. I have a lot on my plate this morning/today…. (luckily I love it all)….but wish me luck! 😉

Have a GREAT Monday ya all<3

What is something awesome YOU did over the weekend?? Any horror car stories or car part issues YOU’ve had to fix?? Have YOU seen Les Miserables yet?!

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  1. We saw Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln over the weekend….both were very good and intense at times but, LIncoln brought me to simple tears at the end. (Obviously, we all know how it ends..) Good Movies out there right now for sure!!

    (Yes, I enjoyed Les Mis. too…..ditto about Russell Crowe ;-(

  2. That is scary about the car! I guess it demonstrates that even if everything LOOKS ok, you should get it checked out just to be sure.
    I haven’t seen Les Mis yet, but it’s on my list!

  3. I have not seen Les Mis – glad you’re ok with your car!! Ugh car troubles are never fun!!

  4. Looks like a great weekend (minus the car stuff!). Good thing you got that fixed before anything really bad happened! Driving in the snow is no fun at all. I’m a wimp and usually work from home those days!

  5. Glad to hear you liked Les Miserables! I grew up on that, too, so I’m in the same boat as you. If they mess it up, I’m going to be so angry!

    And PHEW about the car! Yikes.

  6. My goodness, I’m so glad you’re safe and that your car is all fixed now!! That snow storm certainly was NO joke! I’m glad you guys had a great date night! I loooove me some Sweet Tomatoes! Yum!

  7. i loooooooooooooooved les mis, too. ugh. car crap. hate it!

  8. Whoa Annette!!! I’m glad you guys and your car— are ok!! Scary!! Awesome job on your new release. 845 calories. Wow. Like Caroline says you are just one strong muscle!

    • I am glad we’re okay too. It was scary :(

      I just love what I do–it’s fun to me. So calories burned are just a bonus! Hehe

  9. Danielle says:

    wow girly! what a weekend! well your positive attitude certainly is the highlight of that weekend recap, let me tell ya. glad the car was okay but talk about freaky, phew! i love the other parts though, and totally made me crave a salad bar, lol. i am still waiting to see Les Miz, and it was one of my favs when I was a girl, my mom took me to see the performance twice, and then i saw it as an adult about 10 years ago (yep i’m old!) i can’t wait to see it… i already know i’ll love it. sigh.
    my friend and i cooked dinner, and watched Hotel Transylvania (LOVED it!!!!) and then a really dumb scary movie, called The House Down the Street or something like that. i dunno, it was too silly to remember but had my favorites she-stars in it: Elizabeth Shu and Jennifer Lawrence. i love these ladies and had such high hopes for this movie! but it was not good, sorry… not. good. but really fun to make fun of!!! yes, i’m a dork.
    happy monday, thanks for the smiles and extra dose of butt kicking strength!!! xoxox

  10. Wow, that sounds like a scary car situation. I’m glad everything worked out!

  11. Oh my goodness, I’m glad nothing happened to you! When I was in high school I drive an old ford explorer and it would just drop out of gear when I stopped if it was really cold out!

  12. I’m glad your safe! Someone is looking after you, definitely something to add to your thankful thursday :) Ugh Les Mis was NOT my thing but I’m glad you enjoyed it. Haha nice job on the buffet! Looks yummo.

  13. Oh my gosh!!! So scary about the car! I’m so glad that you are safe and sound and got everything fixed up! Besides that your weekend sounds really great! Especially the loving part of the weekend:) It’s always great to feel love surround you!

  14. Very informative review. I really appreciate how ways were laid. Very interesting.


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