On a Cereal Box + Special K Winner

Hey friends!

Happy weekend :)

There was a major snow storm yesterday-and although the snow is soooo pretty, it is NOT pretty to drive in. Not at all.

We actually ended up sliding into a small embankment yesterday. :( Luckily we’re fine & our car seems fine & drives fine–but we’re going to go have a mechanic check it out today to make sure it’s alright.

Winter storms are no joke, so stay safe & warm!


On to some fun news.

Special K Winner

We have a winner for the Special K Gift Basket Giveaway!


Congrats Mindy Artze :)

(I will email the winner with details to claim her prize)


On a Cereal Box


I am on a cereal box!


As part of the #GainsProject they wanted to stick my face on a cereal box & then they gifted me the box (and the cereal inside).

I was geeked out, and my husband kinda flipped out for a second when he got home yesterday. He was like “waaahhhhattt the?!”

Hah. Loved his reaction.

Later last night we ate dinner together & then I locked myself up in front of my choreo notes & DVD to learn BP 84…. fun times!


Now, onto some serious fun: it’s BodyPUMP relaunch day! BodyPUMP release 84 here we come & hello muscles are gonna be burning. Can’t wait!

p.s. This is by far my favorite release of music (I only don’t like 1 song, usually it’s more than 1)<–more on all that in next week’s review.

And then later tonight we have a funnnnnn date night planned. I CAN NOT wait. Like I am SO freaking excited.

Have a GREAT weekend! <3

What are YOU excited about today?? What’s YOUR favorite cereal?? Any snow in YOUR area lately??

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  1. Boy I wish I could find BodyPump classes around here. Years ago, my old gym near where I used to live offered BodyPump. I loved it! Such a fantastic workout, great music, and we had awesome instructors.

  2. We had almost 40 degree highs yesterday and even though it was cloudy it was great….this morning though…the wind is howling and current is degree is about 10. Time to break out the long parka to wear to BP this morning. 😉

    We are going to see “Lincoln” later today. This is the year hubby and I are going to try and see most of the movies up for Oscars before the Big Award Night. We were amazed by “Zero Dark Thirty” last night.

  3. Anne Marie says:

    That is so cool to have your face on a cereal box!! ahah that should totally be something crossed off of a bucket list or something! and I’m excited because I think I’m going to see Silver linings playbook this weekend! I’ve heard good things :)

  4. Linz @ Itz Linz says:

    Haha that’s amazing!! You know I would have geeked out too !!

  5. Hehe that box is so cool!
    And I’m heading to a Food and Wine show this afternoon…I go every year and I love it!

  6. Haha, how fun that your picture is on the cereal box. Wahoo have fun with the new body bump! I have a few plans, but they’re not too exciting. Maybe I’ll change those plans up and do something a little more fun worthy

  7. no way! I want to be on a cereal box lol. How cool.

  8. Nicole says:

    Favorite cereal – Cinnamon Toast Crunch (if I want a treat). Healthy Cereal – Kashi Go Lean or Special K with Almonds

    I launched 84 today in southern California. LOVE IT!! Favorite track to teach is triceps. Favorite song = lunges. Least favorite….hmmm….Squats?

    Can’t wait to read your review!

  9. Haha! I love your cereal box, I want to get that done and then keep it in the pantry and see if anyone notices 😛 Congrats! Good luck at the launch! I’d love to do one our your BP classes since I’ve stopped doing them because I have classes to teach at that time and one of the instructors ain’t my kind of thing :( I’ve only tried the first 3 and I found them quite easy oddly- even with my usual weights. Maybe it’s all the free weights I’m doing? Ha.

    Glad you’re okay! Stay safe! :)

  10. So cool! What a fun little keepsake from Special K!

  11. How fun :) I would totally save that box and use it to play tricks on people in the future!

  12. I love it that your face got to be on a Special K box! I was sad I missed the new BP launch class yesterday. Hopefully I can make it to your tomorrow :) I’m so excited for it!

    I love cereal…my favorites are Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds and Quaker, Brown Sugar, Oatmeal Squares. I do also love Special K Protein Plus!

    Soooo much snow lately!

    • Liz! Girl, so glad you could come today! You’re such a sweetie! How’s your body feeling now?? Me = smashed.

      I think Special K Protein plus is great too :)

  13. Love the cereal box! That is too cool


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