Failure Equals Success

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Happy Thankful Thursday to YOU!

First off, you guys are rightpesto does rock, hence why I always have a bottle in my fridge. It’s like the easiest sauce ever, and it’s got some good stats (it’s made from pine nuts). Pesto for the win!

Life lately has been full of teaching fitness, working full-time, trying to get sleep (why, oh why does my brain need to think about every detail right before falling asleep?! UGH!), practicing for upcoming BP & CX relaunch & launch (learning choreo), foam rolling, eating, and having fun!


I always like to share things on this blog with you……and sometimes they get more personal. There are ebbs & flows, sometimes I want to share a lot & sometimes, not so much. It’s just my style & how I write.

This one is personal & hopefully will be helpful.

I have learned many lessons in my super long life (read: I haven’t lived very long so I really mean I don’t know anything. But I do know SOME things), and there is one lesson (that I learn OVER & over again) I feel I MUST share with you.

Failure Equals Success.

Really, failure IS success.

Or at least you can MAKE it so.

So what the heck does that mean?!

It means that you must fail to succeed- in life, in relationships, in lifting weights, in building muscle, in finding a partner, in career paths, in making good friends, and in becoming who YOU are meant to become. But it’s ALL up to you on how the actual failure ends up.

Anyone who might be considered ‘successful’ (usually we target those with $$ as being the ‘s’ word), failed. Not just once. Not just a small failure. But MANY failures. Most of them epic.

From this article:

Uhhh, pretty sure I would’ve just stopped at around, um #5 maybe?!

Many of these famous people in the article had crazy big failures! And most of them are now world-reknown.


A lot of them were rejected by others who told them ‘they just couldn’t do _____.’

Amazing, eh?

And more:

This goes to show that if we are afraid to fail, then technically we are afraid of succeeding!

We MUST fail in different ways to help us getting stronger & succeed the next time (or the next or the next).

Really though, we ultimately determine how the failure turns out…..It is up to US to write our stories.

p.s. Michael Jordan was CUT from his High School basketball team!! (???!?!) What the what?!


Some of my personal failures:

  • I didn’t make the ballet company I tried out for (in the summer before college to get in for the Freshman year). I still went to college as a dance major & took classes, but that was a HUGE blow.
  • I got my heart broken real bad in college. Major failure in my eyes.
  • I failed in several relationships in college. I wasn’t ‘good’ at dating at all! (This was during my ED time)
  • I failed at taking care of my body.
  • I failed to graduate college summa cum laude (I really wanted to!)
  • I failed my first audition for a major gym in 2008.
  • I got into a relationship that wasn’t good for me–it lasted wayyy too long. Fail. I almost married the guy too. Failure & almost failure.
  • After finishing my Master’s thesis (but before official Grad school graduation), I couldn’t get a full-time job in my field for 6 MONTHS! MAJOR fail. Some of the hardest 6 months of my life. Ever.
  • I worked at a gym for 1 month last year. I didn’t build the class I had (a Zumba one) at all. I totally failed.

Not to mention a bazillion other things.

I haven’t had it easy to get where I am. However, I am grateful for the many failures that have happened. It is HOW I inevitably chose to let them dictate my life that has brought me to such a happy place in my life! (And the Lord’s help in all of it, of course!)

If I hadn’t have failed in so many ways though, and then determined to come out stronger, I wouldn’t be who I am, and I wouldn’t be as happy as I am.

Cheers to failures! 😉

Fitness Failure

And in GRIT, for example?? One of the taglines is: Failure IS success.


If you get to the point in the workout where you can’t lift the bar up 1 more rep? Then you’re successful! To achieve a training stimulus in a higher intentsity state, there must be an overload great enough to provide that change in the muscles.


The overload can either be the actual load (or weight on the bar) or the type of training used (circuits, endurance-based, etc.)

Essentially, the muscle (cells) must reach the point of “it’s physically impossible now. can’t lift that bar 1 more time,” if you want to achieve results in a shorter amount of time–but the environment must be a safe one!

Failure is success, my friends! If your weight training sessions are just a ‘nice’ time & you don’t really get that type of feeling of “this better be the last rep!!”, etc, it’s time to step it up!

Get the muscles to fatigue in a way that makes them change, build, and get stronger! Load, intensity, endurance type training can do this.


Thankful Thursday

  1.  I am thankful for my brand new Contigo water bottle. Love it.
  2. I am super thankful for my warm slippers & foam roller.
  3. I am really grateful for a husband who doesn’t mind hugging me when I am sweaty. <—I needed a hug & hadn’t showered yet. (Awwww & yuck! hah)

p.s. It’s the last 2 days to enter my Special K Gift Basket Giveaway! 

Have a GREAT day! <3

What is a failure YOU have had that ended up being a success?? Have YOU felt the muscle-type failure happen at the gym or in a class?? Who do YOU know that turned their life around after a failure??

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  1. Julie @ Sweetly Balanced says:

    Such a GREAT post!! I LOVE it!! I can’t even count how many times I’ve failed at things. Probably the one that sticks out the most was when I was interviewing for jobs after college. I got rejected soooo many times, but in the end it worked out.. I got my dream job and the best one out of all the others I had applied for!

  2. BEST POST EVER….(hopefully I haven’t said that before..ha!) I soooo needed to read this today.

    I have failed soooo many times…and it can be such a downer….but very nice to be reminded we are not the only ones who fail (IT just feels like WE are)


  3. I love JK Rowlings story…and it’s so true. You definitely cannot succeed without failing first. I have to keep this in mind, thanks for sharing!

  4. When I first started crossfit I kind of felt like a failure because I wasnt an expert right away, but I love it and I know I will get better!

  5. I love everything you said here – so true! It’s easy to get wrapped up in how “terrible” we are when we fail, but like you said, it can teach us SO much and lead to so many more successes! I love that you listed some of your failures too… Sharing with others and being a little vulnerable always helps others relate and encourages them that everyone messes up and has a hard time every once in awhile, but it’s OK!

  6. lots of failures but WAAAAY more successes (and way more worth it!!). my failure right now is not being able to run… hopefully that will turn into a success if ya know what i mean! 😉 haha

  7. Celeste says:

    As someone putting the pieces back together after a dude that just didn’t work out, I loved, loved, loved this post. Thanks!

    • <3 Keep your chin up, the best things are yet to come, my friend! (After my worst breakup, I became more of who I truly am, and THEN I met the man of my dreams) :)

  8. This was a great topic Annette, it’s important to remember that all these failures will only make me stronger in the end and more grateful when I do succeed!

  9. Great message!

  10. Danielle says:

    Love this post! I know I’ve said it dozens of times, and I’ll say it a thousand more, but your posts are so UBER inspiring and uplifting and always a joy to read!
    I’ve had so many failures that I could type a novel, but I’ll try and pick a couple to save you and your eyeballs,lol.
    I failed at a relationship which almost resulted in an engagement, but because I was not “my true self” it was doomed. Fail! Lesson learned: can’t really be with someone until I’m comfy with being me! Success: I’m totally me 100% of the time, and have amazing people in my life because of it.
    I also failed at a small business/bakery after me and said ex went into it together and then broke up.. and because of my pride and ego, I tried to keep the business going by myself..losing everything plus the clothes off my back, just to prove that I could do it on my own. Major fail, but I learned so much and it was worth every moment of pain. Crazy how that works! Without those two major fails, I would not appreciate all I have today, or realize how much strength I had and do have. So it looks like you’re pretty right on – sucess tastes so much sweeter after you’ve experiences some hardships :)
    When it comes to exercise, I felt my muscles torn up this morning when I went for a swim and threw in some sprints, then the Master swim class started and I got “talked” into staying for that as well… I was already fatigued after my own workout, so by the time Master swim was over I was juiced out!
    Happy 2013 girly, it’s gonna be a fabtasticulicious year 😀

    • Holy crap! NICE workout success babe <3 p.s. looks like you had a BLAST abroad--you def started 2013 off to a great beginning!

      Again, failures are successes if we make it so. Way to rock it. xoxo

      • Danielle says:

        omg thanks girly!!!!! well i’ve certainly had plenty of food and nutrition/body failures, but i’m so happy to say that i was able to enjoy and appreciate every site, smell, and taste abroad :) it’s so amazing to feel this way, considering how differerent the thinking was before. i’m constantly grateful!

  11. Awesome post! And thanks for digging deep and sharing your failures- that’s something quite personal and can be intimidating for some, but I think it also makes you more human and relatable. In the grand scheme of things all those failures easily don’t stack up to all your successes.

    Hmm my failures?
    -Getting a crap OP–> ended up working really hard in uni and I’m getting a fab GPA.
    -A class timetable change saw one of my Step classes being cancelled –> only to them ask me back shortly after!
    -Having an ED–> I now write a blog, am more in touch with myself and body than ever, am happier and stronger, plus I found your blog during that time and I have you now :)

    • You’re awesome, Bek!! <3 Way to really turn so many of those things into successes! Life is amazing, if we'll just cheer up & let the bad stuff roll off, and the goos stuff invigorate us!

      Cheers to Friday/Saturday (for you) 😉

  12. This is such a wonderful and inspiring post. I love how positive and encouraging all your blog is!

    • Thanks, Aurora!

      I am an unusually upbeat person, and try not to let the crap get me down. Of course I still deal with crappy stuff, but I’ve realized in life, it’s so much suckier to complain & think about the crap. And SO much more amazing to celebrate the small beautiful things in life!! <3 It took me a long time to learn, but I am glad I did.

      P.s. Love your name!

  13. What a great post, Annette– and something I need to remind myself on a daily basis! Sometimes taking leaps of faith can be the best types of moves for us.

  14. Phoebe says:

    LOVEEEE this post! shared with my friends n family :))

  15. KarenG says:

    Thanks Annette for the great post ! always so inspiring !


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