Fitness Workouts Update

Hey, hey!

How’s it going for ya?

Yesterday was super productive, awesome, fabulous, and really COLD. I almost lost my fingers as I scraped off my car at 5:12 a.m.

Yes, I was awake that early. Yes I was the only one at our complex out. Yes it was really dark. And cold.

No, not just cold, FREEZING. It hurts to step outside, actually.

I also drank a delicious smoothie (thanks Blendtec! <–freaking love that thing), tons of water, and only ventured out into the cold 4x yesterday….

Anyways, yesterday was the first GRIT session I taught officially all by myself (we had done team teaching before), and…..

1. I didn’t die 2. Someone was thisclose to throwing up 3. It was early 4. The hardest part of it all is getting out of bed 5. GRIT is legit. Nothing like it, and I LOVE it!

My dreams are coming true, you guys! I’ve always wanted to coach a HIIT workout, and it’s really happening!

Not only that, as things are a’changing for my fitness workouts, I thought I’d update ya!

Since last time, I’ve dropped some classes, added some new ones in, and have transitioned to almost all my ‘workouts’ being ones I teach.

JUST how I like it. I like to work out by myself, don’t get me wrong, but BOY do I love teaching. It’s where I am meant to be. And I freaking love it!

And, I am so over long-distance workouts, long runs, or races right now (more on that in a later post), so this is peeerrrfect.

My Fitness Workouts Update (Weekly Schedule)


  • EARLY a.m.: Coach GRIT (30 mins) /either Plyo or Strength (depends on how I feel)
  • Later a.m.: Teach 30 mins BodyPUMP + CXWORX (it’s only 30 minutes, so the total time is an hour ‘class’)



  • EARLY a.m.: Teach BodyPUMP (1 hr)
  • Evening (p.m.): Teach BodyPUMP (1 hr)

{how many calories I burned when teaching BP on Monday. I was super surprised–that’s a lot!}



  • EARLY a.m.: Coach GRIT (30 mins) /Either Plyo or Strength (dependent on what I coach on Monday of that week)
  • Evening (p.m.): Teach BodyPUMP (1 hr)



  • Evening (p.m.): Teach BodyPUMP (30 mins) + CXWORX (total = 1 hr)


  • Later a.m. : Teach Zumba



  • sub a class, do my own workout, or coach a GRIT session


  • REST day!!


  1. I am a Les Mills fanatic. I am inspired by what Les Mills does in the fight against obesity & I love being brave & changing the world with the one tribe I am a part of! #forafitterplanet baby! If you love to workout & are thinking of changing it up, try out some Les Mills classes in your area. You can find a Les Mills class here.
  2. Some days I will walk or do a short run or elliptical session before or after I teach (light cardio)<–this is dependent on how I feel, how much time I have, and if I need to learn something (I read/learn better when I am active)
  3. This weekly schedule is not necessarily recommended. My body can handle this because a.) I sleep a lot b.) I don’t do much physical activity besides my workouts (or walks & errands). c.) I am not doing much “cardio” (although my HR is in the ‘zone’ or above for most of these classes) d.) I have worked up to this e.) I love it & so it’s not a ‘chore’ to me at all
  4. I foam roll & stretch before bed about 3x/week, so I am trying to stay flexible & reduce any risk of injury as well
  5. I take nutrition very seriously with this teaching load– so I fuel first with fitmixer & refuel after with some milk & 100% ON whey protein powder

{fueled by fitmixer!!}

I get to do what I love to do….pretty much every day. I am one lucky gal!! I feel super blessed.

Dreams do come true–to those who dream big, work hard, pray hard, and aren’t afraid to take a leap into the unknown.


Well, I am off to go teach an early morning BP class!

Have a GREAT day! <3

What are YOUR workouts looking like lately?? When is YOUR rest day usually?? Where’s YOUR favorite place/muscle group to foam roll?? <—my quads & hamstrings!

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  1. Foam rolling is amazing isn’t it? I love it for my IT Bands and it feels so good on my back. it’s probably my favorite way to “stretch”. :)

  2. I love your approach Annette – doing what you love to do for your workouts! I’ve been focusing on heavy lifting and short HIIT runs the last few months, and I’ve been loving it. No long distance for me right now either!

  3. you certainly are mighty intense!! i know it works for you – you’re a freakin’ rockstar!!

  4. Aw, love your enthusiasm for your teaching and body pump!!! Just got back from my second class of the new body pump release…such a bummer when the first instructor (on Saturday) KNEW the whole routine and nailed the teaching…then today, the instructor missed or forgot a ton of stuff and laughs it off by saying…”Well, you can expect this and this from another instructor the next time you do this release”…ugh!

    Keep up the good work!

    • UGH. That drives me INSANE. {RANT: Why can’t instructors freaking learn the material?!?! If they don’t want to learn it, don’t teach! Make room for those who have a passion for it & are willing to put in the time & effort). Rant over.

      Thanks for recognizing the instructors who do put in the time–it means a lot to them! :) <3

  5. That is certainly quite the load, but it sounds like you know how to fuel and rest your body to keep it going. Good for you! I’m looking forward to trying out those GRIT classes! They sound fun!

    • YES! I will let ya know when/where you can come try it out (after baby of course). :)

      p.s. the weekend of the 19th is pretty open (other than a morning GRIT session on Sat, so just let me know if you guys can & what you’d like to do for a date night–we’re low key. So whatevs works! Dinner/movie/games/fro yo/shopping <--if you and I want to go alone). love ya!

  6. The GRIT classes sound like so much fun! I also love working out in a class environment with other people around…it’s so much more fun and energizing than going on a long, solo run. Sometimes my mood changes, but most of the time I’m all about the shorter HIIT workouts!

  7. So glad you are in a place in your life where you LOVE what you do! It’s an inspiration to me that if I work hard enough I can do the same!

  8. Love your bright Zumba clothes!

  9. I’m so happy for you Annette! It sounds like a lot, but you seem to love it which makes it all that more rewardable! It’s so great to hear someone speak how much they love their job. The GRIT classes sound so intense, but so awesome! I hope Les Mils comes to Victoria asap!

  10. Smart and busy girl! Staying flexible with all those workouts is so important!

  11. Awesome! Which tracks are in the 30 format of Pump? My rest day is usually Friday… sometimes Thursday. I’m working back up to getting Pump in my schedule more; the holidays totally threw off my routine and I ended up dropping to once a week because of class cancellations. Ouch. :)

    Ready for relaunch this weekend? Yayyyy! :)

    • I am not even CLOSE to ready for relaunch. HAH! I am EXCITED & STOKED for it, but ready with my choreo??? Uhhhhh NOPE. Yikes.

      Why OH why do I always do this?? It’s crunch time baby. YOU ready?? <3

      • Haha, I feel ya! I’m pretty ready for the tracks I’m teaching on Saturday (woo team teaching!), but definitely not fully ready with all of the choreo. Crunch time most definitely. I’m meeting with my boss tonight to practice (she teaches Flow too).

        Good luck! Change the world. :) <3

  12. I usually take my rest days when I work 12 hours….boy would that be a looong day! I cant wait to try the fitmixer, its coming in the mail this week!

  13. wow, lots of good workouts there, very active! you must have to eat a lot, burning up all those calories haha!! lucky you! xx

  14. I love foam rolling my quads too! And my calves but the quads is easier I find haha. Yay, I think we both share the same love for Les Mills, and I’m so glad there’s a fellow blogger out there who does! I was up that early this morning too before teaching a Body Step class BUT I’m lucky because it was beautiful and warm- we are experiencing Summer at the moment and boy is it hot.

    Here’s my workouts generally at the moment (perhaps with a sub class here and there):
    Sun: Am- Grit Strength (30 min), Attack (60min), CX (30 min)
    Mon: Early Am- Teach Step (1 hr), Am- Teach Step (1hr), Weight session (1hr or so)
    Tues: Am- Combat (1hr), CX (30 min), Pm- Teach Step (1hr)
    Wed: Early Am- Teach Step (1hr), Am- Weight Session (60 min), Body Balance (60 min)
    Thurs: Am- Teach Step (1hr), Pm- Teach Step (1hr)
    Fri: Am- Weight session or Teach Step (1hr), CX (30min)
    Sat: Usually a rest day :)

    I foam roll and stretch everyday! I’m with you- I love teaching classes! It’s the best kind of workout :)

  15. I take my rest days on a weekday because I get so busy. On weekends, I have tons of free time to work out so I never take those off.

  16. Crystal says:

    Just noticed ur web recently and love how open, honest, encouraging, and motivating you are! I too had an eating disorder for a time or two and ur stories interested me. How long have u been an instructor?

    • Hey girl! Thanks for reading! I have been teaching since ’09 at a university (I was in grad school so I taught a bunch of fitness classe/PE classes as credit classes for undergrad students), and been teaching at large gyms, since ’10. :)

  17. Danielle says:

    Dang you are motivating, love it!!!!! Your workouts look so fun, and that probably says a lot about my idea of fun but so what?!!! I love em. BTW I have been luuuuuuuhuuuuvvving the Fitmixer Aminos, they totally rock my workouts. I’ve been also adding some to my post workout smoothie if I have one, and let me just say one word: deelish!
    hugs hugs hugs xoxox

  18. Hey Annette!

    I just found your blog and love it! It is obvious that you have a very balanced approach to life if with you busy schedule. As someone who is also dedicating their career to helping people get fit-I really appreciate your realistic outlook. It makes me to happy to have other bloggers (especially women) who can be honest about their victories, obstacles, and solutions. Keep changing lives Annette!

    Kendra W.
    Kendra W. recently posted…A New Eating Disorder? OrthorexiaMy Profile


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