Weekend Recap + Gains Project with Special K (+ Giveaway)

Hey, hey!

How are youuuuuu?!

I feel like I have been ‘away’ for so long, especially because I haven’t been able to read many blogs or have been on social media that much lately. It is always nice to step away for a good amount of time, actually!

I love blogging and all, & the blog world is pretty stellar, but nothing beats ‘real’ life & real experiences!

On Friday I didn’t end up skiing (I had extra work I had to get done), but a bunch of my siblings did! We did go sledding later though, which was super fun!

We had a nice night & ended up cleaning the whole house. It felt good to get that done before bed! The heater got fixed too, so it was all good (apparently a part that doesn’t normally break, broke. We’re glad it happened when we were THERE to do something about it!)

And we had a greeeaaatt dinner & dessert.

{x2. This dessert was legit! Carmelita bar with salted caramel ice cream. YUMMM-O}

Saturday morning I squeezed in a workout before finishing up the cleaning.

GRIT Strength for the win.

We all departed at various times on Saturday morning & Jared & I left around 12:30. It was saaaadddd to see everyone go! I freaking adore my family. I can’t wait to see them back at the mountain house in March for our week-long ski vacation!

When we got back around 2 p.m., we discovered our apartment’s pipes had froze, so we had thus returned to a very COLLLLDDDD apartment with no water in our main bathroom. It was awesome.


Luckily my husband is a genius & went right to work dealing with it & we ended up (7-9 hours later) having a nice sleep in a warm bed & showers with hot water.

I am blessed!

In between that though, we went to a family party with some of Jared’s extended family. It was great to see everyone, and I was a slacker, so no pics. Whoopsies.

Except for a self portrait.

On Sunday, church was fabulous. We took naps after, and we lazed about.

{he loves when I take pictures of him/us….. NOT}

And we talked on the phone to various family members. Plus we ate good food. Perfection!


And today GRIT begins. Holy moly. 4:55 a.m. comes early, no?! hehe. More on that tomorrow.


The Gains Project with Special K

The Special K Gains Project is in full force!

So what exactly is that?

POSITIVITY: A SECRET WEAPON To Weight Management Success

New Research from Special K® Shows Women Who Think Positively About Their Weight Management Are More Likely to Report Success

BATTLE CREEK, Mich., December 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — A ground-breaking new study commissioned by Special K® supports the notion that there may be more to success in weight management than just diet and exercise – and that mindset may play a critical role. According to the research, nine out of 10 women who think positively about weight management reported either losing weight or maintaining their weight in the past year, compared to only about half of women with a negative approach.

The study also revealed that when it comes to avoiding weight gain, a common challenge during the holiday season, not only did women who think positively about their weight management report that they were more successful in losing or maintaining their weight, they were actually eight times less likely to report having gained weight than women who think negatively.

I think that is so neat!

The #GainsProject was born when Special K decided to bring the message of what will you GAIN when you LOSE to women everywhere! Enough with the fat talk & negativity-especially about weight. (AMEN).

You can go to the site & enter in what positive feeling or milestone you hope to gain this year & it creates your own gallery of images & words. Cool!

The article continues:

Special K asked leading experts, psychologist and body image researcher at Northwestern University, Renee Engeln, Ph.D.; along with nutrition and fitness authority Dr. Wendy Bazilian, RD; to weigh in on the study, which demonstrates the dramatic impact women’s attitudes can have on weight management success.

“This research is a compelling reminder of the power of thoughts to influence behavior,” said Dr. Engeln, who has published studies that explore women’s body image issues. “Shifting to a more positive way of thinking about yourself and about weight management can pay off. When women engage in negative thinking about their bodies, the negative thinking can turn into unhealthy habits. This research by Special K suggests the opposite is also true. Thinking positively can have measurable benefits. It makes sense for women to ask themselves, ‘What will I gain when I lose?’”

Powerful Findings on the Power of Positivity
More than one thousand real women from across the country took part in the Special K study titled,“Positivity and Weight Management: A Look at the Gains” to share their weight management behaviors, attitudes and experiences. In addition to the significant differences in reported rates of weight management success between women who think positively and those who think negatively, the study also revealed the following findings:

  • Only one out of five women who have a positive attitude reported that they had a hard time getting back on track when their weight management plan was derailed, as compared to four out of five women with a negative attitude.
  • Women who lost or maintained their weight were three times as likely to rely on friends as a form of support.
  • Women who think positively about weight management were more likely to put a stop to negative conversations about their own or others’ bodies.

“What’s so compelling for me about this research is that it demonstrates how important one’s attitude is for achieving real success with weight management — it isn’t just about what you eat and how much you exercise, but how you look and feel about yourself, too,” said Dr. Bazilian. “This new insight will lend scientific credibility and enhance my current work in helping women find success with their health and weight goals by encouraging them to focus on the positive – and appreciating what the body is really capable of doing.”



This stuff just reiterates what I believe too. Pretty sweet.

Now, I am not trying to lose weight, nor is this necessarily a weight loss blog, but I do have a bunch of readers who are trying to lose weight, and I wanted to share with them (and inform us all-especially since some are in weight management mode & this is helpful with that as well-) about the new research.

I am a STRONG believer in the power of positive thinking. And to be honest, I did lose some weight & lost fat last year because I changed my attitude. I started loving on myself more, I accepted compliments more, and I stopped the negative fat talk.

It really does amazing things when we are kinder to ourselves! Our thoughts are verrrryyy powerful.

And honestly, for someone who wants to lose weight, why NOT gain some positive thoughts about yourself?! It’s already hard enough as it is!

{Start your own gains project gallery here!}

Along with wanting to share this cool info about the #GainsProject, I was also sent a gift basket full of Special K goodies.



Hello new friend:

And these are super good (I try to ignore the subtle peanut flavor. The caramel wins out):

And guess what else was in the basket?

They sent me a pair of yoga pants!

Sweet, eh?

Special K Basket Giveaway

And now….. one of you has the chance to win the exact same gift basket!! LUCKY!

The Special K people have kindly offered to send the lucky winner a basket full of shakes, bars, cereal, and pants to the one lucky winner who will be chosen at random. {Giveaway ends on Friday, January 11 at 7 p.m. EST.}

How to ENTER:

  • Mandatory: Leave a comment telling me one positive thing about your self in the comments below!
  • Optional: Tweet about this giveaway: I want to win a @specialKUS gift basket: http://bit.ly/VMMj2T Thanks 2 the #GainsProject I am going to think more positively @FitnessPerks

Good luck!


So (as an entry) tell me, one positive thing about YOUR self?? 

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  1. I have nice shoulders. 😉

  2. I love my booty – there I said it! ha

  3. tweeted!

  4. Amanda R says:

    I have nice calf muscles!

  5. Amanda R says:


  6. Amanda R says:

    Second attempt :) @theamandareid tweeted

  7. Ilene says:

    I like my shoulders

  8. Danielle Duffey says:

    I love my unique curly, red hair and freckles!

  9. I love my loooong legs loL! And Special K Protein Plus is my favorite cereal!

  10. I got that protein plus cereal the other day and it’s amazing, really great for a post workout breakfast because of the protein content. I like it with vanilla soymilk!

    My positive thing about myself is that I have really amazing legs. Would love to win the giveaway :)

  11. I am committed to exercise and get up every morning at 4:30 to get my workout in before taking my kids to school and going to my job. It is the perfect start to my day :)

  12. I tweeted @JillSnethen

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. Ray S says:

    I’ve lost 20 pounds and have kept it off! Very positive!

  14. I like my eyes!

  15. Tweeted!

  16. Sienna says:

    I love my eyes and long eyelashes! After reading some comments I’m going to pick up a box of the Special K Protein to try.

  17. Megan S. says:

    I love my nose and arms! I’m working to tone the arms up but I am learning to be thankful about everything God has blessed me with in my life, compared to wishing for something I think is better.

  18. Nicole says:

    I have a great smile. :)

  19. One thing I love about myself is I try! I take a challenge and try my hardest at it, even if I fail.

  20. Karen says:

    I’m a big fan of my legs!

    (also my nickname growing up was Special K!)

  21. I love my smile. :-)

  22. Kara D says:

    I always have a smile on my face!

  23. Leslie Luu says:

    I love that I am active and can never sit down for a long period of time 😀

  24. Michelle says:

    Although I complain about my body quite a bit, I do love my long lean legs, thanks to yoga 😉

  25. One positive thing about me is that I have great hair!

  26. krystal says:

    I always try to being my best self when I face tough challenges and it makes all the difference!

  27. I am smart!

  28. I am strong!

  29. Corina says:

    I have strong legs!

  30. Jamie H. says:

    I love my williness to learn!!

  31. Emily says:

    I love that I am able to run!

  32. I am very persistent and work hard at the goals I set!

  33. I tweeted your giveaway!! :)

  34. OoOoO time to brag about ourselves, yay! haha jk. 😉 But in all seriousness, hmmmmm I like….my compassionate personality because I’m able to bless others that way! And I love what you said here: “I am a STRONG believer in the power of positive thinking. And to be honest, I did lose some weight & lost fat last year because I changed my attitude. I started loving on myself more, I accepted compliments more, and I stopped the negative fat talk.” It’s so true in all areas of life! Ughh why do we make everything harder on ourselves than it already is?!

  35. Kathy S says:

    I have pretty blue eyes.

  36. Renata says:

    I have a pretty smile with bright white teeth! (After many years of dental work! LOL)

  37. Renata says:
  38. Positive thinking gets you everywhere! You’ve got to be happy with yourself and love yourself before you start to lose weight, because losing the weight sure as hell won’t make that happen!

  39. Deborah Jump says:

    I have a positive outlook most of the time :)

  40. I like who I am becoming :)

  41. Jordan D says:

    I never give up on working to achieve the goals I set for myself :)

  42. Oh I am SO entering this one!!!

    I work very hard to be focused on living a healthy lifestyle every day of my life. I lost 135 pounds and as a direct result of that I have this indescribably intense passion inside of me. I am amazed at how much my mentality has changed since I committed to changing my family tree 4 years ago.

    PS I have very muscular legs that I’ve always been self conscious about but as time goes by I look at those legs and I can’t help but smile in adoration. They carry me through each and every day. They are strong.

    I am strong.

  43. I’m very accommodating for other people. (My father is currently driving with me to my new home across the country, and my patience is definitely coming in handy.)

  44. I love my back and shoulders

  45. I love my blue eyes and my nice legs!

  46. I am a very giving person and love helping others!

  47. Mami2jcn says:

    I’ve got a good memory!

  48. Mami2jcn says:


  49. Jennifer Marie says:

    I am a happy person and enjoy finding positive things about others.

  50. Jennifer Marie says:
  51. I like my eyes :)

  52. Carolsue says:

    I have good skin.

  53. Carolsue says:
  54. Wild Orchid says:

    I am great about following through with my goals!

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  55. Wild Orchid says:


  56. Alaine says:

    I love my hair!
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  57. Kelly W. says:

    I love helping out and serving others!

  58. Laura Jacobson says:

    I love my dark brown eyes!

  59. Laura Jacobson says:
  60. courtney b says:

    i like my smile :)

  61. courtney b says:
  62. Kellie Rose Wilson says:

    I love my freckles!

  63. Kellie Rose Wilson says:
  64. Julie F says:

    The one thing I do love about myself are my teeth.

  65. I’m a very kind and honest person and willing to help anyone out!

  66. God created me, therefore, I am beautiful!

  67. Gabby S says:

    I committed to improving my life and I’ve kept that commitment to myself. 60 lb and 2.5 years later, I look forward to continued improvements (those last 15 lbs) and furthering my race distances.

  68. Gabby S says:
  69. Christi says:

    I’m proud of myself for finally making a decision to put a value on me…I never thought I was worth dedicating time to myself. I’ve finally decided that thinking like that is not going to get me anywhere and it’s not helping anyone! :) I’ve made a change for the better and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!

  70. A lot of terrible things happened in my life last year, but I went on adventures, met new people, improved my body, and found out a lot about myself. Biggest year of personal development ever. And it turned out to be the best/most adventurous year of my life so far!

  71. I love my sense of humor!

  72. Nicole says:

    I have a great smile!


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