Friday Rambles

Hey, hey!

Happy Friday! Today is our last full day up at the mountain house with my family, so I am sure there will be some fun activities going on. I am hoping to get a few hours of skiing in too!

Friday Rambles

1. Did you know that I don’t fall asleep quickly if I have a bunch of thoughts, plans, to-do items, and worries on my mind?

Yah, I am pretty sure a lot of you experience the same thing.

But in reality, it seriously bites.

I mean, I am soooo tired, and them BAM! An entire to-do list or a bunch of things I am worried about pops into my head and there goes my falling asleep quickly habit.

I am a die-hard sleeping lover. (read: I must have at least 8 hours of sleep to function as a good, nice, normal human being)

This is nothing new (even as a kid I loved to sleep & often fell asleep first at slumber parties….. yes. it’s embarrasing.)

Anyways. Want to know what I am really worried about right now?

HOW the heck I am going to learn 3 different fitness choreographies before Monday, next Saturday, and the following Monday?!?!

I start coaching GRIT on Monday (it’ll be 2x/week<–but 1x is Plyo and 1x is Strength; so 2 different 30-mins choreos)

Next Saturday I am re-launching BodyPUMP (release 84) with another instructor–so technically I have to know half (5 tracks), butttttttt…..I teach it the following Monday, so I have to know it all by then anyways.

And then that Monday (along with knowing 84 perfectly), I have to know CXWORX 9 to teach that too.

I am feeling slightly overwhelmed.

I am NOT complaining (I actually feel so blessed & lucky & happy to be able to teach it all), but I am just giving you a peek into my worries/thoughts.

Please someone tell me they’d be a bit overwhelmed too?!

Jumping from teaching 1 Les Mills program to 3 is quite crazy…..

2. I really love spending time in the mountains–and with my family.

I am a social person. (I am a total extrovert). I love to talk, I enjoy getting to know people, I am totally in my element when I am in front of people, and I really love a good dance party or wedding, but deep down in my core, I am suchhhh a homebody.

Kinda crazy, eh?

Surround me with my husband, my family, some good books, a gym, beautiful scenery (mountains and/or a beach), with my bestest friends visiting, and I’d be one happy gal.

{a sled behind the ATV….it was actually quite fun}

I got really lucky in the family department. I have 9 amazing siblings, 2 crazy awesome parents, a bunch of in-law siblings, and adorable nieces & nephews.

3. I have eaten whatever I’ve wanted over the past 2+ weeks of travel (we spent time with Jared’s family/40 mins away/, and now with mine at the mountain house/65 mins away/), and I’ve mostly reached for the healthy, wholesome stuff.

Kinda crazy, eh?

I mean, I’ve definitely had ice cream most nights, have nibbled chocolate here and there, eaten chips at lunch, and totally had cereal before dinner the other night, but because I have no restrictions, rules, or worries about food, I just go for whatever I -and my body-want(s).

And you know what? I usually want a fruit/spinach smoothie. Or a turkey spinach sandwich. Or a nice big salad with my dinner.

If we would stop using mind tricks, food lists, restrictions & off-limits foods in our repertriore, it’s amazing what the body will do & how it will respond.

Our bodies were designed to want the delicious, wholesome food, with a sprinkling of treats & ‘fun’ foods here & there. That is when we feel our best! It’s such a lovely feeling to know that truth & to LIVE IT.

{brought my blendtec with me so I have made alllll kinds of smoothies up here!}

Enough with the crazy diets, food challenges, get-slim-quick plans, cheat days, and all this other restrictive crap. It’s not healthy, nor is it going to cure the chronic diseases that are such an epidemic in our country.


4. It’s cold here & the heater went out the other night. I almost froze. But then I didn’t.

I know, I know. Thank goodness for wood & fire!

And a heater-fix-it-man.

5. I’ve worked out pretty much every single day of vacation.


Who says you can’t keep up healthy living when on vacation?! (see #1 as to which workouts I’ve been doing)

Of course, I did opt to sleep in the other day & not work out. I also wasn’t feeling great, and decided sleep was more important. #winning

6. I am dying to see Les Miserables. 

Not much to say about this one. I know the ‘story’/book/musical so well (I have read the unabridged version, seen it live, know all the music thanks to my family, and have even seen the older movie version), and I am totally dying to see it! I think I’ve mentioned it about 4505905434215095 times to my husband that I want to see it.

I think he might go with me on Saturday night.

We shall see. 😉 (See reason #1 why we wouldn’t)


And that was the most random post ever. Hello rambles from my head!

Happy weekend to us!

What are some of YOUR Friday rambles?? Anything YOU want to vent/rant/complain about?? What movie do YOU want to see?? <–has anyone see Les Miserables yet?

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  1. Yes, I saw the movie last week…..its long…..its wonderful….you should go and then do nothing else but learn your routines and eat …ha!

    I’m going to go to Body Pump on Saturday…ugh tomorrow…to check out the new release. 😉

    • HAha. I wish that’s all I could/would do. I’ve got lots going on–but hopefully I’ll learn it all…. 😉

      Have fun at BP! 84 is awesomesauce!

  2. I’m the same way with sleeping – usually I fall right asleep… but if not, my thoughts wanders!! Happy Friday!

  3. I hope you get to see Les Miserables soon, so good! And I’m jealous of your blender!! I sent mine back to Chicago with my brother in their car so I didn’t have to ship it – so regretting that! 2 more weeks until I’m reunited!

  4. I’m the same way with sleep – I need 8 hours to function, but if I have a lot on my mind when I’m trying to sleep, then I’m pretty much screwed, I find it helps for me to write (or type) out my thoughts if they’re keeping me awake. I guess it’s almost like transferring them to paper gets it out of my head and makes me less anxious/worried.

  5. My husband and I just saw Les Miserables live at a theater in Chicago in November. Then I found out about the movie!! Can’t wait to go see it. I don’t know that anything will ever top a live performance, but I’ve heard the movie is phenomenal!

  6. I would be a little stressed and overwhelmed with memorizing all of that choreography too, BUT I do know you and I have taken your classes, and I have no doubt you will rock all of them! You’re a hard worker, determined, and a great teacher so you’ll manage it like a piece of cake. 😉

  7. Good luck learning all those classes!!! You can do it!!!

  8. Rambling posts are my favorite kind :) I couldn’t agree more with eating whatever you want…and actually wanting healthy food! It’s so true, if your mind is telling you you have to eat this or should eat that..the other part of your mind wants to rebel. But if you just eat what you want (which could be cereal sometimes or veggie-packed salads other times) it all balances out! The body knows what it needs, it’s smarter than we think it is :)

  9. I too cannot sleep when I have 8 million things going on in my mind!!! They say that writing all your thoughts down prior to trying to sleep really helps… I actually have never tried, but maybe we should both give it a shot and see what happens, lol! 😉 Enjoy your last full day with the family! My vacation is coming to a close too… Sunday is my final day and then BACK to the grindstone! I am so ready for Thanksgiving again! LOL!

  10. Anne Marie says:

    One of my rambles is when they make major changes to gym schedules! I know change is a good thing but it’s annoying when you get into a routine of going to a certain class every week and you look forward to going every week and then it completely changes :(

  11. We have several instructors that are certified in multiple Les Mills formats- and I always wonder how they learn all of the new releases at the same time. I have a hard enough time carving out enough time just learn Bodypump! I stress about it every quarter, but always manage to get it done. We don’t launch til the end of the month- thank goodness! I have A LOT to learn (like, all of it!)

  12. I know what you mean, I found myself reaching for the berry and spinach smoothies at christmas too!! It’s just our lives!

    PS I am ALSO dying to see Les Mis!

  13. Danielle says:

    AMEN and high fives to this post!!!! I want to seriously print this post off and read it daily for grins and giggles 😀
    Your attitude with fitness and food (and family and life in general!!!) is just darn inspiring, healthy and happy. There are many people that haven’t perhaps had full blown ED’s but still are suffering from some form of it or orthoexia or major fear of food because of all hype and nonsense. It’s really hard not to get sucked into to all the food fads and restriction diets and detoxes that run rampant, but i seriously do (and thankfully) love veggies and fruits, but also appreciate chocolates and cheese and other “indulgences” like um.. nutella?! it’s tough when there are many sources telling you to cut out so many things, and i get that processed stuff is bad! but high quality food is amazing. life is short, quality over quantity really makes sense on so many levels!

  14. “Enough with the crazy diets, food challenges, get-slim-quick plans, cheat days, and all this other restrictive crap. It’s not healthy, nor is it going to cure the chronic diseases that are such an epidemic in our country.


    LOVE. Keep being you and getting the message out. You. ROCK. No other words 😀



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