Feeling Thankful + Giveaway Winner

Hey friends!

How are you doing during this short work week? :)

Work has been good–but it’s kinda hard to jump right back into it, ya know?! I felt slightly overwhelmed. It helped though, that afterwards I went sledding, drank hot cocoa, and played games with my family.

It’s been super fun to be with them all!

Giveaway Winner

The h.h.gregg giveaway winner for the 100$ gift card is:


Miah! Congrats! {I will email the winner for deets.}


Feeling Thankful

I am feeling thankful. Very thankful.

As it is Thursday (the usual ‘thankful thursday’ time), I just want to pour out some of my thoughts. I also have been spending every extra minute after work with my family instead of at the computer or on my phone. That’s what quality time is.

I feel so blessed right now. I have my health (sort of….I am doing my best to fight off any germs that have been floating around the house. hah). I have an incredible husband. I have a fabulous family. I have my faith. I have my trust in God. I have job(s) I love. I have great friends. I have prayer. I have all of you(!!). I have time to love, serve, and relax. I have a good bed & pillow. I have delicious & healthy food to eat. I have eyes that see, a heart that loves, and ears to hear. I have strong legs. I have clothes that keep me warm. I have arms that can give hugs. And I have a brain that can play a part in decisions.

I am #soblessed :)

Have a GREAT & thankful Thursday!

What are some of YOUR thoughts lately?? What are YOU feeling thankful for today??

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  1. I’m thankful that I survived yesterday (long story). I think everyone develops a case of post-Holiday blues, I know I did! Crazy to think it’s all already over!

  2. While I thoroughly enjoyed my winter break and time off work, I am extremely thankful that I do have a job that I love!

  3. We are so blessed, aren’t we?! God is good. I’m so thankful for all of those things you listed as well, along with our little bundle of joy. :)

  4. I’m thankful that I’ve had time off to relax and spend time with family and the boy over the holiday. And I’m thankful for going back to school on Monday – having the opportunity to pursue a graduate degree!

  5. I’m thankful for awesome sisters!!! =)

  6. I hadn’t commented in awhile and was thinking of a blog post you wrote the other day….wanted to say hi!

  7. It’s always so humbling to read your posts. You remind me to be thankful for everything I had. I want to add one to your list- I’m thankful for you! You are incredible :) Ps. Stay healthy! Which means husband- stay the hell away! haha.


  1. […] Friday! Today is our last full day up at the mountain house with my family, so I am sure there will be some fun activities going on. I am hoping to get a few hours of skiing […]



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