HooRag Review

Hey friends!

How is 2013 treating you?

I am doing great! I started the year off with sleeping in, smashing a workout (GRIT, baby<–gotta practice before I begin coaching it on Monday!), eating some good food (sparkling grape juice at lunch, anyone?!), playing in the snow, and just living it up with family.

However, my husband and a bunch of my siblings are sick. There is some sort of stomach bug going on…..Ick. I have a great immune system & sleep tons (and eat/exercise well), so I am not going to get it.


Otherwise, it’s been gorgeous up here in the mountains!


HooRag Review

A few weeks ago a nice lady from HooRag reached out to me to try a HooRag out.

Of course I was immediately intrigued in something I had never heard of…..

What exactly is a HooRag?

A HooRag is:

a new type of tubular bandana that are used by chefs & cooks all over the world.
It’s easy to use and can be worn a bunch of different ways.  It’s perfect for wearing in the kitchen and keeping your hair out of the way.  We have about 30 different designs, something to match anyones style.

Kinda cool, eh?

I got mine & immediately tried it on.

It’s definitely fun to stick on the head/shoulders/neck in fun ways. 😉

And to be honest, it is PERFECT for hiding my grease-ball hair after the gym when I still have to run out to ‘see people’ or run errands.

I am okay going out in public after workouts, but I prefer to hide the scary/greasy/sweaty hair.

I mean, a girl can only wash her hair so many times a week, ya know?!

Thank you, HooRag, for allowing me to get sweaty & still be all sorts of presentable.


{I was given a HooRag to try. All opinions are my own.}


I am off to work today (I can work from anywhere–woot). But hopefully I’ll catch some fun activities after!

{p.s. I’ve been living it up with the fam, hence my scarcity online & on social media/blogs/emails. Thanks for understanding!}

Have a GREAT day ya all! <3

Have YOU heard of or tried a HooRag?? What do YOU do to hide the sweaty/greasy hair?? How many times do YOU wash YOUR hair?? <—me-about 3x/week

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  1. Never heard of it…pretty cute though…I wash about 3X a week too and the other days are scary…ha!

  2. The HooRag is so cute!! I only wash my hair about 3 times a week as well! I’m a big fan of headbands!! :) :)

  3. Ha, I only wash my hair every couple of days, unless its super sweaty :) But I would def love to try the HooRag, very cute :)

  4. I’ve never heard of a HooRag – but I imagine they’re nice. My brother works in kitchens so he hwears bandannas daily, but these look a lot cuter!
    I wash my hair daily – it’s super thin so if I skip one day, it gets ridiculously greasy.

  5. I saw the HooRag on a couple other blogs, and I LOVE the idea of it! You look absolutely adorable in it too. 😉 It seems like everyone is sick these days… Blah, no fun! I am usually pretty confident that I won’t get sick either, but after several evenings of not sleeping well, I think my immune system let me down and I got this lovely head cold. Blech!

  6. That HooRag looks HOT ON YOU! I’d look like a bald child if I wore it! LOL! Although I am still kind of curious about trying it :) Happy New Year!

  7. That’s pretty cute. I’m all about using hair accessories to cover up the post-workout hair mess. Especially when I do the AM workout and I don’t have time to shower before work. It’s usually the wide headband, or dry shampoo and a hairdryer fluff out. <–I just invented that term. haha

    I usually wash my hair about 3X a week as well.

    I've never head of a HooRag either. I'll have to look for one.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Looks good on you but I’ve never been into bandanas for me personally.

  9. Hey that looks good on you! Pretty lady, what doesn’t though? =)

  10. I was actually contacted by HooRag as well! I really like how yours looks as a headband. I’ve been using mine as a headband/headband ear warmers for when I run, and it works really well. Perhaps I’ll have to break it out for some greasy hair coverage as well. Definitely need that some days!

  11. Annette! I went back to this post cause I remember you tried one of these things. What are your favorite headbands to wear during workouts? I CANNOT find a headband that will stay on my head. Too loose, too tight, elastic, stretchy, cotton…everything falls off my head. And I just cut straight across bangs which i LOVE but I cannot staaaaaaaaaaand sweaty bangs on my forehead….and I also can’t stand fixing my headband/finding on the floor every 2 minutes. Especially during cardio. I’d like to keep the focus on my exercise and not my annoying hair/bands. Ideas???



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