Burrrrrpee Workout + End of 2012 Reflections!

Hey friends!

Happy LAST DAY OF 2012!

P.s. since there were so many giveaways, the fitmixer Boot Camp winner is:

#25- Emily!

{I will contact the winner.} Congrats! I totally loved reading all your guys’ goals for the year–I am excited for each of you!

Andddd exciting news! My little sis had her adorable little boy on Thursday (the 27th). A healthy, angel of a baby! Congrats to her & her husband!

Wow, dudes. This 2012 year was fabulousssssss.

Before we jump into what I did/what I thought of the year, I had to share a workout with ya.

Burrrrrpee Workout

The workout that can be done anywhere…..

You’re welcome.

It’s a crazy, sweatfest baby.

And with my new HR monitor <—enter to win one (or something else for 100$!), you know I’m gonna try my best to get that HR up so I can see it. Gosh I am a numbers nerd.


End of 2012 Reflections!

2011 was a good one & I set resolutions for 2012 in a blog post at the end of 2011. <–check out to see how I did. (I’d give myself a 110% for exceeding many of my expectations! Even though I didn’t meet some of ’em, I feel like I gave it my all this year).

In that post I wrote this:

And what I am most excited for in 2012the beautiful unknown. Our lives are heading somewhere and I’m not sure where exactly, but it’s going to be good-I can feel that!

Oh how true that was!

2012 was not a good year, it was a GREAT year that brought amazing opportunities, challenges, and growth. I really loved 2012!

Yes, with a hot husband by my side, it was fantastic indeed! :)

{the following was fun for me to write–and it is personal, so enjoy and/or recognize that it’s a nice reminiscing time for me}

Some highlights ‘n’ happenings from the year (not in any particular order):

  • Got my first ever very-own Saturday fitness class (in StL).
  • We moved (from StL to UT)
  • I completed AIM 1 & 2 (BodyPUMP) successfully
  • I finished a Half IronMan, baby! Earned that medal in all its glory (and bragging rights). 😉
  • I attended a coaching conference for work (in OH)
  • I went on a week long houseboat vacay with family (without ANY electronics). Rocked my world!!
  • I took my first coaching clients via FitnessPerks, LLC services & have successfully grown the business since that first client. I LOVE talking to these wonderful women!!
  • I ran a Half Marathon without even training for it (in 1:56 ).
  • I worked a booth for the Simply Bar with Ashley at a Gluten-Free Expo.
  • Wrote my first posts & giveaways as both a FitFluential Ambassador & fitmixer ambassador during this year.
  • Got a new nephew in May, another cute nephew just recently (yay!), and will have another niece/nephew in the spring! Thanks sisters :)
  • I spent 10 days with my family over the T-day holidays & had a complete blast enjoying every minute.
  • I trained in the Les Mills GRIT Series.
  • I trained in the Les Mills CXWORX format.
  • Got an iphone
  • Joined Instagram & Pinterest (follow me-I promise I am fun!) @FitnessPerks
  • Taught a bazillion fitness classes & started teaching in the early hours (5:30 a.m. baby!) LOVE what I do.
  • Personally this year: I grew my relationship with my Heavenly Father, found more happiness & peace with myself, pretty much cut out all fat talk, became even more financially stable (woot), learned to let go of things out of my control (thanks to many experiences & time spent with my amazing husband), took on fitness-writing assignments at work, started working with the young women of my church, tried to complain less (still very much working on this), went on tons of date nights with my husband, tried to take photos of things I/we did, and became even more grateful for all the many, many blessings I have.

I am so thankful for this year!

I learned a LOT. I found more peace. I loved more. I laughed more. I learned to let go. I learned to fly. I learned to take chances. I learned to stop judging others & give more compliments. I let myself get uncomfortable. I fell more madly in love with my husband. I texted more. I worked hard. I slept a lot. I watched some great films. I took my fitness to a whole new level. I read more. I spent time doing absolutely nothing but cuddling with Jared. I appreciated the mountains more. And to be honest, I became more of who I feel like I was destined to become.

And that my friends, feels amazing.

In the spirit of growth, we can be happy & at peace. With a husband who believes in me, I can take on the world. And with the Lord by my side, I can truly grow & become who I was meant to be.

Peace, love, & wishing you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! {I am hoping to top 2012 with more growth & experiences in 2013!}

Annnnnnddd most importantly: Happy Birthday to my daddy! He’s the best dad ever & so freaking inspiring (he’s not only the smartest man/brain surgeon ever, he’s an avid hiker, photographer, and traveler). Tellin’ ya, thank goodness I got a few of his brain cells! 😉

Annddd we get to celebrate with him since he recently bought a vacation house in the mountains (where we’re currently staying with some of my fam for the New Year festivities). Happy New Year to us & Birthday to him! :)

<3 Annette

What are some of YOUR highlights of 2012?? What are some lessons YOU learned?? Accomplishments YOU’d share with us?!?! <–I love reading them!! What are YOU doing tonight to ring in 2013??!

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  1. 2012 was a great year!! Accomplishments for me this year were definitely my races! NYE will be a Kobe Steakhouse dinner with my bro and sis and our significant others and then a low key party with our good friends after!

  2. 2012 was great but 2013 is going to be even better! I PRed in my second marathon, embarked on a new fitness journey that has put me in the best shape of my life, and kicked my negative thoughts to the curb. MOST importantly, I took a HUGE leap of faith and quit my full-time teaching job in order to pursue my love of fitness and work part-time so that I could spend more time with my kids. Despite the much smaller paycheck, I don’t regret it for a second. I’ve never been happier and not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for listening to my heart and taking the risk. In 2013 I’m hoping for a new marathon PR and (maybe??) Baby #3 :)
    I hope 2013 brings you and your family wonderful things!

  3. This weekend I did a burpee challenge…I like yours too :) I am proud that I even started running in 2012, which I had never done before, so that was a big accomplishment for me!

  4. It’s definitely been an amazing year for you! I loved reading about your half-ironman experience. You must be SO proud of that! I hope 2013 brings even more happiness for you! :)

  5. Clearly, you’ve had an extremely fulfilling year! I remember your Half-Ironman…that was so impressive! Glad the year went so well for you, and I hope 2013 is even better!

  6. Yay! Congratulations to your sister! :) How exciting!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful year! Cheers to another one!

  7. Accomplishments…..learning so many new healthy recipes and actually eating them! Trying new healthier foods and making (yes making) my family try them too. Taking a hip injury over the summer that was quite depressing at first and turning it around to look at my eating habits more and change up the exercise routine a lot.

    Since I am SUCH an early to BED bird we are having friends over from 5-8PM for some pre-celebration appetizers/drinks and then sending them home safely before it gets really crazy out there and I will probably be in bed by 10PM…while hubby and kiddos ring in the new year together. (And YES …we are all OK with that. 😉

    • Haha. Enjoy that lovely evening & early to bed 😉 I will prob/hopefully make it to midnight. We shall see! Once a year I can handle. Hah!

  8. Oh my gosh that WOULD be a sweatfest! Burpees are the worsttt, which of course means that’s an awesome workout, you’ve got here.

  9. What a year!! So many changes, but all so amazing. You really did have a great one. Hope 2013 is just as wonderful for you. :)

  10. Oh gosh, I adore this post so much. You have done SO many amazing things this year Annette and should be so proud! You’ve accomplished so many excellent things, it’s so cool that you can look back on them this way! This is why blogging is so fun. Happy birthday to your Dad and congrats to your Sis!

  11. I’d learnt to enjoy life! Love reading your reflections and accomplishments :)

  12. Celeste says:

    Ah – I so needed this workout today – something I could do on lunch break in the office without equipment.

    Thanks a million for posting! Your workouts are always my favorites to read.


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