Christmas Recap 2012


Happy Friday!

First of all, you guys have some seriously FANTASTIC fitness goals for 2013! Wow. I am inspired by you all. And in awe! You all deserve to win the awesome fitmixer boot camp entry to earn those goals! {Enter until Sunday}.

Serious bowing down to ya all going on right now. <3

And, now–well, I promised a recap, eh?!

It was a fabulous Christmas! And we/I got a reallllllyyy fantastic present…..see later on in the post. πŸ˜‰

Christmas Recap 2012

An outtake from our red/green photo you saw on Tuesday. Heh.

Sunday’s activities:

Some food on Christmas Eve morn:

{I ate it after teaching a BP class}

And random ice cream at some point (Saturday maybe?!):

On Christmas eve I was hurrying to get ready to go see a movie with the family, but hadn’t had time to get ready….

iphone camera to the rescue!

{it doubles as a mirror, in case you’re wondering}

And for dinner Christmas Eve, Jared’s family always goes to a restaurant and his dad pays for everyone. (So nice!)

We went to Sizzler. They have a salad bar & a dessert bar is included.

I was a happy camper!

{the chicken on the side was eaten by my husband– I thought it was gross}

The above plate x 2!!

Plus I got a side of sweet potato fries. A must.

And ate the dessert bar out of business.


We watched beautiful videos about the Savior & his birth, sang songs, and happily went to bed full, excited, and feeling very grateful.

We awoke to…..

A white Christmas! Woot.

And even though I got 10 hours of sleep, I still managed to look like this:


Christmas breakfast before presents:

Baked french toast. SOOO delicious. (Sugary, but tasty).

And then the presents began!

I got a pink hamper! Woot!

Plus some other great things……

And then came THE gift.

Check out my expression (can ya guess what it is?!):

Oh yes….


Check out that face of love & adoration:

I am SOOOO freaking excited!!

{P.s. I bet my brother in law is super happy he’s in every picture of me & my beloved Blendtec. Hah.}

I’ve already used it. Lots.

And my husband got a kitchen tool too…..

He’s already used it a bunch of times too.

Good stuff!

A husband who bakes bread?! I’ll take it.

And him too.


I was most excited about getting him a different present, but no pics of that<– I gave him the Avengers DVD (he loooooves the movie), and I totally surprised him. The look on his face was priceless, and oh so sweet.

I love making other people happy!! Best feeling ever!

After getting a Blendtec.

Kidding, kidding.


We had Christmas day snacks at around 2ish.

After games, chatting, and lying around, I set about to finish making my mom’s special Swiss cookies to share with all.

(They’re called Spitzbuebes}

The end result:

So delicious. So yummy.

Christmas Day dinner:

{chicken, sweet potato souffle, half a baked potato w/sour cream, veggies, and bread with raspberry honey}

‘Twas a beautiful celebration over the course of a few days with family!

I am sad it’s over, but happy to have enjoyed every minute. Plus, I hope to bring the Christmas spirit with me wherever I go! <3


Happy anniversary to my little sis & her husband! (5 years)!

Have a GREAT Friday my friends!!

What were some of YOUR holiday highlights so far?? What was the most delicious thing YOU ate in the past 5 days?? What is the present YOU were most excited about receiving??!Β 

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  1. I ate everything in sight! Top 5 would. Be carrot cake buckeyes honey baked ham some kind of chocolate coconut thing and pretzel roll sandwicheds!! Plus much more.

  2. Linz @ Itz Linz says:

    Blendtec?? Amazing!! I got tons of new pajamas and since I live in them I’m pretty excited! Haha

  3. I love how your husband is so excited over a breadmaker! I would actually love one of those too. And a Blendtec – yay! My dad BUILT me a mason-jar rack (I keep my sugar/flour/grains in them) for Christmas, which I love and am so impressed with!

  4. OMG that Blendtec looks AMAZING! Happy blending!
    The BEST gift I received was registration for my husband and me to run the Philly Rock & Roll Half Marathon in September. Although I’ve run A LOT of halfs (halves?) this will be his FIRST! Over the past year he lost 40 pounds and started running–I could not be any prouder of him and this race is a HUGE deal for him! YAY to him! I can’t wait to run this together :)

  5. awww . . . . what a lovely Christmas! The Blendtec and Bread machine are soooooo much fun! You guys will have a blast making all sorts of creations in those two machines!

  6. That looks like a wonderful Christmas, and I’m so excited you got a Blendtec! Now we both have awesome blenders!!!

  7. Awe, what a wonderful Christmas!!! I’m SO happy you got the blendtec, it’s amazing! You’ll be seriously obsessed. It looks like such a great celebration with your family and I’m glad you enjoyed every moment!

  8. Looks like a great holiday, your faces are absolutely priceless with that blender! Haha, too funny. And those traditional cookies look sooo good. I want themm!

  9. Danielle says:

    Oh what a lovely and gorgeous Christmas and collection of holiday photos. Lucky girl, the Blendtec and the Breadmachine are such amazing gifts!!!! So envious as I am really looking to upgrade my little magic bullet, but must wait till after the new year. Can’t wait to make smoothies without chunks, lol.
    We had so many yummy meals over the holidays, but Peking Duck we had one night before Christmas is still in my thoughts… crispy perfectly cooked duck skin and tender succulent meat, mmmmmm! Seeing my little brother get his first car and then singing Feliz Navidad at the top of our lungs at midnight while driving around with my mom are still two of my favorite holiday highlights πŸ˜€
    Aside from that my parents helped me with my plane ticket to Paris. and that is the best gift of all! I leave tomorrow and can’t wait.
    Cheers to you and hugs and happy blending!!!! xoxoxox

  10. Ohh my goodness, your husband bakes bread!!?? That’s so wonderful! :)
    I got a Vitamix last year, and it’s definitely one of the most- used present I’ve ever gotten in my life! You’ll have lots of fun with your Blendtec!!
    I taught Bodypump on Christmas Eve morning too.Oooooooh yeah.
    (And I FINALLY practiced BP 84 on Wednesday because the snow canceled my class! I think we launch in like… 4 weeks! I better start learning it!)

    • I am so glad he bakes bread! πŸ˜‰

      I too have to learn 84! It’s like in 2 weeks. Gahhhh / Why do we always do that?!?

  11. I was most excited about some kitchen stuff my dad threw in my stocking. I’m also getting a purse which I’m pretty pumped about because I never buy that stuff for myself. And the best thing I’ve eaten within the past 5 days was probably a baked brie dish that I made. Thank you, Paula Deen!

  12. I got new bedding – total shock and I was so excited! (I’ve had the same bedding since high school.) Yay for your Blendtec!

    We had baked french toast on Christmas morning too. Yum! :)

  13. Hmm the most delicious thing- probably the turkey or potato salad..or my chocolate truffles! There’s just too many.

    Loved seeing your recap- helps me pretend that xmas isn’t over yet πŸ˜‰ Yay for getting a blendtec!!

    We’ve got sizzler here too! I’m not a fan but I will admit the dessert buffet rocks. Like I could skip the main meal and just eat that all night. Lucky we don’t go there often πŸ˜‰



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