Amp up YOUR Game-Sleep to Perform

Hey friends!

Happy weekend :)

Today I am going to run (with 1 other girl) 2 GRIT sessions.


I might die….. and I really hope I don’t forget any choreo! (We’re doing a Max Out workout both times–which is 3 tracks from the Strength & 3 tracks from the Plyo. OUCH)

And then later today we’re seeing a friend & her cute new baby, and going to Jared’s parents’ house. WOOT.

Last night we did a lil’ festive date night to get the holiday weekend started right & it was super fun: temple, dinner at Cafe Rio, & ELF.

{nerd trying to show the outfit b/c we don’t have a full-length mirror. hah}



Ya know what else is perfection?

My new Technogel Pillow! Gosh, I love it!

Amp Up YOUR Game-Sleep To Perform (Technogel Pillow Review)

Caring about your health & wellness (& fitness) goals is important-DUH. When you live better & happier, you tend to make others around you happier! :) And if I don’t get great sleep, I make myself & others suppppperrr cranky.

Just ask my husband. Hah.

So, in my many years on this earth (hehe), I have figured out what could help anyone amp up the game-fitness game: FANTASTIC SLEEP.

{I couldn’t keep a straight face when my hubby helped me out for a photo opp. Hahahahaha}

I’ve written about sleeeeeeep a bunch, but it’s because I am SO passionate about it.

If you don’t sleep well or enough, it screws everything up:

  • your hormones
  • your mood
  • your mojo
  • your drive
  • your determination
  • even your eating habits

It all goes bye-bye when we mess with our sleep hours or schedule.

Case in point: a week or so ago I slept HORRIBLY. Totally awful sleep-I couldn’t fall asleep, I didn’t stay asleep, and I awoke totally exhausted. That day? It was a complete bust. I was so slow at everything, my eating was totally whacked, and teaching my favorite fitness classes was pretty ugly.


There are a lot of factors that go into sleep, and I’ve listed them off before (tips to improving sleep and here-sleep does a body good), but thanks to Technogel, I’ve had the fabulous opportunity to try out an amazing pillow that promises better sleep–(and it has lived up to it).

Better sleep = #sleeptoperform

I don’t know about you, but I NEED my good sleep–especially if I want to get anywhere near reaching the fitness goals I have.

So, what is Technogel & why am I talking about them?

Technogel creates a bunch of different pillows aimed to fit different styles of sleeping & different body sizes & shapes, in order to provide optimal sleeping experiences for each individual. To enhance levels of comfort, each pillow comes with the special Technogel technology in all products. What they say:

Technogel® is the material of which dreams are made:unique soft-solid polyurethane gel that through the years has been used for different and creative applications. Technogel® is the most adaptive, flexible, and incredible material you have ever experienced, which moves like the water having memory the shape of a solid body. For this reason Technogel®is considered the quintessence of comfort.

Other Technogel technology-awesomeness that is found in each pillow:

  • Pressure Relief: It really does support the spine & lower back so there aren’t any weird aches when you wake up.
  • Ergonomic Support: So the head stays in place & in line with the neck–no kinky neck issues!
  • Hypo-Allergenic: Speaks for itself.
  • 3-D Deformation: The pillows mold around each individual’s head–so it feels cushy & comfortable.
  • Durability: Made from high-quality products, so the pillows won’t lose shape or harden.
  • Thermal Regulation: This part is wicked–the pillow keeps cool!

Obviously my sleeping on a Technogel pillow really made the experience for me!

(I was sent the Deluxe Standard Size-because I sleep on my side & am a medium build)

So why does this all matter?

I slept so much better this past week with my new pillow! I especially noticed less ‘aches’ & I didn’t wake up as often as I used to. Major points for that one!

I get excited to go to bed every evening….oh wait, that hasn’t really changed.

But I am even more excited to do so–if that’s possible?!

{holiday pjs, baby!}

I also took the pillow with me when we went to a cabin in the mountains last weekend, and I slept like a rockstar. With a capital R.

My husband wants one now….& I would totally by this for him once he decides which one he wants!

Let’s go back to point number 1–you are a hot mess if you don’t sleep. So baby, #SleeptoPerform

Want more info?? I would….. Visit the Technogel website, view their fantastic products, and find them in a store near you! You can connect with Technogel by visiting them on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

{I received this pillow from Technogel & FitFluential to review. All opinions are my own.}


Have a GREAT, festive weekend!! You might want to add a pillow or mattress to your list….. 😉

What things do YOU need to do or have in order to #SleeptoPerform?? Do YOU sleep on your back or side or stomach?? What festiveness did YOU do last night?? 

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  1. I was looking into some new pillows recently, but never found one I was confident would be worth it. I sleep on my back–sleeping on my side tends to hurt my hips for whatever reason. Thanks for the review on the pillow!

  2. I have seen a lot of reviews on this pillow lately…they must be feeling very generous and giving them out this time of year hoping for more purchases after Christmas? Maybe there will be an after Christmas sale?

    One can hope right? 😉

  3. your outfit is too cute! I’m glad you had a fun date night!

  4. good luck with the grit sessions!!! the coolest thing about the technogel pillow is def the cooling factor – i’m dying to try one because i get SO hot when i sleep!!

  5. I’m a side sleeper too! And I’m definitely the same way if I don’t get my sleep – super grumpy the next day!

  6. I usually sleep on my side! That pillow would prob help me sleep way better since i am such a light sleeper!

  7. You’re definitely right that sleep helps workouts and recovery so much :). I can tell when I get good sleep, I always have good runs and lifting sessions the next day. Glad you like that pillow, I’ve seen it on a few blogs lately.



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