Holiday Survey Fun!

Hey, hey!

It’s not only FRIDAY, it’s the Friday before Christmas! Woot!

I love this time of year. LOVE it. It even beats the summertime. 😉 (Whoa! Did I really just say that?!?)

Holiday Survey Fun!

I am a sucker for surveys–I love reading ’em from others, so I figure you all hopefully enjoy them too. :)

Favorite holiday song?

O Holy Night (sung by my sister or Charlotte Church) & Silent Night (in either German or English)

Geez. Can ya tell I am picky?!

Workout on Christmas Day or take the day off?

Uhhh definitely day off. No question. I might do some gentle yoga/stretch/go on a walk possibly, but no ‘workout’.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked out on the 25th, actually?!

What do you usually eat on Christmas morning?

Depends which family were with. :) It’s just my husband and me, so each year we’re either with my family or his. This year we’re with his, so probably cinnamon rolls, some egg dish, and fruit.

Favorite holiday or Christmas tradition?

I’ll just list of a few–but my family has TONS. My mom is Swiss, so we pretty much do everything Swiss (loooovveee this part about my family).

-We have a real tree & we light real candles on the tree for both the 24th & 25th.

{see the candles? they’re all set to be lit}


-Christmas Eve is a bigger deal for me & my family because of our strong Christian beliefs (night He was born) & our European roots, than Christmas day. To me Christmas is actually the 24th. :)

-On the 24th eve we eat Swiss cheese fondue, sing holiday religious songs, read from Luke 2, re-enact the nativity scene (ends up being kinda funny), and share beautiful stories about the Savior. This is my ALL-time favorite part about Christmas–I love how my parents have centered the holiday on being together & celebrating Him who has given us all.

{prepping to sing a German/Swiss holiday song}

{there are a lot of lit candles….but we always have a fire extinguisher nearby}

-On the 24th we also get to open the family secret santa gifts from each other (we pick names each year) & eat the homemade Swiss cookies my mom (and we help) baked. Super fun!

{a year ago I posted the recipe for 1 of these kinds of swiss cookies}

-Then the 25th is more about presents, santa, & stuff like that :)

Real tree, fake tree, or no tree?

My parents always get a real tree. You can’t light real candles on a fake tree…..Besides, the smell is just soooo heavenly.

Jared’s parents have a fake tree & we don’t have a tree. I know, I know.<–I seriously never got around to it, sadly. But on the other hand, we’re leaving Saturday, so we’ll be around a tree for the main part of the holiday. 😉 Next year we are getting a tree though, I’ve decided!

Christmas pajamas-yay or nay?

YAY. Very YAY. I love this tradition of my family’s. We get ’em every other year (the year we’re all home for Christmas). Last year’s were epic.

Check out my sister’s fam:

freaking cute.

Where do you spend the holidays?

Once again–either with Jared’s family or mine. This year is with his!

Neither of our families have tons of cousins & extended family nearby, so Christmas is way relaxed & not hurried at all-trying to go from house to house. Thankfully. I would find it so hard to do that! Props to all ya all who do that!

Food you always have during the holiday season? Favorite Christmas treat/food?

I love my mom’s Swiss cookies she makes–and I always bake ’em with Jared’s family when I’m not in StL.

{in 2010-my first Christmas away from my fam & first with a husband!}

I also love the cheese fondue, cinnamon rolls, and special chocolates my dad buys.

Open presents one-by-one or all at once? 

One-by-one. I have 9 siblings (& a bunch of ’em are married & have kids), so Christmas day lasts until about 1 or 2 p.m. Not even kidding.

With Jared’s family it is a little shorter, but we still go one-by-one. It’s way more special that way & it’s always been enforced at my house!

{Stockings are done all at once though.}

Favorite holiday-ish movie?

ELF. So hilarious! We’re watching it tonight together. :)


I like Home Alone as well.


Have a fantabulous day!! <3

YOUR turn–what is YOUR favorite holiday food?? Do YOU open YOUR presents one-by-one or all at once with YOUR family??

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  1. AWESOME!!!

    Happy Friday before Christmas!!!

    I love Elf…We’ve watched it 3 times this holiday season…I just like to smile, smiling’s my favourite LOL

  2. Aw your fam is so fun!! We do one family at a time for presents.

  3. 9 siblings! That’s huge! But it must make for some awesome, busy holidays though.

  4. Such wonderful family traditions! Loved reading about them. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. I wish my family had the PJ tradition. It looks like fun!! :)

    We used to open gifts all at once, but as we’ve gotten older, we’ve slowed down a bit to truly enjoy the process. Not that we do it one at a time, but it’s not quite the same free-for-all anymore.

  6. So fun to read! I’d be scared to death to light real candles on a real tree… Fire hazard?! 😉 I’m sure your family has it down though. 😉 I love all of your family traditions – so special!

  7. Opooooo I loooooved this!!! You sound like you have the coolest family ever!!!

  8. This just warms my heart so much :) I love hearing about other people’s Christmas traditions. 9 siblings.. whew, that’s impressive! My favourite Christmas movie/movie in general is LOVE ACTUALLY.

  9. Aww you have the best traditions!! I love how you do the pajama thing 😀 so adorable!!

  10. Im so excited too! I cant believe its Almost here. Elf, home alone and christmas vacation are some of my favorite movies!

  11. Danielle says:

    Love this post and the Swiss traditions! the tree is gorgeous, and your pajamas are just beyond precious. We are sharing our Christmas say with some family friends, and having Christmas lunch out in a nice restaurant since my folks are in between houses. my parents got my baby brother a car, and he has no idea!!! So my fav part will be him getting an awesome surprise. I got myself a ticket to Paris for nye so that’s my mega gift of the year :-) happy Friday, xoxo!!!

  12. So stinkin cute! All of you!!

    Presents have to be one – by – one or some one may miss something. 😉

    No workout on Christmas Day either. But look out Dec.26th and the week after…Oh, our Y is crazy with resolution peeps! (As I am sure all gyms are 😉

  13. Love your Christmas Eve traditions. When I have a family of my own I would love to do that kind of thing. It’s great to remember and celebrate the real meaning of this special time of year! Have a fantastic Christmas!!


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