Skipping The Gym

Hey friends!

December 20th is here & I am so excited! This time of year is special to me, so I try my best to embrace it all-and 1 way I do that? I listen to Pandora Holiday stations (Charlotte Church one is my favorite) & blast my diffuser.

Essential oils emanating through the air (via the diffuser) screeeeaaaams holiday to me. The scent it so wonderful!

I feel very blessed & thankful. But my heart still hurts for those who are suffering in CT & for those who won’t have happy memories this year. <3

In my small ways I share & donate & pray, but through it all I must recognize that He is God, and I am not. I do what I can, but only He can bring lasting peace to those who are hurting.


This time of year is always abound with fitness tips & tricks to help us stay motivated. Honestly? I can’t wait to have a few days off. Hah. I teach a lot (which I LOVE), but it’s nice to have a day off here & there. So I am kind of backwards, I guess. Hah.

Skipping The Gym

If you’re wondering if you’ll have any excuse to back off the workouts during the rest of 2012 & into 2103…..well, think again.

This article lists the hot fitness trends….and yah, there is pretty much NO excuse for not getting a work out in, because the hottest trend is SKIPPING THE GYM!

Turns out you already have all you need for one of the most popular fitness trends of 2013. That’s right, no gym membership, fancy equipment, or drill-sergeant trainer is required. All that’s necessary is your body.

In a survey from The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), 3,346 fitness professionals named bodyweight-baring exericse as the third top trend for 2013, making it the newest craze to join the list. (And our deepest regrets to Pilates, stability ball, and balance training, which got the boot.)

The accomplishment is well-deserved, but we want to know what took so long! We’ve always loved this type of exercise.

As the name implies, it involves using your body’s own weight as the source of resistance to build up strength and endurance. Think push-ups, squats, deadlifts, the gazillion variations of planks—the list goes on (and on and on!). {source}

Love it.

Back in my not-so-great days of anorexia, exercise addictions, and my unhappy zeal to be skinny, I would’ve scoffed at this. I was obsessed with the gym–and my workouts. Obsessed because I could see the number display & knew exactly how many calories I had burned. If I did that at home, I wouldn’t know! And that gave me MAJOR anxiety. So I never ever worked out at home–in my mind it wasn’t really a workout.

Oh how wrong I was!

Now though? Dude, I haven’t been to a ‘real’ gym (my apartment gym doesn’t count) for my own workout in a long time. I wore the BodyBugg for awhile in 2011 & early this year, & it was pretty fun to just see how much I burned doing activities I loved, but it was different. I was working out & doing things I LOVED & wanted to do. Not because I had to.

I happily workout from my home at least 2x/week now–no commute, no time wasted driving, and better-yet? A few extra minutes of precious sleep.

All I do is drink up, hop into some fitness clothes, & get ‘er done.

{fitmixer aminos are what I drink right before a workout–anytime/anyplace/anywhere}

Well, guess what?  I’ve got GOOD news for all of ya. You can do a bazillion body-weight exercises at home & get in a killer workout ALL within the comfort of your home. No gym required! And, bodyweight exercises are some of the best to provide a training stimulus for those muscles.

It just keeps getting better, eh??

{greatist list: source}

In fact, 2013 might just be the Skipping the Gym phenomena we’ve all been jonesing for. And you can grab workout ideas from my Pinterest Workout board. You’re welcome.

Come to think of it, dropping & doing 20 pushups never sounded sooooo good. 😉


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am grateful for a loving husband. He sends the most randomest & sweetest texts during the day. Makes my heart either melt or my belly ache from laughing so hard.
  2. I am super thankful for scarves. They keep me warrrrrrmmm!
  3. I am real thankful for the power of prayer & the knowledge that miracles still occur every day.

Have a FANTASTIC day, my friends!

What is YOUR favorite at-home workout or no-equipment-needed move?? Do YOU think you’ll be a part of the skipping the gym phenomena?? What are YOU thankful for today??

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  1. Linz @ Itz Linz says:

    Definitely many at home workouts to be done. I do like the environment of the gym but especially on poor weather days my basement works just fine!

  2. Planks are my new best friend.

  3. I loving being at home in KC because we have weights in our basement. That way I can workout at home without having to go to the gym!

  4. My gym is closed until school starts up again, so I really have no choice but to do at-home workouts! While I don’t mind doing workouts at home once in a while, I’m definitely going to be a gym-goer as long as I can.
    Love planks and pushups for bodyweight exercises!

  5. Sometimes I follow and do workouts from home. They are all body weight which I love and they take less than 30 minutes!! I am thankful today for my health!

  6. Thanks for the link to the Greatist List….I see there are a lot of good stuff on that link. 😉

    I like both…at home stuff and gym classes. (Depending on mood and weather)

  7. I used to get super anxious whenever we’d go on vacation or somewhere without a gym because heaven forbid I didn’t have access to cardio equipment! Now? I don’t even have a gym membership and ALL of my workouts are done outside or in my living room. I do miss the gym atmosphere at times, and I’ll eventually get a membership again (we don’t live super close to a gym and we’re trying to save some $$ right now). I just find it interesting how our mindsets and attitudes change. Thank goodness they have, right?! 😉

    • TOTALLY agree!! Gosh, we’re so similar it’s kinda scary & hilarious! Hah. What weekends in Jan work for ya for date night? Apparently we have to plan way ahead…..

  8. I love doing body weight exercises too, there’s so much you can do! Cardio style with burpees, high knees, mountain climbers…or strength move with planks and pushups. I still like to hit the gym for the treadmill, but strength training I always do at home with my collection of hand weights. Real simple!

  9. I’m with you on at home workouts! I’m all about them. And if you spend just a little extra money on some dumbbells, stability ball, bosu, etc. You still save money in the long term, since gym memberships add up and end up costing more than that equipment! The only time I actually go to the gym is for spin classes. I just love ’em.

  10. If I didn’t love running so much I would probably have switched to crossfit, but I really enjoy the heck out of it. Luckily I finally realized the benefit of strength and at home workouts are so convenient!

  11. Body weight exercises = my fave. Pandora Christmas music = my serious favorite. Diffusers with yummy smells = HAPPINESS.

  12. I am definitely a gym-goer because I just don’t feel comfortable working out in from of my husband in the morning. Terrible, I know. He is super skinny and never has to workout, so me sweating and doing complicated moves in front of him just doesn’t happen often. I love doing body weight exercises though!

    • It’s not terrible at all! It took me a long time to be able to do it in front of my husband, actually! He is skinny & doesn’t work out either.

  13. I quit my gym over the summer and don’t miss it one bit. I have a treadmill in my basement (on which I frequently run your HIIT runs!) as well as hand weights, TRX, a medicine ball, and resistance bands. Between those and my collection of Insanity, P90X, and Les Mills PUMP dvds I don’t need or miss the gym!
    (And I’m always always always thankful for my health, husband, and kids!)

  14. Hmm I don’t know- I love the gym so probably wouldn’t be skipping it anytime soon. I like attending the group fitness classes, getting access to all the equipment and seeing my friends there. But I think it’s great to recognise that the gym isn’t the only place you can exercise! People need to realise doing exercises at home still count!



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