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How’s it going? Is it really Wednesday already?! And LESS than 1 week until Christmas?! WAHOO! :)

I love the holiday season. Love it.

So I am all about people asking me questions, and thus I have a little box on the main page where you can do just that. Recently a reader asked me a question that I thought a lot of people would like to hear the answer to, so a blog post was born! (I was an emotional eater in the past)

5 Ways to Curb Emotional Eating

The question asked:

I find myself eating out of boredom, stress etc most of the time. It frustrates me so much, I hope to hear what you would recommend to curb emotional eating? Thanks!

**A NOTE: most women will eat emotionally or out of boredom once in awhile. There is nothing innately wrong with this at all–I definitely have my moments–but it is when this type of eating becomes more of a habit & 2nd nature, and poses potential health risks, that it becomes a larger issue.  A person will know deep down if he/she regularly struggles with this by the pure fact that it disrupts normal daily living, thoughts, and interactions. If this is the case, I am always here to help.**

1. Be aware of what is happening. 

Awareness is key to any of this. Knowing that you ARE eating out of emotions or stress is actually a huge step forward!

{in denial no more!}

When we live in the present we become more fully aware of what we are doing…in the present. It’s no longer, “I think I just ate 3 cookies….” it is “I am eating 3 cookies.” When we’re intentional about eating, we tend to err on the side of being very aware that we’re eating out of something other than hunger, like say, emotions.

This happens to me when I want a dessert-type food because I am celebrating something. Whether or not I am hungry, I am going to eat that dessert to celebrate<–this is me being aware that yes, I am eating out of an emotion, but that is OKAY. As long as it’s not a regular occasion & I am not doing it without realizing it, this is normal & healthy.

So for someone who might struggle with eating when not hungry & instead because of an emotion or stress, a way to curb that would be to live more in the present–being aware. It is TOUGH, but it’s been shown in research that we as humans tend to feel happier, more satisfied, and less stressed when we live each moment to its fullest.

2. Talk to yourself.

Yep. That sounds as crazy as you think, but actually doing it is not that weird. And, it could help!

{source} hehe

Telling yourself about how you feel, why you are angry/frustrated/sad is a way to make that feeling valid. Once we feel validated, we are WAY less likely to reach for a food to validate those feelings. 

Emotional eating is another way to be heard, validated, and comforted. When we seek other ways to do this, we’re way less likely to seek out food to accomplish those needs.

3. Give yourself 15 minutes to do something else first.

Did you know that it takes about 15 minutes for a craving to subside? If you are not really hungry but you want something because of the way you feel, give yourself a 15 minute timeout to do something else first.

It could be reading a chapter in a book, finishing a nagging task, calling a friend or sister, doing a short workout, or taking a nap.

You might surprise yourself & not really want the food after that time is up! Food is often what we easily grab for when we’re in an emotional or stressful place, instead of satisfying ourselves with real, deep connections or needs that are harder to get or be expressed.

Have you ever eaten because you were tired or frustrated when all you really needed was a nap or a friend to cry to?



{Once again, if you’re really hungry, then after the 15 minutes are up, then by all means eat what you’re craving. However, you might find you don’t really want that specific food any more because the emotion has died down. Listen to your body–he/she will tell you want you really want/need!}

4. Journal, write, or email how you really feel.

This is crucial! Your emotions (anger, sadness, etc.) or how you’re truly feeling should NOT go unnoticed. If you just tell yourself “I am not going to eat that simply because I am mad,” and then you continue on without acknowledging the anger, you will be right back to those cookies in 5 minutes flat.

When you have an urge to grab the bag of pretzels or carton of ice cream, take a few moments to write an email to yourself (or a friend or confidante), journal about what’s going on, or write a document that bares your soul & simply express how you truly feel. Allowing ourselves to acknowledge the emotions in a raw, healthy way will probably remove the desire to eat those emotions.

I have used these in my own past with emotional eating & with clients I have worked with. They are tried & true, and can help anyone who experiences these urges.


Too true.

If you have questions, please email me! And thanks to the reader who asked the question. :)


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What is something YOU do when YOU know you’re wanting to eat your emotions?? What is a food that YOU tend to reach for when YOU are angry or happy?? Have YOU tried fitmixer yet??? <–if not, what are you waiting for? The aminos, esp are the best.stuff.ever.

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  1. Going for a short walk is the best way I know how to see if I’m really hungry, or just bored and trying to use food to fill a void!

  2. Good tips especially around the holidays. I talk to myself When i feel tempted!

  3. i try and get out of the kitchen and away from food! out of site out of mind (usually)

  4. I think everyone reaches for food out of emotion sometimes! As long as I don’t make it a regular occurrence, I try not to worry about it. Some extra ice cream once in a while won’t hurt me. :-)

    • Yep, I agree–hence why I have a note at the beginning of the post :) All women (and some men) will eat out of emotions once in awhile–that’s why I addressed both. Thanks for bringing up a great point, Sam!

  5. too timely for me….just last night I did it again…

    I do all of 3 of these already and it just doesn’t make a difference…when I “emotionally eat” or “binge” …which to me is simply emotionally eating when I am not hungry, just because it tastes good, its in the house and I seem to have no control over it and just want more….I have decide to finally start a journal (which you mentioned!!) 😉 I am going to write down why I am doing this and take the time ..again..to try to get my mind out of the EB…(yea, emotional binge)

    Something has got to work eventually.

  6. This post was perfect and ehat I needed! I have been emotionally eating for months because I’m bored! I know this, I realize it and I get mad at myself! I need to actually start talking to myself and find other things to do! I cleaned out my pantry of bad food, so the next step is to find things to occupy my time! Thank you for this!

  7. Great post Annette! I used to also struggle with emotional eating that was spiraling out of control…writing down how I was feeling was a huge help! Instead of reaching for whatever food I wanted to distract myself, I would reach for my phone, and type out what I was thinking and feeling. Acknowledging bad feelings allow good ones to return! And usually the food craving would subside…but it was definitely a process!

  8. Excellent tips Annette! You’re awesome. I used to struggle with binge eating as well, and all of these things helped me get through it. This makes me think of a teenage girl I saw/heard at the grocery store just yesterday… She was yelling at her mom because she wouldn’t let her get some food item that she wanted. She then said, “I NEED it because eating makes me feel better about myself!” I just wanted to run up to her and hug her and explain to her that eating is NOT going to help her feel better in the end, but only do the opposite. My heart broke for her.

    • Awwww that is SO sad! I too would’ve been heartbroken hearing that :( This is why I write posts like this, I try my best to share my experiences in hope of helping someone else! xoxo

  9. Jessie says:

    I think you meant “Walgreens Specials” not “Walmart Specials” :) I saw that and thought” “ohh fitmixer is being sold at walmart now?!”

    I like the idea of taking a walk. I definitely have the internal battle going on some times. Thanks for another great post!

  10. Awesome tips, thanks for sharing! I constantly fight the emotional eating batter & journaling or even just realizing WHY I feel like eating has been extremely helpful. Happy almost Holidays!

  11. Holy moly, less than one week until Christmas! I’m not ready!! Those are great tips Annette! I used to struggle from emotional eating big time! Now, I kind of suffer from the reverse. It’s hard for me to get myself to eat when I’m feeling stressed or upset because I tend to lose my appetite and feel very “full” even if I clearly haven’t eaten enough. It’s crazy how emotions can affect our appetite like that.

  12. Thanks for some tips/tricks! Emotional eating is definitely a struggle for me. I do notice that when I am getting in multiple workouts each week it helps with my eating because I don’t want to “void” my workouts.

  13. I soooo do each of these things. Distraction and journaling are the strongest deterrents for me.

  14. Always appreciate a post like this because emotional eating for never truly goes away. I deal with it. New tips are always welcome!

  15. I think the reason that we want to EAT our emotions, is because our emotions actually cause some turmoil in our digestive systems… stress or excitement, for sure. So we eat to calm it down. It doesn’t work of course.

    I think too, that as adults, we need to set good examples for kids in NOT rewarding and celebrating with FOOD.

    Good ideas, thanks.

  16. Love these! I’m pinning this post :) It’s definitely a coping mechanism for many people and everything you’ve written about I’ve learnt from experience and my therapist too. Deal with the issue first. Spend twenty minutes- being sad, angry, mad blah blah blah and you’ll figure that wow, that wasn’t that bad, stressful or whatever and then you’ll be able to move on. And eat that darn cookie in a peaceful happy place- who wants to associate nasty stuff with beautiful food!

  17. I feel that talking to yourself really does help! But being aware doesn’t always help for me becuase I’ll sometimes be like “okay so I’m lonely who cares, I wanna eat this anyway” so it’s hard. but this is a great list of tips!

  18. Hey there! Just found your blog through Tina’s Saturday Shares post and I’m so glad I did. Fantastic, fantastic post with really great advice. What strikes me most about your advice on emotional eating, however, is saying that all women will eat out of boredom or emotionally at some point without it being a serious issue. I cannot tell you how much that struck me and, actually, really comforted me because I think it’s much more true than we let ourselves realize. So many times if I find myself eating chocolate because I’m upset (I can certainly think of some points when that has happened recently…) I get really angry at myself, even though I definitely do not make a habit of it. I’m definitely going to think of that statement more often now. There’s a balance between all and nothing….

    And I’ve just written an essay. Basically, thank you for a great, thought provoking post :)



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