Practice Takes Work

Hey, hey!

*Before I continue, I couldn’t go on without mentioning how much my heart hurt on Friday after hearing the devastating news about the Newtown tragedy. My prayers & thoughts go to them -the families, the town, and the survivors. I can’t even imagine the pain they all feel. :(

I hope that at this time we too will remember what is MOST important in life…..and boy am I grateful to know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the only one who can make things right because of what He has done for each of us. I pray that He will continue to pour out His love & peace to those suffering, and to all of us as we strive to be kinder & more full of love & compassion.*


Anything else seems so trivial to write about….. but on a happy note, I am SO glad I had a few days to relax a bit, do some festive things, and sleep in. I haven’t slept in on a Sunday for like weeeeeeeekks.

It’s the simple things in life that makes this girl happy!

Weekend Recap

We helped out some family on Friday by loading items into a truck & driving it to the mountain cabin, staying the night, doing a bunch of laundry, and then hanging out a bit, before driving back home.

We ate dinner with my little bro & his friends. This + pizza.


I love cozy nights in front of a fire!

And it snowed that night!

So pretty.

I also ate chocolate, drank chocolate, and dreamt about chocolate…. I guess I haven’t had enough chocolate lately, because that’s all my body wanted Friday & Saturday evening! 😉

Oh, and I got some other stuff in my belly too:

Mmmmm runny egg with cheese on toast. Heaven.

Later this weekend my husband and I watched a movie, listened to holiday music during dinner with our Christmas lights lit, & had essential oils blasting into the air via our diffuser (amazing smell!!). Like I said–simple makes me happppppy.

{fitmixer protein French Toast with homemade cinnamon syrup + pear + orange & fitmixer aminos}

During the weekend we also went to church, talked to family, ate a yummy brunch, lazed about, did laundry, ran errands, and had 2 magical evenings together. He has a busy first part of the week, so we wanted to spend every minute we could together!

Practice Takes Work

Passing both Les Mills trainings the previous two weekends (GRIT Series & CXWORX), was tough, fun, and a lot of work, but it’s nothing compared to what happens after!

I have to not only know the choreography 100% perfectly, I also have to know all the safety cues, and get each participant to move safely, effectively, and correctly to the music & moves that have been crafted. Plus, I have to do this all by memory all while working out!

Phew. Teaching a Les Mills format is no joke.

{Becoming a Les Mills Instructor for FYI}

And prepping for 3 at one time?! WOW. I have no idea how so many do it! Right now I am getting ready to have BodyPUMP 84, CXWORX 9, and GRIT 2 all perfect & ready to go (the numbers represent what release it is).

So this weekend I buckled down & busted out some serious practice time. I got so nasty & sweaty, but it had to be done!

All while representing fitmixer, baby!

This week I am teaching a CXWORX track to my boss (for an audition–all LM formats must have an audition at the gym I teach), and I am running a GRIT session this Saturday for the other gym I teach for.

Practice takes WORK, baby. And I MUST put the effort in if I want to feel comfortable when I get in front of everyone & the music starts playing. If I want to be a great instructor, I have to put in the time to make it perfect. People do NOT like when an instructor is off the music, cueing, timing, or doesn’t know his/her choreo. It’s an ugly mess & soooo uncomfortable to all involved.

The time & effort must happen on my part as an instructor. But I also love doing it all-so I am okay with that!

P.s. Never underestimate how much time your fitness instructors take to prep for the classes you take! hehe 😉

And fellow instructors, am I right?? There’s a LOT that goes on behind scenes.

But it’s totally worth it in my eyes. I mean, helping people get fitter & happier (and change lives!) all while having a blast & getting a great workout is the BEST job I could ever ask for!


Have a FABULOUS Monday! <3

What did YOU do festive this weekend?? What must YOU practice regularly in order to feel comfortable doing it later?? Did any of YOU have French Toast this weekend too?? <–p.s. sooo yummy with fitmixer chocolate protein mixed in

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  1. Thanks for sharing, it was so interesting to read about all the prep that goes into running these classes. I’ve honestly never thought about it at all!! Seems like a lot of hard work. I’ll show more appreciation to my instructors next time :)

  2. I didn’t have french toast but I did have a pancake!!

  3. It’s interesting to see how much prep goes into teaching classes – especially when you’re teaching several at once! But you got this! :-p

  4. I had pancakes this weekend! Yum. And those Kind + Protein, the dark chocoalte with sea salt is my favorite. I had one yesterday!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! We had a pretty festive weekend with a Christmas party, seeing the lights at Temple Square, and wrapping presents!

    Good luck with your audition this week! You’ll rock it!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend for you! Full of nice festivities, isn’t it the best to enjoy those things! Goodness, that’s lots of prep work for the classes! You’re going to rock it though! No french toast for me! I had pancakes. Kind of reminds me I’d like some french toast this week!

  7. I was just thinking that it was time for me to get to work on learning BodyFlow 59 – my gym hasn’t given us our official launch date for January yet, but I know that it’s going to come way too fast with the holidays thrown in there. I seriously don’t know how you do it with multiple formats!

    But even when there isn’t launch approaching, there are the regular prep times – changing our mixes and relearning old things to keep the class fresh for our members. :)

  8. My festiveness included Christmas cookie decorating this weekend with a bunch of friends. It was super fun as always.

  9. Yes, it’s a lot of work and really we don’t get paid enough. But I reckon it’s not a job per se but a passion. I think mum is getting me my AIM 1 training for Body Step this Christmas OR she will put some money towards another training- hmmm what to do?!

  10. Majkss says:

    Heey nice post here, I like to read such things :) In this weekend I was mostly practicing body pump, because I really love it, and I feel soo good after the practice :)
    Also I learned that body pump is a good calorie burner :)
    more here –>


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