Holiday Gift Ideas {Foodie}

Hey, hey!

The mountains are topped with snow, the holiday music plays wherever I go, and I am one happy doe.

Okay, yah. I am no poet.

But I started to write the sentence, and after realizing it was rhyming….well, I couldn’t help myself.

Let your true colors shine in all you do, people! 😉



A few days ago I wrote about ideas of what fitness holiday gifts to buy, get, dream about, etc., but I thought it only fair if I share some top ideas of holiday gifts for the foodies out there!


Holiday Gift Ideas {Foodie}

Kitchen gadgets


-panini maker

-magic bullet


-Blendtec or Vitamix blender


-Bosch mixer

(some of these might just be on myyyyyy list)

Holiday plates & napkins

These can be so fun!


Delicate chocolates, candies

Enough said, right?! Mmmmmm.

Homemade baked goods

THE best!


These are always a great idea for someone who likes to cook! (Just find out what type of eater he/she is ahead of time….)

Holiday-inspired towels, oven mitts, and kitchen decor


This can be a great gift for someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen.

Cute aprons

Everyone needs a super cute apron…..


Just sayin’.



New, nice pots & pans are always a fabulous way to give a fun, yet useful gift!

There are so many fun ideas out there, ehh??


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am super thankful for holiday music that plays while I work!
  2. I am reallllllyyyy grateful for a husband who cares. He simply cares. Love him for that.
  3. I am very thankful for a heater. It’s cold out there! Brrrrrr

Have a GREAT day, ya all! <3

Have YOU ever bought a foodie-inspired gift for someone?? If YOU could have a foodie gift this year, what would YOU choose?? (cost doesn’t matter in the question) What are YOU thankful for today??

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  1. A Vitamix!!! Haha that would be awesome but not very realistic :) :)

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever actually owned an apron in my life…and that one is super cute!

  3. I love my magic bullet and my panini maker. Im asking for a kitchenaid mixer this year!

  4. I want a food processor….I have been researching some so I don’t have to spend a lot and still get a good one…it may or may not happen at Christmas but some time soon I am thinking.

  5. Danielle says:

    Whoohoo, I LOVE love love love foodie gifts! I’ve been giving them forever it seems, in fact my family gave me cookbooks even when I was a little girl. I’ve always loved being in the kitchen. This year I will certainly be making some delectable holiday treats and have narrowed it down to: Holiday Fudge (choc/cranberry/coconut/marshmallow/nuts), Peanut Butter Fudge Cups, and Choc Dipped Apricots with Crushed Pistachios. Hopefully it all turns out ok! Oh, and my holiday candy bark. More chocolate, yes!
    I would love a Vitamix (of course, lol) but really I’d just like a full time dishwasher and made. That would be all my dreams answered! And since I’m wishing, I’d like a robot maid so that way I won’t feel bad about making a person clean up after me. There ya go, robot maid please, Santa!!! 😀
    I’m so thankful today. I’m thankful for you Annette, as always your posts are so positive and instantly make me happy! and I’m thankful for having some amazing leftover spinach/chicken/goat cheese salad here at work because I forgot breakfast! I’m also thankful for my awesome winter coats – oh how I love thee. Now that it’s just cold enough to wear them, I am breaking out all the good ones.
    Happy Thursday, hugs! xoxox

    • Oh wow! That all sounds SOO AMAZING!

      I am thankful for you–you’re fabulous. And I hope you had a lovely day at work :) xo

  6. LOL I love your little poem at the beginning! Too funny.

    This is a great list! I would love a Vitamix Blender, but I can pretty much guarantee that we will never get one since I’m too cheap to get something that pricey. Ha! I asked my husband for some various nut butters this year that I don’t buy on a regular basis… like Justin’s Vanilla/Maple Almond Butter, Peanut Butter & Co, etc.

  7. Love the thankful Thursday notes today! Beauty is everywhere. The one thing I would recommend for any foodie is a vitamix! It was the best investment I made ever. But, of course that would be for a really close family member, not for just anyone. They’re too dang expensive. I always really appreciate homemade gifts since they’re made from the heart!

  8. My priority right now is getting a food processor. I don’t use them all the time, but when I do, it saves soooo much time and makes my life so much easier.

  9. omg a Vitamix will be on my list from now until the end of eternity!

  10. I’d love a Vitamix! I’m getting my mum an apron hopefully, as a fun little gift- on top of her other gifts. Because she complains about her clothes always getting stuff on them!

  11. So funny. So my dad is a chef, and last year he needed new towels and pot holders in the kitchen so he bought them, wrapped them, and gave them to my mother, who DOESN’T cook at all… Unless you consider opening a can of Sardines cooking. LOL! I wonder what “trick” he will pull this year! 😉

    Hmmm if I could ask for any foodie gift this year, perhaps I would ask for one of those Zucchini spiralers, to make pasta… Or maybe a dehydrator because I would love to make veggie and meat “chips”. :) I cannot believe HOW SOON XMAS IS!!!



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