How to Create a Healthy Meal/Snack

Hey friends!

How’s it hanging where you are at?

Here? SNOWY. COLD. And I’m tired. But all quite fun since the holiday cheer is in the air!

AND it’s 12/12/12 AND it’s 12 days before Christmas.

The geek inside me is uber excited about all of the above!! :)


p.s. My sis was hoping her baby would come today for a cool b-day for him, so fingers crossed!


I get a lot of questions about what to eat, how to eat, and what I normally eat, so I thought I’d share some insight on how to create a healthy meal/snack, since this is exactly the ‘protocol’ I follow.

How to Create a Healthy Meal/Snack

1. Choose a protein.

{keeps you full & satisfied, helps maintain lean muscle}

2. Choose a vegetable and/or fruit.

{chock full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals}

3. Choose a complex carb.

{important for brain power, energy for workouts & tasks}

4. Choose a healthy fat.

{vital for healthy cells, skin, nails}

5. Choose a sauce/dressing/topping/spice, etc.

{so many to choose from!}

6. Choose the serving size (dependent on time of day, hunger level, and what you’re in the mood for)

{a snack would be something more like 150-250 calories; a meal more like 300-500 calories}

Perfect. Now put it all together!

You’ve just created a recipe idea. :)

Last night’s dinner came from this protocol completely:

Protein: beans

Veggie: veggie burger crumbled

Complex carb: quinoa

Healthy fats: cheese, olive oil

Sauce: Greek yogurt, salsa

Serving size: Medium (I was semi-hungry)

(after dinner was that chocolate)

{p.s. some ingredients are actually in 2+ categories; quinoa could be a protein or complex carb}

SO YUMM. So easy.

  • (After most of my dinners or lunches, I will have something sweet–either a chocolate, fruit, gum, or herbal tea. Depends on my mood!)

Thanks to Lindsay’s kind birthday gift, I seem to always be in the mood for TJ’s dark chocolate caramels she gave me!


Simple, right?

This protocol can seriously be used to make any meal or snack, and it comes in handy when you’re staring at random stuff in the fridge or pantry!

I do not like wasting food, so this protocol has helped me make up some random, yet delicious meals & snacks! (read: see above pictures. hah)


Have a GREAT DAY, people!

What is YOUR protocol for making a healthy meal/snack?? What is YOUR favorite part to choose (protein, veggie, etc.)?? Doing anything special for 12/12/12???

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  1. I’ll be thinking of your sister today – that would make an epic birthday!

  2. I don’t like wasting food either….one of my problems though…I love mixing food up just to see how it tastes and looks…its usually quite good. ~ So why won’t the kids eat it? ha!

  3. yay!! i always make sure my snack involves protein… i need to get better about eating vegetables for snacks but i do pretty good with eating veggies for breakfast lunch and dinner so i think that makes up for it! :)

  4. I try to always incorporate protein into my snacks! Especially after I work out I like to drink a protein shake.

  5. I follow the same ideas for piecing together a healthy snack and/or meal! Great minds think alike! 😉

  6. I pretty much follow the same protocol. Sometimes my snacks don’t have everyone of the above things in them, but most of my meals include them all. I think my favorite one to choose is my healthy fat… I LOVE me some healthy fats! Nuts, nut butters, cheese, eggs, oils, avocado…..YUM! 😉

  7. Danielle says:

    Love your method! My whole focus this month has been protein power, whoohoo! Up until this month I was totally letting myself have whatever, and that was whatever was a billion cups of cocoa, candies, and carbmadness galore. I really need protein so this month I committed to making that my focus for at least 30 days, and go from there. So far the difference is astounding! and I’m so silly for letting this go again. I seem to go on these rollercoasters but I guess that’s all a part of our food journey!
    so basically, I cook lots of protein options for myself, and some veggies, and I love fats, and everything else is just whatever. as long as i have protein, i’m good! I just figure out a combo, and keep almonds at work to munch on. finally enjoy coffee black now, never woulda guessed that would happen!
    I love coconut everything: milk, oil, cream and butter.. omg i could eat a whole jar of it. it’s TDF. i guess my fav thing to eat is protein right now, and fat, ha! i am loving me some pot roast cooked with coconut oil, and yummy root veggies. so perfect right now.
    today is one of my older sister’s birthday, so this is defnitely a special day :)
    Happy 12/12/12 girlie, hugs and xoxoxo!

  8. I kind of love that it’s 12/12/12 and 12 days before Christmas! Yay, so excited! I’m also jealous of your snow! I wish it would snow here, but sadly it doesn’t look like it will! Your method is basically how I create my meals/snacks too! I have to snack since I have hypoglycemia and need something every 2-3 hours, or I’ll be on the ground. Ick, it’s the worst. Protein is my saving grace with this condition!

  9. I didn’t even realize today is 12-12-12 until someone said to make a wish at 12:12 today! I hope your sister’s baby comes!!

  10. Yum that meal looks good! Love your protocol, I think following that method also ensures we nail all those cravings on the head AND stay fuller for longer.

  11. For my stomach I have to eat carb and protein together, or protein by itself. I cannot eat carb by itself or else my stomach will explode – and you think I am exaggerating but I am really not! I don’t have a large intestine so it takes a lot for my small intestine to digest carbs! Tis why I only eat veggies! Oh but… I love me some fat :)



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