Holiday Gift Ideas (Fitness)

Hey friends!

Monday flew right on by, so here we are! I am up & off to teach a really early morning BP class. LOVE. 5:30 a.m. is totally acceptable to teach a class at, right Lauren?! 😉

A few things I have to mention:

1. Pesto is good on anything that is a carb or carb-like. I tried it out for ya, so just believe me.

2. I stuff pomegranate arils in my mouth like it’s my job. And I don’t want anyone to ever see me do it…..ever. It’s not classy AT ALL.

3. I am starting to freak out about the fact that I have to learn the rest of GRIT (I learned 2 of the 12 tracks), perfect the CX’s 6 tracks and learn all 10 of BodyPUMP 84’s tracks before January 7. YAH. (still totally stoked for the opp of course–dreams come true!!!-but it’s a lot)


And on that fitness note, & since it’s the holiday season, what better time to think about holiday gift ideas in the FITNESS category?!

Last year I got a bunch of fun fitness gifts for Christmas, so I thought I’d share ideas for all ya all!

Holiday Gift Ideas (Fitness)

Foam Roller

I got this last year (PINK!!) thanks to my amazing husband. I use it at least bi-weekly.

GREAT gift (and pretty cheap too!)

Fitness capris/tops

Lululemon Wunder Unders & Athleta kick booty pant are both great options.


Running tights

For friends who love to run!

Hoodies with finger holes

Gap has some options

As does Reebok


Fitness shoes

I like buying mine from stores that do buy 1 get 1 1/2 off! (Supermarket of Shoes does this).


Garmin or HR Monitor


People who love numbers would LOVE these gifts!

fitmixer powders!

{buy some from me! link to your right —>>}

Stuff is legit. Try it. Use it. Feel the difference.

Gels, Gu’s, shot blocs (help them stock up for race season!)

These bad boys add up, so help a friend out & stock their stocking with ’em!

Arm band for ipods/iphones


Who doesn’t love music right?!?

Zumba wear 


Okay, so maybe I added this in just for me?!? :) Gotta love the Zumba brights. I always get something Zumba-ish for Christmas!

Dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, resistance bands

People who want to have a home gym would loooovvvee you if you gifted ’em dumbbells <–but only if you know they want them. (Nobody wants to be feeling like they’re being ‘told’ what to do. Hah)

Yoga/Pilates mat


Anyone who is committed should want a mat for home practice & stretching.

Workout DVDs

Hello insta motivation?!?


Hope that helped! Don’t spend tooooo much time on the Internet shopping today…. 😉

Have a FABULOUS day <3

What is one fitness item YOU want this holiday season (cost doesn’t matter)?? What fitness item are YOU going to buy for someone this year?? What else did I miss??

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  1. Great minds think alike! I did a gift guide post today too! :) :) I asked for a yoga mat for Chanukah and I already got it hehe

  2. I want a new pair of running shoes… my standard Christmas request. I’m TRYING to convince my husband that after training for a running a marathon in them, they’re a NEED, not a WANT :-)

  3. I wanted the sandbag! I also just want tons of workout clothes. I love that hoodie. I kinda want it :) I also agree that pesto is amazing. I put it on so much stuff these days!

  4. I could definitely use some new workout clothes! And protein powders…I’m almost out!

  5. I think a massage is a great gift! :) And/or a new running hat–you can never have too many of those.

  6. I need a lot of these things but I would LOVE a new treadmill. (It won’t be happening this year anyway…)

  7. I know exactly what you mean with pomegranates. I take a huge handful and just pour it in my mouth. I probably look like a chipmunk. And I really wanted new running shoes, which I just got. Not quite sure what I want now if I could pick anything. There are so many fun things!

  8. Protein powder is the way to my heart!

  9. Great list! I am pining after a new fridge.. I know it’s not fitness-related, but that’s all I can think about haha

  10. I want new lifting straps…weird request, I know…lol :)


  11. I would like all of these gifts, please. :) Well, except the Zumba outfit… I don’t teach or take Zumba and might get a few weird stares wearing it otherwise. :)
    I teach 5:30 classes (TWO back to back!) every Monday and Tuesday, and then later the other days. It kicks my butt, but I like it too… it’s a love/hate thing. I absolutely LOVE the regulars that come to those classes though- that makes it so much better.

  12. I’m getting another pair of pink Asics for Christmas but I think that’s the only fitness related thing- I have TOO many gym workout gear…scratch that.. I’m too picky to buy for with clothes so a gift card works out better haha. Wow, get learning girlie! I’m lucky that I manage to pick up my Step choreography really quickly- I managed to learn the first 6 or something in 2 days haha. I still haven’t learn track 12 though, the stretch- I always procrastinate on that one because I feel it has no rhyme or reason to it like the others.

  13. Is that pesto on quinoa!? GENIUS. I’m trying that tonight 😉

  14. I want all of those things!



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