Les Mills CXWORX Instructor Training Recap

Hey guys!

How are ya? How was your weekend? I hope it was full of holiday joy & rest!

Especially because that is most what I am looking forward to….

Don’t worry, I totally loved my weekend, but I am completely stoked to really focus on the holidays now (these past 2 weeks were crazy with a capital C).

Now, about that weekend, let me recap it for ya real quick, mmmkay?!


First of all, CXWORX is an ahhhhhhmazing class. It will shred your core. WOW.

LesMills is the best in the fitness class market. It’s just true. They pour millions of dollars into research, training, choreography, music, safety, etc. & they really do care. And it SHOWS in the trainings & work we instructors must do to stay in that ‘status’ as a LM instructor.

As most of ya know, I just did the GRIT training last weekend, so yah, I was ready to bring it ON!

And, okay, I was a bit nervous & tired going into it.

My best friend all weekend long?


For the training (18 hours over 2 days), we had to know all 6 tracks! We were then told when we got there which track would be ‘ours’ for the weekend & had to completely know it all perfectly for our 3 presentations.

I was given track 1-Warm-Up. It was definitely less ‘physically’ challenging, but there came challenges in the coaching because of how many moves there are.

Release 9 is where we worked from (that means CX has been launched for about 2 years now–4 releases/year), and this release is touuuggghhh.

Les Mills CXWORX Instructor Training Recap

On Saturday:

I packed my food.

Practiced a few more times, and then was off to the gym!

There were about 16 of us in the training + our trainer (Matty).

We did a master class first–and boy, HELLO core. OUCH. In a good way.

Then we did lots of learning, technique work, a bazillion planks, more workouts with the core specific moves, more learning, and finally our presentation #1 (we are filmed & given feedback).

By the end of the day I was exxhhhuuassstted.

And so very hungry. I don’t think I packed enough food. Boo.

Once I got home & had showered, I ate pretty much random stuff but things to fill me up good!

On Sunday:

I ate breakfast pretty quickly because yah, I wanted to sleep an extra few minutes.

(every minute counts!)

Good ole oats with cinnamon & AB. I needed something that would STICK!

We went right into our presentation #2 that morning. I was tired, but I definitely tried hard to apply the feedback I got into that one.

It went awesome!

In the middle of the morning, me & some fellow BP instructors had to take a photo opp:

Ladies in Pink, baby!

Apparently I am not the only one who owns lots of pink fitness apparel?!?


We learned a lotttttt again that day. A lot.

And then more technique work. More planks. Even more hovers (planks on elbows). Even MORE side hovers.

I have elbow rug burns actually. Yah. Hardcore.


And then….even more hovers.

And learning.

Catch a trend?!


Even though we were there for like forever, it was all SO fantastic & I learned so much, so it kind of did fly by too.

With the whole CXWORX group:

And with our amazing trainer, Matty

(we were in a rush- so it’s blurry):

Can’t get enough of Les Mills!!

I can’t wait to film my videos (and kinda get it over with….) & launch this bad boy in January! The members are going to looooovvee this program & the amazing results. Seriously. My core already feels different!


Have a GREAT day! <3

What is YOUR favorite core move?? How long are YOU planning on holding a plank this week?? What do YOU love about Les Mills classes??

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  1. I am going to rock out the work outs and better eating this week…..the weekend was so so sad in my “fit” focus….completely fell apart….but I am OK with it and ready to go again!

    • It’s totally fine to have ‘off’ days–GREAT work getting back into it today! That’s what commitment is & commitment drives results & habits :)

  2. So amazing!! YOu’re a rockstar!

  3. Wowee, two intense weekend trainings in a row?! You are hardcore! Glad you had fun! Oh, and I spot Mindy! 😉

    • It was intense….so glad I don’t have another! Hah.

      YESSSS Mindy was there! She’s so fun. It was great to hang with her again :) We all 3 should do something next year–that’d be a blast!

  4. I’m a lover of planks. I haven’t challenged myself to hold it for as long as I can lately, so I’ll have to try that out! I usually just do them several times incorporated with a bunch of other exercises, which doing so many of them starts to really burn after awhile!

  5. Yay! Congrats! Great review! I was wondering who your trainer would be (two CX trainers teach at the gym I go to) – I’ve definitely heard wonderful things about Matty!

    Was your hover longer this weekend?

    • Yep, Matty rocks.

      I think it was a tad longer, yes. But I had my headphones in (I was the one saying the cues outloud with MY headphones in, so I didn’t hear the counting cues). But I think it was 10 secs longer! :)

      Which formats do you teach again?

      • Woo! Way to go! :) I don’t think I’ve ever timed my hover. I should check.

        I only teach BodyFlow… I’m starting to get the bug to teach some other formats, but I think I’d want to go the Sh’Bam or BodyJam route our gyms around here don’t offer those (yet… or so I’m telling myself). I take CX, BP, and BC regularly… Attack on occasion. :)

  6. Oh I love cxworkx! My gym offers it and I went once a week to it – it REALLY helped me run faster! Good luck with becoming certified!

  7. Wow looks like that would be fun! Gotta love oats for breakfast!

  8. these posts always make me want to become a fitness instructor!!! Haha I’d just have to get strong enough to do all the moves properly first!

  9. Danielle says:

    Wow I’ve never tried a Les Mills class but you are certainly making me want to try one out!!! I am pretty old school in the ab department, at least I think. I do leg lift thingy’s, leg raises, and different variations of those things mixed with some pilates moves. I do some planks every so often but have a hard time feeling anyting, what up with that? I have complicated/confused abs.. lol.
    Happy Monday girly, you totally rocked your weekend to the max! xox

    • Les Mills knows how it’s done!

      With planks, try to think about tightening your abs to pull ’em away from the floor, while simultaneously squeezing your butt. That might help :)


  10. Now that I’m at a LesMills gym, I need to find a CXWorx class to take!

  11. I would love love love to teach Les Mills classes, because I hear they’re excellent and I want to incorporate fitness into my future most definitely. Sadly, it isn’t here. I’m so bummed about that! It sounds super challenging, intense and awesome. I know I’d love it if they brought it here, maybe I should harass them until they decide to come to one of the gyms 😉

  12. I’m definitely a pink gym outfit type of gal too haha! Love my bright colours- plus my shoes are neon pink 😉 And my polar watch. Isn’t CXWORX just incredible? Release 9 is my favourite by far. I love that track 2 is shorter, well feels shorter than other releases but is intense! I’m tossing up whether I should train in that one since it would be so good for my body and not too much with already doing so much cardio and fills with Body Step- plus I might get some double classes then.

    • YAY pink friend!! CX is the bomb, for sure. Track 2 is tooouuuggghhh! It would be a gret class to add into with Step for sure. I still can’t believe you teach Step. THAT is amazing. <--wayy hard class!

  13. I just found your blog through searching “CXWORX Instructor Training” :) I just got certified in BODYPUMP this past May and I am already looking ahead! I think CXWORX (my 2nd favorite Les Mills class!) might be my next certification this next year!

    • Yay! Congrats on the BP cert. Teaching BP has changed my life, so I hope you love it! <3

      I adore teaching CX. It's so nice it's only 30 minutes, and it packs quite the punch. I noticed a huge difference in my core strength after teaching it for 2x/week just after 5 weeks!


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