Friday Musings (Part 3)

Hey, hey. Happy FRIDAY!

This week took forever. It was awesome, but as I alluded to yesterday, exhausting. I have CXWorx training this weekend, so I don’t really ‘have a break’ then either….

…but today is Friday, so who cares, right?!

Other than my teaching Zumba & working today, I have a meeting with the FitMixer people (woot!), am going to hit up TJ’s (the new one in SLC!!), and will spend a few hours with the husband before I banish myself to my computer to learn the choreo perfectly (I am like 50% there<–busy week).


Friday Musings Part 3

1. I am so not excited about the fact that my 1 TV show I watch is taking a holiday break. What?!?

Once Upon a Time, why are you so enchanting?! 😉

I watch the episodes on my lunch break every week with a huge salad beast. (only 1 day/week where I do eat while doing something!)

2. Sometimes I am super productive & really good at getting things done one by one (I love checking things off of lists!), but other times I am the queen of doing 5 things at once…which ultimately makes me less productive.

{there. i admitted it.}

Yesterday was one of those days. After work I had like 6 things I had to do, but decided to kind of do them all at once….


3. Last night’s event did push me quite outside my comfort level. I was totally uncomfortable! Hah.

But like I mentioned, that’s okay. And it was okay! In fact, in went wonderfully.

I sure hope I was able to instill some desire for those ladies to take care of & love their bodies, treating them with respect & reverence.

4. I had to get YogurtLand last night. I mean I was only 5 miles away.

I HAD to. It wasn’t even a question.

(like 7 flavors & 4 toppings in there)

Plus, my amazing friend was meeting me there.

{we need a new photographer. clearly}

It was a lovely end to the evening!

5. It is Friday. And boy am I grateful for that.

Nuff said.

6. Did I mention that I get to see the awesome FitMixer people today?!? Us FitMixer Ambassador UT peeps are having a meeting, and I am crazy excited.

Plus, I get to see Janetha again! Woot!

7. CXWORX is already kicking my butt & I haven’t even gone through the training yet….

Uh oh.


8. I have slept in twice this week, and it was SO hard to get up & get going once I did crack an eye open….I think my body is telling me something?! The crazy soreness is mostly gone, but boy do I just need to chill.

But when?! Hah. Sunday evening at 5 p.m.. That’s when!


9. I’ve eaten at least 1 huge spoonful of salted almond butter (on something or by itself) and a hardboiled egg every day this week.


10. I am kind of a nerd. When I get overwhelmed, all I want to do is curl up in my bed & read a book.



p.s. the WINNER of the Special K goodies is: #23 / Chelsea!! (I will email ya today)

p.p.s. I am taking a few minutes today to remember what happened at Pearl Harbor so many years ago…..what a sad, sad day in our nation’s history.  So many lives were lost. (I’ve oddly always been obsessed with this day & facts about it. Very random & slightly morbid. But one day I will visit the actual memorial!)



Have a GREAT Friday my friends! <3

Are YOU a multi-tasker or not?? What 1 TV show can YOU not live without?? Anyone else having issues getting out of bed this week????? What are YOU doing this weekend??!! <–ya all know what I am doing. 16+ hours of CX training, baby.

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  1. Major multi tasker and list maker….I love crossing the “done” things off a list.

    Cute pink tank….

    I received the Simply Bars yesterday afternoon and already tried one….I really liked the nutritional facts on them and was excited to taste…it did not disappoint. YUM! Thanks…I will have to post about it later. 😉

    And finally there are NO TV shows I cannot live without….I probably could not live without reading my blogs daily though. (And my daughter is simply crazy for Duck Dynasty these days…I hear her laughing through the house when she is watching that show….ever seen it?)

  2. Yogurtland looks like it always has the BEST flavors! I can’t wait until ours finally opens! I saw the store front a couple months ago but they didn’t have an opening date last time I asked (aka harassed them via twitter).

  3. i’m such a multi-tasker! i’ve been meeting my friend at the gym everyday so i have no choice not to get up!! and sticky toffee pudding froyo sounds ridiculous!!!! like i want some… now!!

  4. They just opened a Yogurtland near me, but I haven’t been there yet. I need to add this to my to-do list, pronto! :) Happy Friday!

  5. Sticky toffee pudding froyo? Yea, that sounds amazing!

    My favourite show right now is the Walking Dead, and they’re taking a break until February. I’m a little heartbroken, to tell you the truth!

  6. We must be in sync because I just did a post on multi tasking recently hahah! I’m so good at it, that it’s terrible. I have to stop and make myself focus on one thing at a time. Quality over quantity. Goodluck at your CX training, CX 9 is awesome! It’s my favourite release so far. I’ve been enjoying some hard boiled eggs this week also!



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