It’s Okay to Get Uncomfortable

Hey guys!

How’ve you been lately?

I am doing really well (I feel so very blessed!), but man, last week and this week were/are crazy! I am excited for everything that has been & will be during it, but not gonna lie, I am looking forward to really getting into Sunday evening when a lot of the ‘craziness‘ will slow down. :)

It’s okay to love your life and still be a bit excited for less events & to-dos.

You should have seen my to-do list last Wednesday. I almost fainted just staring at it & wondering how I’d fit it all in whilst working & getting normal amounts of sleep?!

Well, almost there! I even opted out of a normal fitness session yesterday to sleep in a bit & get to work earlier on some projects before my normal work hours. So worth it.


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It’s Okay to Get Uncomfortable

I go through phases as I teach fitness classes–certain phrases or ideas stick with me for about 2 weeks, and then I usually share some of those mantras with my classes to help them drive up the intensity & work harder than they thought they could.

The latest: It’s OKAY to Get Uncomfortable!!

I used to be the girl who never tried anything new, was super inflexible with any change of plans, and could never understand why people would want to do things that were so scary to them (& me).

While some of that is still kind of true (it’s hard for me to change plans on the fly! hello Type A!), I have become a lot more excited about trying new things and/or pushing myself out of my normal ‘box’.


As humans we enjoy our schedule, our way of life, and the things/people we feel comfortable with & in, so it’s hard for us to get a little bit uncomfortable (and step outside our comfort bubble).

I mean just think to the last time you enjoyed feeling a little bit of pain/being uncomfortable…… Yah. Exactly.

However, you probably hated it (whatever it was) IN the moment of the pain, but afterwards, you fet great or even better after it all subsided.

It’s like that with break-ups, tough fitness classes/workouts, new experiences, disappointments, etc.

But we often come out SO much stronger for having gone through that uncomfortableness!


And another reason I wrote about this?? Tonight I am giving a short presentation to a group of women about Body Image & Loving Yourself. Wow. I am quite humbled & really nervous. I’ve written about it (posts here), and talked to persons in the singular about it, but a large group?!?

This will definitely be me getting uncomfortable.

But, I also know I will grow from doing this tough thing.

Remind yourself the next time you feel that fitness/physical pain: it’s okay to get uncomfortable.

If you don’t push your fitness limits, no one else will.


#getafterit !


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am so grateful for the beauty of the snow-capped mountains outside my window.
  2. I am thankful for getting ‘real’ mail.
  3. I am grateful for cheese. I really love good, sharp/aged/tasty cheeses. Mmmmm.

Have a GREAT day all ya’all! <3

What is something YOU’ve gotten uncomfortable in recently?? What did YOU learn from it?? What are YOU thankful for today??

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  1. I’m thankful for parents for helping instill healthy habits in me from a young age!

  2. Trying to adjust to grad school in the first few months was definitely uncomfortable and a huge challenge! But I’m doing well with it now and in a year and a half, I’ll have an MA after my name – totally worth the challenge right now!

  3. Love this! It’s definitely easy for me to want to just stay in my own little comfort zone bubble, but I know it’s good for me to challenge myself. In the moments I have challenged myself and gone outside my “box”, I have grown and learned SO much about myself and I rarely ever regretted it.

    Today I am thankful for a festive filled weekend ahead and a wonderful husband to share it with. :)

  4. I’m thankful for my job, my home and my loving husband. I felt uncomfortable this week as I went to the home of a single mom I met while she was standing on the corner asking for money. I met her 4 children and heard her story, so I can help her any way I can.

    It was uncomfortable, but I learned that God is EVERYWHERE. In the ghetto, in a 4 year old who has to share 1 pair of socks with his sister, and in my husband who was by my side the whole time.

  5. Danielle says:

    I totally agree, being okay with being uncomfortable is pretty much my mantra! In fact, it seems like all the good things in life that we look back on required us to go through points where we were really uncomfortable. In some senses, the more discomfort I’ve experienced, the more positive the outcome was as a result! Training on days when you just really don’t want to and can think of a billion reasons why you don’t need to, but then doing it anyway… well, the feeling you have after you did it is just priceless.
    I’m so grateful for the holidays, family and all the loving people in my life. I’m also SUPER thankful for my coworker who gave me a tip – Rent The Runway. omg, amayz. i’ll leave it at that!
    this weekend we have our company Holiday Gala, which is beyond fancy, and I finally found the perfect dress, so now I’m really excited. I’m bringing my running/training mate with me as my “plus 1” and can’t wait to have a good time!
    I also have my first session of physical therapy tomorrow, then a pro bike fit to figure out if i will need a custom bike or not. Apparently my back surgery has left me with the most awkward and anti-bike friendly geometry in my body, so no wonder I was in tears from hip pain after all my cycling! hooray for solutions and angels among us :)
    hugs and happy thursday wishes! xoxox

  6. I am thankful for my family! Good relationships are awesome!! I am also thankful for health! I work with kids with cancer and even I take things for granted every day!

  7. Hahah love your little ‘thinking about going to the gym’ picture 😉 I also say that during my body step classes- this is your first chance to get uncomfortable! Haha. This is very similar to a post I did, except the word uncomfortable is replaced by the word sad.

    I am someone who also gets a bit scared about being uncomfortable, but I’ve definitely improved.

  8. Karen G in France says:

    FULLY agree about the benefits of getting uncomfortable. I have always hated the pool but my sister in law has been touting the benefits of water aerobics for the past couple years. As I hurt my knee running and was looking for other fitness possibilities, I thought I would try it. Much to my amaze, I LOVE it. It is on Friday night and is the perfect break / transition between the work week and weekend. My body feels differently from when I go to the gym, it is challenging my body in new ways, I have met new people…. I wouldn’t give up my Friday nights at the pool now for anything !



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