Embrace The Holiday Season

Hey friends!

You were right, GRIT was intense. And I am stilllll sore.

We shall see what happens by the time I get to my next training this weekend….. (like right now it hurts to cough. My abs are so freaking sore).


Embrace the Holiday Season

Well, the most wonderful season is in full swing! And I am loving it!

We kicked it off on Friday by going together to see the Festival of Trees event.

There are thousands of entries-gingerbread houses, small trees, large trees, wreaths, etc. All money (from tickets & the actual items) is donated to the local children’s hospital.

Most of the trees & items are in loving memory of loved ones who lost their lives. Some just have ‘fun’ themes to them.

Hobbits anyone?!


I had to snap a pic of a realllllyyy pink tree. :)

It was a festive late afternoon with my incredible man!

We continued on to SLC to see the holiday lights with my husband’s family at Temple Square.


What a festive evening!

We ended with hot soup & cuddles with nieces/nephews.

It is the most wonderful time of the year!

Why then did I used to dislike the holiday season???

Well, simply put: becuase I focused on myself & my needs. Over several holidays I was nervous about the quantity & types of food, I was worried about the parties & gatherings with lots of food (what would I do so no one would see me not eating? what could I do to eat large amounts of that deliciousness w/no one knowing?? etc.), and I was scared about not being able to workout when I wanted to.

Looking back I am totally ashamed to think that was me.

I fretted about the holidays instead of enjoying them!! SAD. SAD. I never want to look back on something & regret it. EVER.

This time of the year should NOT be about focusing on worries about how much weight we should or shouldn’t gain/lose! Ugh. It drives me nuuuuttss that most ‘fitness’ and ‘health’ magazines’ focus for the holidays is on weight loss & highlighting what foods not to eat. Really?!

When we place SO much emphasis on the NOTS & the CANT’S we inevitably end up thinking negatively & forgetting the whole positive, beautiful reason we celebrate the holidays!

Instead, focus on the blessings & what you’re grateful for, and share those with those whom you love & cherish!

I challenge us all to enjoy the holidays with our families, friends, spouses, siblings, kids, etc in beautiful ways.

  • Yes, enjoy the special holiday treat.
  • Yes, go ahead & skip a workout here and there when you’re real tired & get some extra sleep.
  • Yes, count your blessings!
  • Yes, keep eating the delicious fruits & veggies.
  • Yes, drink lots of water.
  • Yes, avoid the guilt & embrace the delicious items at this special item! You are so much more than a cookie! (If you want that special cookie, EAT IT & ENJOY it. It will not be satisfying if you don’t take the time to enjoy it….)

Just don’t go nuts either way. It’s really that simple, friends.

I for one, will eat whatever delicious treats come my way that I deem worthy enough of eating. Anything that isn’t special to me (i.e. regular choc chip cookies or nasty fruit cake) won’t even get a second glance.

Oh, and yep, I’ll be working out for most days, won’t fret when I can’t, and will love on my salads & protein spinach shakes<–this is what my body craves naturally.

Balance & moderation. The ever elusive elixir….



How have YOU kicked off the holiday season?? How are YOU going to embrace the holiday season instead of fretting about it?? How do YOU find balance/moderation in holiday treats?? <–share please, so others can get ideas!

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  1. Sorry I am not one to give advice on balance and moderation when it comes to holiday cookie eating…but, I am a work in progress. Great reminders….today is the day to start a new (fill in the blank) and get started.

    (For me its perspective towards holiday eating and exercises!) πŸ˜‰

  2. BALANCE!!! I do enjoy the many decadent treats during the holidays but I also step up my workouts because I have more time and itz something I enjoy! I’m sure there will be a day or two that I’ll definitely take it easy, but in general I stick to my routine and enjoy every minute of it!

  3. I like the challenge. MODERATION! I love all the trees and the gingerbread houses! SO fun! We are doing 24 days of togetherness and last night we drank egg nog! The other day we each bought a new christmas ornament. So exciting so far! Happy Holidays!

  4. I’m in the same boat – I’ve turned into a big ball of stress and anxiety over the holiday food/lack of exercise in past Christmas’ – absolutely not happening this year! I like your strategy: keep eating fruits and veggies and eat the treats that I really want to eat. I want to focus on spending time with my family than worry about how many calories I’m consuming/not burning!

  5. I’ve already been struggling with it! I don’t like to completely cut out options because 1. I want to try what other people have made because I want others to try what I’ve made and 2. there are so many goodies that aren’t around the rest of the year! So basically, I’m working on trying a little bit of this and that but not going crazy and practicing moderation.

    • I think that’s great way to do it. Personally, I am the person who tries nibbles of most of the stuff (the ones that look good to me or I know are good from year’s past), and then I have full pieces of 1-2 things that I can’t live without. I never ever feel deprived in any way & I get it all. WIN WIN! :)

  6. Sienna says:

    Last year I participated in a cookie exchange and found myself eating 2-3 cookies a day for two weeks because I had so much delicious variety! This year I decided I’ll just be cooking two types of cookies myself and closer to Christmas. I can happily enjoy cookies in the few days surrounding the holidays but don’t need to enjoy them the whole month of December!

  7. Ahh I’m so bummed we missed The Festival of Trees! I wanted to go this year, but it totally slipped my mind. I’m hoping we can get down to Temple Square and look at the lights next weekend! I look back at how I used to view this time of year and it makes me so sad… I’m so glad I’m past that! I love my holiday treats way too much! πŸ˜‰

  8. I love your challenge, and the positive and uplifting attitude that goes along with it. Yay!

    All the pics with the Christmas lights are beautiful. :) We’ve kicked off the holiday season by doing the 24 days of togetherness that another blogger introduced. It’s been really nice so far!

  9. Three cheers for this post! This just got me EXTRA excited for my family’s annual cookie party! in the past it’s been a bit of a hassle to not literally stuff my face until I was sick, but this year I know when I go into it with a more relaxed view and focus on having a great time with my friends, I know it will be a blast.

    • Oooh that sounds delicious!

      Yay for having a relaxed ‘tude’ and enjoying the good stuff in delicious amounts with people YOU LOVE!! woot :)

  10. Everything looks so beautiful, especially you and your Hubby:) Yesss, I’m glad to see this type of “holiday challenge”. It’s not a big deal to enjoy a few days out of the year, when you’re surrounded by friends and family. Enjoy and move on and make healthy choices the next day. I don’t get why things are in such extremes. Perfect post, simple!

  11. Morgan says:

    I don’t know if I have introduced myself yet, but my name is Morgan and I have been following your blog for a couple of weeks now and everything you say (and that is in past posts) is ME to a T! I am recovering from anorexia as we speak and the HOLIDAYS scare me to death. But like you said, IT’S OK TO LET GO and STOP THINKING ABOUT OURSELVES! It’s about the happiness of family, friends, and loved ones…NOT THE FOOD or the WEIGHT or the EXERCISE! This journey I am on has been rough and I feel is never ending since all I do is worry about the food aspect. I want to reclaim my peace with food and GET OVER MYSELF and FOCUS ON OTHERS! Thanks for listening and having this blog! I really enjoy it!!!

    • Yay! Thanks for introducing yourself, Morgan! Glad you enjoy it :) I just write from the heart <3

      Happy holidays! And kudos to you to sticking to the tough journey--I promise it is SO worth it.

  12. That looks like such a great kick off to the holiday season! I can’t wait until I get an opportunity to do some more holiday-themed activities!

  13. Danielle says:

    Love this post,and amen to all that and then some!!! Wise words and couldn’t have it better. I love, “you are more than just a cookie..” YES!!!! i love that! and yes, we are more than cookies. i’m at the very LEAST a fine Belgium dark chocolate truffle. lol
    The holidays can be really overwhelming. This is my second season without the burden of a full-blown ED on my back, and honestly I feel sooooo much better this year than last year. Last year I was super anxious, being my first holiday season and all, but this year… well let’s just say that this year I’ve had such great support and lovely blogs such as yours to keep me focused on what’s real and remind myself that i’m more than any silly little treat I put in my mouth :)
    You are briliant, and the world needs more of You’s, heehee

  14. Jessie says:

    I can’t wait for GRIT to come to a gym near me. Sounds AWESOME!!!

    I love this post. I am SO tired of all the “How not to gain weight over the holidays.” It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE not to think about it. I wish I could say I’m in a good place where I can indulge with out feeling guilty- but I am not. I am trying so hard to get there though!!! I don’t want to look back at this holiday season and have regret. I want to focus on what the season is about (Faith, Family, Friends- the birth of a SAVIOR!) and not what it’s not (calories, food, working out)

  15. Great post! Your totally right! Fitness magazine sell off all they can about avoiding “this” or “that”

  16. Couldn’t possibly agree more with this post. LOVED IT. And I will be doing the same!!

  17. Love this! I have to say this is the first year (since getting the ED anxiety etc) that I’ve felt content with it all- like I haven’t even thought about the food because that’s not what this season is about! I’ll be enjoying worthy treats also and will also endeavour to get some of that beautiful lean protein, fruit, vege, wholegrains etc that my body and I also love.



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