Les Mills GRIT Series Training Recap

Hey friends!

What an incredible, tough, intense weekend!

Les Mills GRIT series is NO JOKE. And the 2-day training was, well, crazy TOUGH.

During a part of the workout at one point, I thought to myself, “whoa, I am not as fit as I thought.”

And not to sound all prideful or whatever, but if I (and everyone else in the training who were all SUPER fit-trainers & group x instructors), thought it was crazy tough……Well, you can only imagine what it involves & how much people are going to love it (and the results!).

{our 2 GRIT trainers are the 2 in the front with perfect form /blonde & black hair}

Deep down we really do love pushing our limits. And GRIT will do juuuust that. 😉

GRIT is small group training–so it’s neither group x or PT one-on-one sessions; it’s a nice ‘meet in the middle’ mix of both. (No sessions should be more than 12 people).

{Read all about the science behind Les Mills GRIT Series}

{this is the part where we do around 40 burpees with a jump squat on the bench….}

If you find a gym that has GRIT near you, GO TRY IT. You’ll probably get your butt kicked, but you’ll be thirsty for more once the intense 30 minutes are up!

Now, to recap a bit.

Les Mills GRIT Series Training Recap


At 8 a.m. I gathered with about 16 other scared & excited fitness freaks at a gym in northern Utah.

We did the Master class lead by our 2 trainers, and yah, I was instantly in love….and out of breath.

GRIT Series is the 30-minute HIIT workout that will rock your entire body.

{I can vouch for that. It’s VERY true.}

There are 3 in the series (each are separate 30 minute sessions): GRIT Strength, GRIT Plyo, & GRIT Cardio.  We trained in Strength & Plyo (Cardio will be launched next year).

And I got to use the new LesMills SmartBar during the Strength session! Pretty sweet design.

Pretty much all day Saturday was working on form, choerography, presenting our tracks (we did the class 3 times that day total + time to go through each move separately), and learning a bit more of how to effectively get people to move safer & quicker.

We had like 20 mins to eat a lunch. Hah. I had a spinach, cheese, turkey whole wheat sandwich (w/mustard) & carrots.

I didn’t have time to eat the chips then at lunch….. I also had a mint protein bar during the day, milk + whey protein after the workouts, an egg, and a clementine at some point too. Working out all day means I eat all day. 😉

And I was SPENT by 5:45 p.m.!!

I showered in HOT water for like 20 minutes once I got home, and then I ate dinner, and settled into bed with my computer to perfect my track for the next day.

(6 tracks in each session/ I had track 3 in the Strength–Chest & Back–and track 6 in the Plyo–the Core–)


We were back at the gym at 6:40 a.m.


It got cold while we sat & were coached (in our sweat. Hah). So yah, this look was necessary. (Wearing my husband’s pants. NBD).

We started the day with sprint drills.

Then we got right into the Plyo session & teaching our tracks for Plyo GRIT.

HOLY moly. That is TOUGHHHHH. If I ever see another burpee with a jump squat…..I don’t know what I am going to do!?

Oh wait. I will most definitely see those again. Yah.

Anyways. I brought a lot of crap to the training:

Also during the day we did coaching & music practices, and then we perfected our form in everything in the Plyo session.

My side burpees were horrendous. But after that session, they looked tons better.

We spent a lot of time in this area during both days:

If we’re going to push people to crazy intensities, we had better be dang good at it, right?! :) Learning zone at its finest.

Our trainers were amazing, by the way!! Vicki & Nicki :)

And then, and then near the end of Sunday, we did the hover challenge (plank on your elbows)….let’s just say 3:20 is a nice starting point. I WILL get to 5 mins (only 5 people got to that). NEW goal!! (I will do it when I am more fresh too, hah).

And finally, we did the last workout of the weekend & taught our tracks again (7th HIIT workout that weekend??)

Oh man, my body & mind were thisclosetobeingdone 7 minutes before they were supposed to be. HAH.

I taught the last track, so I had to stay ‘in’ the workout.

Then, we learned how to launch GRIT in our gyms, and took a pic of us all.

{“G” for GRIT}

And then we each got our results.

I PASSED, baby!! WOOT.

Time to get ready for CXWorx training this weekend & then practice like a madwoman for both to get ready to film them for my final assessment (you’re not an ‘official’ instructor until you pass the video assessment).

And if you’re wondering: my entire body HURTS. In mostly a good way. 😉

I did 190 triceps pushups (80% on my toes), probably 300+ burpees, way too many jump squats to count, and crazy amounts of time in pushups, hovers, crazy sprints, and more. (check out a GRIT move here)

But man am I fired up!!!


K, as a FitMixer Ambassador, I’ve got the goods.

FitMixer News:

BOOTCAMP! SIGN up for the FitMixer Bootcamp! It starts January 14th. So get on it, people!

Because of my teaching schedule I can’t, but I’ve heard incredible things. AND the FitMixer trainers know their stuff!

Plus, the workouts can be done ANYWHERE! (no excuses)


What are the benefits of Aminos anyways? GREAT post. GO read it if you’re wondering if you should buy some. Read it, and then click to the right—> and buy some through me :)


Have a GREAT day!

p.s. Don’t forget to enter the amazing giveaway! (Free RedBox rentals, OPI nail polish, and snacks!)

When was the last time YOU did burpees?? Have YOU tried out any HIIT type classes lately?? Which do YOU like better-plank on elbows or plank on hands??

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    Oh my goodness your weekend sounds very intense!! The last time I did burpees I only did 20 and I was wiped! I can’t imagine doing 300+! But I’m excited for the les mills grit series to come to Canada whenever it does! It looks like an awesome workout. We have cxworks here and it is another great class! You’ll enjoy it:)

  2. SO INTENSE!! Looks awesome though! Good work lady! :)

  3. Wow, your training sounds intense. Plyo wipes me out anyway especially after lifting weights (jump squats anyone?). I hope my gym debuts this and I might actually ask them about it because I like plyo and think it helps my running a lot. We do have CXWORX here but I’d rather do plyo or cardio personally. I love the Les Mills bars too and wish our gym had those, one instructor has one personally and it’s pretty neat.

  4. It looks like such an intense class! I can only imagine the sort of results it would bring!

  5. Always plank on elbows…but 5 minutes??? Geesh…even 3:20….I have to time myself later to see how long I can hold it now. 😉

    The rest of the training sounds c.r.a.z.y. girl!!! You would kick my butt…although, my butt needs a good kicking right now…too many holiday cookies around the house if you know what I mean.

    Congrats on the pass.

  6. What are those simply protein chips? I need to try them! Im always looking for new protein snacks!

  7. Wow! Small world but I have done GRIT with Vicki back here in Washington. She teaching at the Golds Gym in Redmond and Issaquah. The class is killer for sure!

  8. Nicole says:

    I am scared of burpees….for some reason, I just can’t get it in my head to be able to do them! I’m fairly tall (5’10”) and definitely not flexible. I just can’t seem to get myself down, get my legs out and back fast enough. Do you have any tips on how to start doing them and then get better?

    Thanks! :)

    • Try putting your hands on a bench when you jump out into the plank. Also, think about keepings your feet a little wider than hip width (it helps).

      Bracing the belly is a huge help too, so the hips don’t drop in the outward jump to plank move of the burpee–and this would minimize extra energy being wasted :)

      Hope that helps!

  9. I’m glad you enjoyed training, and that you passed!!! Congrats!

  10. Oh I’ve been waiting for your training review! First, congrats on passing! Yayyyyyyy! I had no doubts. :) Second, oh my goodness GRIT is even more intense than I thought! I shouldn’t be surprised. Haha.

    I did side burpees on Thanksgiving, haha… but now I’m totally wondering about my form.

    Have fun at CX training this weekend (and yeah, get ready for more loooooooooooong hovers)! I know you’ll rock that too!

    • I know. Les Mills just knows how to deliver real good stuff! 😉

      I am already nervous for CX. I have a lot to learn in like 5 days….hahaha

      • Just think, you already have such a fabulous base for learning and presenting and all that fabulousness will shine through (even if it’s mildly bleary-eyed from hours of staring at a screen learning choreo ;)).

  11. Woooo you PASSED and it looks like a crazy ridiculous workout! Burpees into jump squats? Side burpees? I don’t even want to think about it! hahaha, great job!

  12. You’re so intense! Love it. I always do planks on my elbows only because my wrists get sore really easily.

  13. I prefer to do planks on my elbows. It’s easier for me to hold that way. Although I think I should do them in front of a mirror because I have a tendency to drop my hips and I know that is a no no. Planks are the best!

  14. Ahhh how exciting! We’ve only got Grit Strength in Australia at the moment. The track 3 you got for that? Unlucky! That’s a tough one haha! What is Grit Plyo like?

  15. Awesome training! Ive thought about doing the training buuuuut.. have way to much on my plate as is… so I’ll let it go;)
    Love Nikki! I use to teach with that little bombshell! She is awesome!

  16. Danielle says:

    WOW YOU ROCK!!!!! whooohooo, you are so awesome, so happy you totally crushed it! i knew you would but it’s so great that you had a blast while kicking butt :)
    first off, i am in LOVE with the Fitmixer Aminos, and I’ve tried them before my workouts and noticed the energy i felt right away! they give me energy without any crazy sugar rush, and i just can’t say enough good stuff about them. so ThaNK YOu for the recommendation girly, you really know the good stuff.
    hugs and more hugs!

  17. Melanee says:

    Just ran across this blog post in my google search for info on how the GRIT training works. I’m a BP instructor. I’ve never taken grit and my gym doesn’t offer it, but I’m hoping to convince them! Can you certify in only one program, or does it have to be all 3? So does the gym pay licensing for each program separately, or all together? It looks like something I would enjoy! There are 3 other LM programs we offer, but I don’t get into them as much, so I’m holding out for something I’m very interested in.

    • Yes, GRIT is amazing! Good luck convincing them…it is pretty expensive, sadly, to have a gym bring it. I don’t know the details-but I do know that it can be quite $$. And most gyms charge a fee for the members to partake in the actual program. Our gym does it by 6-weeks, so they pay a fee for that 6 weeks.

      I LOVE it from a training & fitness perspective, HIIT is super awesome in that way. And delivers results fast!

      • Melanee says:

        Thanks for the reply! This was such an old post that I wasn’t expecting it! The good news is my gym is looking into trading out one of our other programs (sh’bam) for GRIT. We’ll see!

  18. alyssa says:

    what is the difference between Grit Cardio and Plyo??? They kinda mean the same to me?

  19. Richie says:

    I love your revuew and pics on GRIT! Ive been researching this lately and have wanted to do it but its not offered where I live or would be offered in my YMCA. Too bad I can’t get my hands on a video copy of it being taught at a gym to do at home. I woukd love to try GRIT STRENGTH AND PLYO! I’m a Beachbody Coach so we have the home versions of LesMills products of Combat and Pump. I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube of someone teaching them but I would love to have a video of GRIT STRENGTH to do for my strength workout at home. I also love the weights they created for it!


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