Focus On: The Jack Pushup

Hey friends!

Good morning. Happy weekend and DECEMBER to you :)

I sure hope you all have fun festivities planned for the weekend!


Well, as you know, I am about to go sweat buckets & get pushed to my limits in the GRIT training this weekend…..

So I thought I’d share one of the moves that I absolutely love from the training packet I got!

I will be doing these alllllll weekend long, so if you try ’em out, you can think of me. 😉

Focus On: The Jack Pushup

Pushups are notorious for being AWESOME.

Okay or killer hard.

{as hard as swinging. :) }

Either one.

But you know why people tend to ‘not want to do them’?

Because they are HARD and thus EFFECTIVE.

Funny how that works.


This move combines the pushup with a plyo move. The Jack Pushup will guarantee a stronger chest, back, core, and will induce a major heart rate spike, which in turn incinerates calories and body fat.

Pretty much everything you could ever want + more. (Welcome to GRIT) Hah.

However, FORM is the most important if you want to get anything out of it.

How to do a Jack Pushup correctly:

  • Get into regular pushup position (hands a bit wider than shoulders and at about shoulder level<–you don’t want them too far forward, fingers pointing forward, belly braced, legs extended behind you -close together/less than hip width, butt down<–right below shoulder level)
  • As you do the pushup (bending the elbows and bringing the chest to about elbow-bent height), jump your feet out
  • As you rise up out of the bent phase of the pushup, jump your feet back in close together
  • Repeat.
{it’s hard to see, but her feet are wider in the 2nd photo above}
  • keep your abs braced!!!
  • chest stops at bent-elbow height at the bottom of the pushup (anything lower can mess with your back & shoulders)
  • try to keep your body straight & strong as you do this move/ don’t let the butt sink too low or come up too high
  • avoid drawing your shoulders up to your ears
Happy December everyone :)
Have YOU ever combined a strength move with a plyo move?? What is YOUR favorite combo?? What are YOU doing today for YOU workout??
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  1. Okay–I’m going to try this move today at the gym . . . . but I don’t know. It definitely looks challenging and I feel like I’m going to look like a total goober trying to do this! :) Eh–what the heck.

  2. Wow this does look even harder than regular push ups!! I do incorporate (regular) push ups into my workout routine because, even though they’re killer hard, they are SO effective! Today I’m going to a spinning class actually with an old high school friend who I haven’t seen in over 5 years!

  3. This does look like a challenge! I do regular pushups a lot in my routine (or pushups on a BOSU) but I’ don’t usually do jack pushups…would be a good way to mix it up!

    Saturdays are rest days for me, so my only workout today is grocery/Christmas shopping :-p

  4. Don’t think I’ve ever tried jack pushups, but I enjoy plank jacks. I’m one of those people who don’t like doing push ups because they’re hard. Plank jacks, on the other hand, are hard but not for my weak arms.

  5. ok..just did 5 of these and I’m kind of out of breath! ha!

    Better work these in more often. 😉

  6. Phew, those look killer! Pushups are super hard, but I kind of love them for that reason! I always feel so badass when I do them, these jack pushups would probably make me feel extra super badass!

  7. This move is pretty killer in between the power presses! But yes, definitely effective haha. I love push ups, but I don’t like the jack push up. I also like it when we do the burpee and squat on the step! Good luck at the training :)



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