Random Tidbits of News

Hey guys! Happy FRIDAY and last day of November, 2012! :)


Who’s excited about this weekend??

Well, here’s the final catch up since I’ve been gone + a few things I haven’t mentioned….

Random Tidbits of Fun


So when I was in StL, I got to see my amazing friend, Lindsay!

She is the most generous, loyal, kindest, and funnest friend ever! She has a great listening ear too. We chatted over lunch at Panera for almost 2 hours & it felt amazing. She is seriously a fabulous lady. Check out her blog!

Did you know we’ve been friends since we were tots? We met in our toddler class at the ripe old age of 3.

And we’ve been buddies ever since. And we always eat at Panera when I am in town.


I’m telling ya, she is LOYAL. Awesome. Gorgeous. And super fun.

Thanks Linz for such a fun afternoon!


Tomorrow starts the GRIT training.

To say I am nervous, quite a bit scared, and totally excited would be a huge understatement….

It is 2 days long: 8-5:30 on Saturday and 7-4:30 on Sunday. Yikes. (That’s a yikes for fun & exhaustion all at the same time….)

{if you missed it: Becoming a Les Mills Instructor explains the process behind it all}


Tonight we get to hang out with the entirety of my husband’s family (all his siblings & their family). I am excited!

Unfortunately because of the aforementioned event, I am going to leave the party early and go to bed….

Ahh well.


I have been a reading machine lately. I love how reading relaxes me before bed!

I like ‘real’ books I can hold though, I can’t handle the electronic versions. Maybe because I stare at a computer most of the day?



I am still sore from returning to teach BodyPUMP….

{had to walk to shake it out}

Again, my soreness makes me a taaaaaaddd bit scared for this weekend’s training!



Well, I am off to work, teach Zumba, work, and then play tonight!

Have a GREAT Friday! :)

What are some tidbits of news from YOUR life right now?? Weekend plans?? Hardest things YOU’ve done lately??

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  1. Hubs and I got free tickets to the MN Gopher (college)Hockey game tonight…never been but it should be fun. Fun ~ b/c its a date night w/ dinner (thumbs up for me) and sports (thumbs up for him) and the agreement that we can leave early if the game is boring so I can get to bed and be AWAKE for body pump tomorrow am. 😉

    priorities right? ha!

  2. I’m going to have to get some Peppermint Oil!! I had no clue!

  3. Yay!! :) :) Good luck with Grit training!! YOu’ll totally rock it like you always do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m the same way with books – I read them when I don’t want to stare at a computer screen, so why on earth would I want an electronic version?

    Good luck with your training! You’ll be fabulous. 😀

  5. Grit training. Sounds awesome! And I love Panera!! I could eat their salads all day long. I just found your blog. I love it.

  6. I didn’t know you and Linz knew each other from pre-blogging! How cool! I met her at Healthy Living Summit this summer!

  7. Great girl time is the best! Glad you and Lindsay got some quality time together! This weekend we plan to relax, decorate for Christmas, and possibly get some Christmas shopping done. :)

  8. Good luck at this weekend’s training! Hopefully the DOMS eases up a bit, I’m sure you’ll be fine!

  9. I can’t wait to hear all about your weekend! Good luck. Hopefully you will still be able to walk on Monday morning. :)

  10. I’ve got a Christmas party at the Coast tonight woohoo! Goodluck for your Grit training- I’ve done the second release of Grit plenty and it’s pretty hectic- have you done it yet? It’s good fun though and not as hard as you’re probably imagining…that doesn’t mean it’s easy though 😉 If you want any info on it let me know!

  11. How fun that you and Lindsay have been friends for so long!! I’m so excited about your training! Can’t wait to hear all about it!



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